Ensure quality interactions between the agent and the customer with Neotel

That a call center is nothing without the agents that integrate it is something obvious. Agents are the face of the company and keep this alive. When a customer calls the company, the first thing they will hear is the agent who receives and picks up the call. The agents have a great responsibility as an image of the company so it is fundamental to understand the importance of the position of this worker.

How can a company ensure that the quality of service offered by the agent is as expected? This is harder than it might seem at first, although call center agents can do different things to make sure everything works properly.

To begin with, never forget that a happy agent is a productive agent. Depending on the mood of the agent, this will affect the quality of the work of the agent. It is important for the manager or Coordinator of the call center to know that the situation at the personal level of the agents of the call center is adequate for the correct functioning of the tasks that the agent needs to perform every day. An agent who does not feel happy at his job is an agent who is sure to be letting go of good opportunities when it comes to getting new leads, contacts and leads. A happy agent in his job is an agent who will give the maximum possible performance of himself and always looking for the ultimate benefit of the company in question.

Setting realistic goals is important as well. Many call centers stifle agents by implementing goals that simply are not feasible, which is a mistake. Some calls will take longer than others. And if the agent feels pressured to reach a number of calls per day, perhaps we are falling into the error of not devoting sufficient time and necessary to certain calls and customers, so that at the end of the day we are losing more than That we are going to win. The work experience for the agent is not going to be the most optimal, and this is something that clients notice. The agent will feel overwhelmed and the client will have a bad image of the company, and not a professional. Certainly allowing the agent to devote the time he considers necessary for each call is something important for any call center that honors.