What are the benefits of using Agents who work from home?

There is no reason why your call center does not have agents working remotely from their homes. You would be saving on labor costs while your workers would be benefiting on the other hand, which means, happier and happier workers.

The key is to hire the right agents. These must be professionals by themselves. Ensure before hiring, to make clear the goals to be met, is key to ensure that this professional relationship with our teleworkers reach a successful conclusion.

Having the right software to perform the tasks of teleworking agents is crucial when doing a good job.

There are many benefits to having agents working from home. Enumerating them all would be an almost impossible task. Some of the main benefits are:

  • Nobody likes to be aware that by aspects such as location or languages we are not counting on the best human work team or we are not reaching the entire target audience. However, it will not always be possible to get a worker whose profile is very interesting to us, willing to move to where we are. Now, thanks to telework, these barriers disappear. When working from home, we can hire and therefore have in our team with any professional available in the market. Access a much wider market thanks to teleworking.
  • From the traffic in the morning, to the excess of pollution caused by the engines and the delay of the employees. All this can be solved if we count on our team with teleworkers for our call center.
  • Many agents think about the advantages of teleworking for them. And they even volunteer when an opportunity arises. When teleworking makes the employee happier, the entrepreneur must be able to see this.
  • There are studies that ensure that working from home the worker is more productive.

Maximize productivity with teleworking agents

You as a manager of the call center do not want to see agents standing looking at the void but you do not want to have too few staff, which means losing calls from potential customers and losing sales. With agents teleworking from home we forget about these problems.