The cheapest VoIP telephony service is not always the best

For Neotel it is the customers themselves that drive our desire for growth in the voip telephony sector. Without our customers Neotel simply would not exist, if you are thinking of contracting with a voip telephony company, going fast to the cheapest is not always the best of ideas. If you’re willing to pay a little more, it’s often better and you’ll get even more return. At Neotel we like to think that our company is not the most expensive nor the cheapest in the voip telephony sector, although it is the best. a voip telephony company can only lower its prices until the quality of its services will be affected. when some companies lower their costs so much in the end the quality is drastically reduced in customer service and call flows. Neotel struggles to be the best value for money solution in the market since 2001.