What does IVR do for your business?

Some entrepreneurs still do not internalize the real scope of hiring a virtual PBX VoIP service. To be sure, this is a software with many solutions to multiple business problems. The most successful companies offer excellent communication to their users thanks to the use of this tool. Precisely, one of its most interesting and useful parts is the IVR. The IVR is basically the interactive voice response system. Right now this name sounds a bit complex, but everyone who has ever called a call center has come across it. When someone calls the bank, or the telephone operator, you always hear a system that asks each customer for their details. This is basically the IVR. Discovering the IVR: useful for any business The IVR fulfills a series of very useful functions that we often ignore. As customers, we know that it is an automated system that asks for our data and provides it to the company’s telemarketers. But beyond this function, which in itself is important, this module facilitates the communication flow of companies. Having an IVR service, which is part of the VoIP virtual PBX service, means having an ally in marketing, customer service and a call center manager. Added to this, the interactive voice response system is also an implement that allows companies to obtain information from their customers. The latter goes far beyond requesting the ID number during the call, and can be key in obtaining data of commercial interest. In short, the IVR is involved in every fragment of the companies’ business communication. It looks like a simple operator that leads customers through a menu of telephone options, but it is much more than that. In fact, this is one of the modules that fulfills the most functions within the virtual PBX software. It is a tool that generates benefits to any type of company or enterprise. IVR: An element that guarantees business professionalism The IVR is an element that distinguishes the largest and most serious companies from the rest. When listening to it, any customer unconsciously understands that he/she is talking to a professional company. This is something that even new entrepreneurs can use if they are just starting their business. Having this type of tool on a business phone line guarantees a good image. This technological implement formalizes communications for any type of business. It does not matter if it is a family business or a company without physical offices. Listening to it, it is understood that there is an almost unquestionable business atmosphere and this can be very helpful. It is in the best interest of any company, no matter how small or large, to project this kind of image. This is an association that is supported by thousands of large and prestigious companies that have this module. The IVR is already in the imaginary as a symbol of large companies. It should be noted that this automated system not only gives a formal aura to any business, but it is also an excellent space for advertising. There is a lot of important commercial information that can be transmitted through this automated implement. Market and build brand with the IVR The IVR is a fairly open system because its structure involves the placement of recorded voiceovers. Of course, this also allows you to incorporate other types of recordings such as greetings, slogans, promotions and much more. Basically, this module can be understood as an advertising space that can be used for any campaign. In addition to this, the interactive voice response system is often a branding element. That is why large companies use it to mention the company name and disclose elements of their image. The best thing is that voiceovers can be made with announcers to improve the introduction to the call center. Special promotions, contests, offers and new products can be added to this system. The IVR performs many tasks, not to mention its natural function of improving the flow of calls to the call center. This implementation alone explains how important it is to have a virtual IP voice PBX. Neotel has the best virtual PBX voice IP Neotel’s software not only has an advanced and versatile IVR to place even telemarketing surveys. It also offers additional modules that facilitate the various tasks performed in the call center. Some of them, such as the predictive dialer, are ideal for improving outbound calls. This is just the beginning of this business communications manager. If you are interested, please contact us.