Telemarketing surveys: A better way to obtain information for companies

There is currently a whole debate about how companies obtain customer information. There is a lot of talk about the sale of data, big data, social networks and consumer protection laws. It should be noted that there are economical, legal and very effective ways of knowing what the consumer needs and that can be managed from the company itself. Probably the most effective are telemarketing surveys.

In fact, it is surprising to know that firms that sell information to other companies get it through this type of implement. For this reason, it is important to know how the search for these data of potential consumers is carried out nowadays. In addition, we will also explain how any entrepreneur can obtain this flow of commercially useful information on their own.

How are companies obtaining commercial information?

First of all, it is important to note that commercial information is usually the information that every company needs to carry out its commercial strategies. This involves knowing, for example, the preferences of groups of consumers to whom a product or service is to be offered. Basically, there are two types of relevant information: personal data and possible preferences. This is how data leads are configured.

A data lead is nothing more than a personal profile with verified data and commercial information. In Spain, obtaining a single profile of this type can cost between two and up to 15 euros. There are companies that even make survey forms and illegally sell consumer data. This seems an expensive investment, considering that, in order to carry out commercial strategies or campaigns, at least thousands of profiles are needed.

However, companies have in the call center software a solution to get their own commercial information. This is telemarketing surveys, which are more effective, secure and legal, understanding that they are also carried out by customers. Thanks to Neotel’s virtual switchboard, any entrepreneur or company can carry them out from their own business telephone line.

Telemarketing Surveys: Make them from the IVR

Neotel’s call center software has an innovative telemarketing survey module. In fact, our system allows you to configure an IVR whose structure contains the possibility of asking questions to customers who call your company’s number. In other words, by having our virtual switchboard, any business acquires the possibility of including surveys that customers will answer when they call the company.

Our company also has a CRM software, which allows to capture basic customer data when they make a call. The IVR, or interactive voice response, asks the customer for the data and this can be displayed by the teleoperator and even saved in the database. In summary, the IVR, telemarketing surveys and CRM together form a system for capturing information of commercial interest.

In fact, these modules could be used to generate the famous data leads, with personal information as well as other data. By means of telemarketing surveys it is possible to consult tastes, product preferences, proposed potentials and to carry out practically any opinion study for commercial purposes. In a few words, any enterprise can be self-supplied with the necessary information to create new products and effective strategies.

Using telemarketing surveys is very simple

Introducing telemarketing surveys to the IVR is very simple. The important thing is to program a structure in the system that allows the introduction of survey locutions. In fact, our virtual PBX allows you to enter both the questions and the options to be used by the users who call the call center. This means that your customers will be able to answer any type of question they are asked, very quickly and by simply pressing the numeric keypad.

To be sure, many consulting companies that sell information use this same method. Surveys are often the basis for much of the information that many companies are now buying at very high prices. Why buy this data when you can get it first hand for much less. The best thing about our telemarketing survey module is that it is free for companies that contract our call center software.

At Neotel we have several plans so that virtually any entrepreneur can enjoy the benefits of our software. The features of the virtual PBX we offer are really functional. Our program is innovative, easy to use, stable and with many modules that will facilitate the work of marketing. If you want to have a professional IP telephony service for businesses, contact us.