WebRTC is transforming the call center

WebRTC basically allows us to get rid of headaches, achieve greater accessibility and more ease of use. And these are the things customers and agents want. Why not invest in WebRTC for your call center today?

WebRTC is a JavaScript API developed for the purpose of establishing communication functionality directly in your Web browser without the need to download plugins or clients. Thousands of Web browsers already support WebRTC; And also works on the most popular mobile devices.

Now customers can choose to interact with call center agents through social networks, email, web chat, phone, … No need to install additional add-ons, now agents are a click away from customers if These decide to connect through WebRTC.

WebRTC is known for making life easier and in a lot of situations. With WebRTC thousands of people every day in the world have meetings without having to install anything, and simply using their Web browser. Therefore, it should not surprise us that WebRTC is becoming more and more popular in the call center.