The benefits of using a call recorder in the enterprise

The call recorder has become an essential part of every fully-fledged company. Today, there are not many professional call centers that do not use this function. Beyond its legality, which is a fact if done correctly, this practice is an excellent means of resolving conflicts with customers.

The call recorder has become a great problem solver. To be even more precise, it is a tool for work control and conflict resolution. Listening to a recorded call, when faced with a customer’s problem, is an input that allows to bring the business relationship to a successful conclusion. Every day, companies use this complement of the PBX in the cloud to speed up the management of specific problems.

Better handling of problematic cases

Those who have worked in a call center, either as telemarketers or coordinators, know that some cases become emblematic. For example, a customer with a very serious problem that is not solved quickly may call numerous times, make complaints and generate a climate of annoyance throughout the department. It is precisely in these cases that the call recorder can be indispensable.

In principle, because going back to the call log will allow the company’s representatives to better understand what has happened with this type of customer. It is likely that, in a first call, this user had a problem with the handling of his request, or that the operator who attended him did not treat his case well. For sure, making a report incorrectly can cause problems in the system, in the processes and delay the resolution.

In any case, going back to the first contacts made by a customer can give us clues as to what has happened. For example, it may be that call center operators are dealing with a customer with some kind of mental condition, in which case, identifying it could help in resolving the conflict. In fact, each call that comes into a call center is totally unique and different, so information is required to deal with each situation. Precisely, the call recorder allows to obtain data to delve into these difficult cases.

Call Recorder: Auditing the service

The call recorder can also be used to monitor the performance of call center operators. In fact, some cases of customers with problematic cases are generated due to poor management by the operator, or even inadequate treatment. In practice, recorded calls are implemented by large companies to grade the work of their employees.

Those companies that are starting their contact center should know that it is essential to periodically verify the performance of their telephone agents. Precisely, the call recorder is used to review how each teleoperator attends to users. In this way, it is also possible to know which are the most reliable employees and which perhaps take the job lightly.

In addition, Neotel’s cloud PBX offers entrepreneurs the spy and whisper function. With this tool, a supervisor can listen in real time to the call of a telemarketer and even help him, in case of facing a difficult management with an impatient customer. This tool is also ideal for guiding tele-operators who are very new to the company. It is important to remember that a company’s reputation is built above all on the quality of its customer service.

Neotel’s Cloud PBX: With high-performance call recorder

If there is one thing that characterizes Neotel’s cloud PBX, it is its excellent call recorder. Our recording module is very easy to use and allows you to listen to every call that comes into the company very easily. In addition, this implement has spy and whisper function, as well as third party verification. This last application is essential for sales or service contracting done over the phone.

The call recorder is part of the basic service of the cloud PBX. However, we also have a premium call recorder designed for larger companies. In this case, for an additional charge, we guarantee a space of 1 terabyte to those entrepreneurs who request it. This is like having a storage space equivalent to two years of conversations. At Neotel we offer the best callcenter tools available in the market.