Private label PBX: your own technology company

Those who imagine having their own technological enterprise to grow economically, today can achieve it. To do so, it is not necessary to create a new product, to know about engineering, or to make a large monetary investment. Those who want to start a business in this sector can count on Neotel’s private label PBX program.

Through this project, people can offer IP telephony service with a company in their own name, as if this product were their own. It sounds complex, but the matter is simpler than it seems. Neotel’s goal is to expand the service through new technology companies.

Breaking with the franchise

One of the most marked trends in recent decades for business expansion is the creation of franchises. This can be seen with great regularity in fast food chains that start in one location and have managed to open numerous branches around the world. However, Neotel’s white label switchboard does not follow this type of business.

private label pbx

The problem with franchises is that what investors usually buy are the rights to open a business that is the same as the main chain. In other words, even if someone else pays to set up the business, everything will continue under the name, rules and image of the owner of the concept. The white label switchboard is the complete opposite of this business structure.

From this program, those entrepreneurs who wish to have their own white label PBX will be able to offer Neotel’s product, but under their own name. This is very different from what used to happen with the old franchises. Entering this business implies founding a new company, where the name and ownership of the owners is respected. The only difference is that you will offer a guaranteed service, without having to create it.

You will not be a distributor either

Within Neotel there is a program for IP telephony distributors. This consists of working with freelance vendors who can offer our VoIP PBX services to entrepreneurs and businesses. In this case, the interested parties are given all the necessary material to make sales autonomously and they simply sell under the authorization of the company.

Of course, the reseller program is designed for individuals who want to earn a little extra money. In this case, Neotel’s products are sold under their name and the resellers simply receive a commission for each successful contract. The VoIP PBX distributor does not have a company, nor does he invest absolutely nothing. It simply becomes a spokesperson and seller of our technology products.

Understanding that the white label PBX is neither a franchise, nor a plan for Freelance sellers, it is time to explain what it is. Those who wish to have their own company dedicated to the technology industry, should turn their eyes to this proposal.

What is Neotel’s white label PBX?

The white label PBX is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and companies to enter the technology sector. Under this program, Neotel offers interested companies the opportunity to sell our software with all its add-ons, as if it were their own product. Interested parties have full access to the service and can offer it without limitations.

Let’s imagine that a person has a company. With this program, this entrepreneur will be able to sell the Neotel VoIP PBX as if it were his own. The customer will understand that the service and the product as such, belongs to this new company. Basically, this venture will be the owner of the IP telephony software, as if it had created it.

Neotel provides the company with its turnkey system for entrepreneurs to develop their own business. For a reasonable investment, you will be able to operate with our servers, support and of course, with total freedom. Entrepreneurs who enter this program can set their own prices, offer the virtual software and even present this same business modality to other interested companies.

The ICT business

Right now, one of the most lucrative markets is the communications technology market. Within this, one of the most viable areas is digital software. Nowadays, companies redirect their investment in systems to improve their work and management. In fact, competition between companies depends heavily on technological upgrading, especially in communication.

The advantage of software sales is that buyers or contractors obtain useful functionalities at a moderate cost. They do not buy a material good that requires manufacturing. They simply buy or rent the service provided by a technological application. It should be noted that VoIP PBX is a software related to business communication. In fact, it is closely related to ICT.

The virtual switchboard is a communication solution that allows companies to obtain useful functionalities for customer service and telemarketing. The best thing about this program is that it does not require the purchase or installation of special equipment. In fact, the infrastructure is provided by the contracted company. In the case of the white label PBX, Neotel provides it, although the partner companies will present it as their own.

Advantages of selling virtual PBX

The advantages of the white label PBX for entrepreneurs are clear. They can sell the call center software service as if it were their own, under their own rules and supported by Neotel’s infrastructure. Of course, it is now important to highlight the advantages of selling the virtual PBX:

It is a communication solution: The virtual switchboard is a system that, in principle, allows to unify and reduce the cost of business telephone communication. The most important thing about this program is that it allows migrating all the communication of a company to IP telephony, which is much cheaper than traditional lines
It has efficient functions: Virtual PBX software incorporates modules that facilitate the company’s communicational capacity. Some of its complements improve, for example, the marketing of the companies that contract this service. This application makes massive communication possible.
It allows to increase sales: Being a tool that facilitates marketing at a general level, one of its objectives is to contribute to the increase of sales and clients. Its complementary modules are effective for advertising offers, sweepstakes and new products.
It goes beyond the telephone: The applications of the virtual PBX go beyond telephone answering. In fact, some of its add-ons are useful for other communication systems such as web pages, fax, text messaging, among others.

Neotel’s VoIP PBX is one of the most innovative in the market. It offers very advanced and effective communication and advertising resources. This, through an intuitive, easy to use and modern interface.

What does Neotel guarantee?

Working with Neotel’s white label PBX means selling a proven software. In any case, it is important to understand what this means when starting this business. Basically, Neotel guarantees the following:

Full access to the turnkey system: By entering into this program, Neotel makes available to the company the full use of the system so that it can be offered to the fullest. Not only the software, but also all the complementary modules.
Scalability: By being able to access all the modules of our system, the company that works with this program can offer its clients any of the plans it wishes.
Servers: People working with the white label PBX have the support of Neotel’s servers. This ensures that the software is kept in constant operation for your customers. We have the best data centers, with the most advanced technology.
Technical assistance: Companies that want to undertake through this program will also have all the necessary support and advice. Since everything is based on our servers, the system is kept totally protected by our engineering staff.

Companies willing to work with Neotel in the technology sector are fully supported. All they have to do is pay a certain investment and sell the service as if it were their own. Therefore, they will not need to hire specialized personnel at any time and they will always be able to call the call center in case of any doubt.

Neotel is a company with 20 years of experience in the area of business communication. We have a wide experience and many companies work with our programs. Undoubtedly, this is an excellent opportunity to have your own business dedicated to the technology sector. Without risks, with all the technical support and a high performance product.