What is the best phone tool for working from home

Neotel always encourages the idea of teleworking. But it is now, with the current crisis of COVID19 or coronavirus as it is commonly called, that companies most require solutions to be able to send their employees to continue working from home. Neotel has opened a free support platform for everyone who needs it, where the caller will be advised at all times on how to implement teleworking measures in their business. You can find more information about this idea by visiting the following link: for teleworking in the face of covid-19 coronavirus

Thanks to these measures on the part of Neotel, its employees do not need to travel or be at risk of contagion when in direct contact with other employees and can carry out all their tasks from home, just as if they were in the office. With this, the company avoids the risk of contagion with the possible professional casualties that this could entail while the business does not suffer and what is main, the clients continue being served in the best way. The same as always.


virtual cloud pbx

You can take calls as if you were in your office and still use the same home number.

The latest telework reports show the advantages of teleworking for both the workers and the company:


    • Assistance in contingency and business continuity plans.
    • More productivity in general.
    • Reconciliation of family and work life.
    • Greater worker autonomy.
    • Less travel time.

All this, thanks to Neotel’s cloud pbx.