Video call in the cloud: a new way to serve customers

A new type of customer service is emerging within the world’s most prestigious companies. It is video calling in the cloud and it is revolutionizing the way in which people perceive their companies. This type of communication is more direct, functional, economical and generates consumer confidence, something that companies see as the perfect breeding ground for generating business opportunities and competitiveness.

Customer service phone calls are still perceived as a useful business resource. However, video calls are already beginning to be evaluated as a promise of good treatment, reliability and simplicity in resolving customer problems. All that has happened during the pandemic and the projections of a virtual reality-connected world are pushing the balance toward these new business communication formats.

What does enterprise cloud video calling look like?

Making video calls in the cloud for business purposes is still being explored. However, the difficulties of the COVID 19 pandemic have revealed a myriad of uses for this real-time communication format. The greatest example of this was the adaptation that the world’s educational systems experienced, moving from face-to-face classes to videoconferencing meetings in the cloud.

Thanks to cloud-based videoconferencing systems, the education of children and adolescents was able to continue, in a large part of the world. Although the adaptation presented significant difficulties for parents, students and teachers, with the passage of time the objective of maintaining the pace of activities was achieved. Similarly, many independent professionals were able to use this resource to keep their productivity out of harm’s way.

Today, many companies are considering standardizing the use of cloud-based video calling applications to facilitate better customer service and marketing campaigns. Undoubtedly, this is a step that the most innovative private initiatives are taking. These tools are going from having a circumstantial use, to having a considerable attraction for entrepreneurs.

What can video calling in the cloud be used for?

Over the last few decades, cloud video conferencing technology has been well appreciated internally in companies. According to some consultations, up to 80% of workers understand that this communication format is useful for holding work meetings. Of course, its application in the commercial area is also well received, although it is still at an experimental stage.

Customer service is precisely one of the business activities that would benefit from its application. For example, if a user calls a company to solve a technical problem concerning a product or service, it will be much easier to give directions via a video call in the cloud, rather than via a traditional phone call. The fact that users can see and not just hear the explanations of a telemarketer makes everything easier.

In addition, the video call solves the problem of teleoperator efficiency. Under the voice call format, a telemarketer may be more likely to be inefficient, because the customer cannot interpret his body language, or see the management. However, this changes drastically with video calls.

The virtual switchboard is becoming essential

Companies should not settle for commercial cloud-based video calling platforms. These, although they have allowed to get out of trouble, are expensive and do not allow total formality. It is much better to hire the virtual PBX service, which allows the entrepreneur to have his own environment for making video calls in the cloud. At Neotel, we have a very practical, stable service that does not require any installation.

The advantages of a virtual PBX over a conventional PBX are considerable. To begin with, the latter are intended only for call centers, while the former can be used to support any type of business communication, regardless of the function to be performed. In addition, supporting a physical PBX implies a very large investment in maintenance and equipment. On the contrary, hiring a software hosted in the cloud is much cheaper, to the point that any entrepreneur could do it.

Neotel’s virtual PBX has functional applications for cloud-based video calling and video conferencing. In this way, it will be much easier to offer video calls to your customers with the necessary formality. The price of the call center software is cheap and will depend on the add-ons required by each company. However, we have different plans so that any entrepreneur can take advantage of this tool… Contact us!