physical server VS virtual server

The advantage of contracting data center products

Many companies support their communications and databases through physical facilities. This type of structure was necessary in the past and companies assumed really high costs to develop them. Fortunately, technology has evolved, making the investment cheaper through data center products.

Keeping the website operational and storing business information is now possible in a safe, cheap and installation-free way. To do so, it is enough to hire specialized storage services. Of course, it is important for entrepreneurs to understand what this technology consists of, as it has been offering the best results for some time now.

How much does a data center cost?


data center products

Until a few years ago, installing data centers was a vital issue to ensure the operability of companies. Companies working with database systems, web pages and call centers had to invest money in this technological equipment. The larger the company, the greater the investment involved in this type of installation.

In fact, this was one of the biggest hurdles to overcome for SMEs and medium-sized companies. Indeed, installing a data center is not a luxury that every entrepreneur can afford. Having this type of installation involves costs that start at 700,000 euros and can go up to several million. It all depends on the required capacity, equipment and consumption of services.

Companies that build their data centers must purchase servers, racks, cabling, power supply, cooling equipment, computers, security system, among others. Not to mention other important accessories and the remodeling of a specialized space to incorporate all this equipment and ensure its correct operation.

To this must also be added the cost of the qualified personnel that will provide maintenance to the data center. The companies that obey this communicational infrastructure must hire teams of system engineers and computer experts. Finally, it should be taken into account the high consumption of electricity, Internet and telephony services involved in business communication from this scheme.

Virtual server: cheap, functional and secure

The massification of the Internet has allowed technological tools such as the virtual server to become popular. Virtual servers allow the storage of various types of data and offer a large amount of space, all of which is managed remotely and through the Internet.

The operation of the virtual server involves renting a storage space in which to store the company’s databases, or the information of a web page. Generally, the service consists of renting digital space on computers with shared or dedicated disks, or modern cloud services.

The advantage of the virtual server is that it replaces data centers with a server rental service. The basic concept is that entrepreneurs can get storage as a service, rather than having to manage it. The rental costs are almost 90% lower compared to everything involved in setting up a data center of their own.

Problems of physical servers

Added to the fact that they are very expensive, physical servers involve a number of considerable drawbacks. In general, this type of system usually presents several failures or crashes. This could lead to interruptions in all operations while the team of experts resolves the failure.

The risks of the physical server not only affect the operability, but also the data backup. If backup copies are not kept, a failure could result in the loss of sensitive information. That is why physical servers require a lot of care and human management is essential.

The worst thing is that any incident that occurs generates additional costs that are not contemplated in the budget. In fact, this is something that happens very often in large companies. Fortunately, hiring data center products can mitigate almost all of these problems.

Virtual servers: solving the drawbacks of the physical server

Virtual servers have proven to be much less problematic than physical servers. Their main advantage lies in the fact that their failures must be fixed by the company offering the service. In other words, the contracting companies do not have to make efforts to overcome emergency situations.

Companies such as Neotel that offer datacenter products have professional experts in the field. Hiring a team of engineers is not the same as having the assistance of experienced personnel as part of a service. The latter is what customers get when they pay for a virtual server.

Virtual servers tend to have fewer failures because their operation is much more controlled. The best thing is that those who hire the data center service do not have to face additional costs. The contracting party pays a fee and has the storage available.

Types of virtual servers: the shared server

There are different types of virtual servers, although they can be basically divided into two: shared and dedicated. Each can perfectly serve the needs of a particular type of entrepreneur.

Shared hosting is a service that is characterized by guaranteeing the client a part of the storage space of a server. This means that the data of several businesses or ventures is stored in the same computer.

Shared hosting is the cheapest option on the market. That is why many entrepreneurs use it when they are starting a business. This option is also quite cost-effective for people who want to publish their first website. Of course, this is a service that offers limited storage and technical support.

Dedicated servers: ideal for business

Of course, established companies and start-ups require a much more extensive and secure service. For this type of contractor, the right thing to do is to invest in a virtual dedicated server. In this case, a computer is assigned exclusively to the company that requires storage.

Having a dedicated server is a guarantee of performance because these computers are spacious. In turn, this implies that the machine will always work properly, without slowness or system failures. Of course, the purpose of this service is to guarantee greater storage capacity.

Another positive aspect of this type of hosting is the high security it offers. Those who opt for shared storage spaces, run greater risks of failures, hacker attacks, viruses and other malware from various points. On the other hand, the dedicated server has by nature less risk of being attacked. In addition to this, the companies that offer the service are usually especially careful in safeguarding the dedicated servers.

Data center products: a good start for entrepreneurs

It is understandable that large companies opt more for physical servers. This is necessary when it comes to transnationals with a huge volume of data and virtual stores with a massive clientele. Of course, this is the type of entity that has the budget to invest in high-capacity data centers and trained personnel.

However, the virtual server is ideal for SMEs, medium-sized businesses and growing companies. In fact, one of the stumbling blocks for entrepreneurs to grow is precisely the fact of having to invest in a data center. In truth, this is something that should be done when there is ample monetary liquidity.

Those entrepreneurs who are just starting their business have an excellent solution in the virtual server. This type of service allows them to operate from an economic investment. This is essential, understanding that today’s businesses must have data storage systems and web pages to function properly.

Data center and virtual PBX products

It could be said that both data center products and virtual PBX are quite similar. Both are services that allow entrepreneurs to perform critical business tasks. Instead of buying the software or servers, the benefits are enjoyed for a small fee.

In fact, both the virtual PBX and the data center products obey a cost-saving logic. It is about having the option of using useful tools that do not actually need to be purchased. These are also formulas that allow the entrepreneur to start off on the right foot.

At Neotel we have the most competitive cost of virtual PBX and data center products on the market. The objective is to guarantee an opportunity to those who are starting their business, or experiencing growth. In this way, companies guarantee their presence on the Internet and an efficient telephone and telemarketing service.

Neotel data center products

Neotel offers several types of virtual server services. Those who require shared servers at low cost can opt for virtual machines for Linux and Windows. Plans range from 10 euros to just 55 euros with unlimited transfer.

On the other hand, those companies that want to hire a dedicated server can get it for only 280 euros. The cost of the virtual PBX also adapts to the customer’s investment, so it is feasible to hire both tools.

Neotel’s call center software has special modules for telephone answering and telemarketing such as predictive dialer, robot call, virtual fax, sending bulk SMS, among others. Think big and get everything you need to start your business in a professional way.