Mobile pbx: Why have one?

The virtual switchboard allows to control the communications of an entire company and to develop very effective marketing campaigns. This program has developed so much that it has left the call center salts, to become an absolute business reference, in all the tasks to be performed. An example of this is the mobile switchboard, a complementary module that allows the software to be carried on any smartphone.

Basically, you can now have all the basic functions of a virtual PBX on your smartphone thanks to this add-on. Of course, some questions arise when talking about this module. For example… How useful can it be to have the PBX on a smartphone? Aren’t some of these features, common in today’s cell phones?

What is the mobile PBX?

In the past, we used to associate virtual PBX with call center rooms. However, this type of software evolved to expand its range of action. As it became more and more necessary for different business tasks, new possibilities for its operation were created. This led to the creation of the mobile PBX, an application that allows a company’s employees to use the software from a cell phone, wherever they are.

To use the mobile PBX, a series of codes are assigned to manage calls. That is, with different simple codes, you can transfer the call, put it on hold, mute it and perform other similar functions. It is practically like having the virtual PBX software in the palm of your hand.

It would seem that this is just another add-on, but the truth is that it could be very useful. It could even be a solution for many companies and during certain situations or circumstances. The possibilities of the mobile PBX are considerable and even more so in today’s world.

Same professionalism regardless of distance

Probably the greatest benefit of the mobile PBX is that it allows you to enjoy the call center software without being inside it. Usually, one can imagine that when calling a company, its tele-operators will attend with the formality and resources that characterize them, only from their usual facilities and equipment. However, with this special module it is possible to guarantee a high quality telephone service, with the usual formality, but from anywhere.

By contracting a virtual switchboard, the formality guaranteed by an IVR and the functionalities for telephone answering are achieved. Thanks to the mobile PBX, a teleoperator can answer or make calls from a smartphone and have all the identifying and professional elements that make customers feel that they are working with a professional company. This is the most important aspect of this tool.

From here, any company can be made to operate even when those who give life to it are out of the offices. This is precisely the usefulness of the mobile PBX, which is very well suited to today’s work trends.

Cases in which the mobile PBX is essential

Undoubtedly, one of the great advantages of a virtual PBX is that it connects employees of the same company, no matter where they are. It connects them both with the company and with its customers, who are the priority in every job. For example, if an employee is traveling, even if he is far from the office, he will be able to make business phone calls without any problems from his own cell phone.

Similarly, this type of complement is ideal for companies that hire personnel abroad. From the mobile switchboard, any person in the world can work as a teleoperator of a company located in Spain, or any other country. It does not matter if the hired person has a computer or not, as he/she will be able to operate normally from this module.

Freelancers can also use it to answer calls from their cell phones. To do so, they only need to contract the virtual PBX and use this module. In this way, they ensure a professional service that can be carried out using a smartphone. This possibility is important, understanding the positive impact that remote work has had on many companies globally.

At Neotel we offer the best virtual switchboard

In the market there are many programs to make calls in call centers. However, it is important to find the most innovative and easy to use at the same time. At Neotel we have the most stable software, with the best modules and the latest features. In addition, over time we continue to incorporate updates to our program, keeping only what works perfectly.

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