Data center products: What is the best way to store data?

In the past, having an equipped office meant acquiring many different technological implements. In addition to the necessary computer and its screen, telephones, faxes, printers, scanners and other gadgets for formal work were purchased. Today, technology makes it possible to have everything in just a few devices and communication is much more simplified.


dedicated servers

Similarly, it was necessary to occupy an entire room and install a large physical server. This type of installation is delicate, difficult to maintain and involves very high costs. Data storage is more efficiently performed on dedicated servers. Understanding this type of backup format in companies can generate enormous progress in many ways.

What is a dedicated server?

Dedicated servers are computer services that are rented to host data over the Internet. Unlike shared servers, in these the hosting service of an entire machine is guaranteed to the contracting party. That is to say, the company that offers the dedicated services orients a complete equipment for each company.

When a person has a particular web page, he/she can hire a shared server because it will be enough. Shared servers are those hosting services that use one machine for several contractors. However, in the case of companies, the safest and most recommendable is the dedicated service. This is more expensive but offers the necessary functionality for a business or company.

Companies that handle sensitive data should purchase dedicated services to ensure the security of the information. In addition, this type of storage does not usually have errors of any kind, providing a much more reliable support. Although its price is a little higher, a company can afford this type of expense without major problems. Another excellent solution is partitioning, with Linux virtual machines being the most recommended option.

Physical server vs. virtual server

Many traditional companies maintain the old scheme of having physical servers in their own facilities. It would seem that this is better because all the data and equipment is kept within the office. However, renting virtual servers is much more advantageous from virtually any perspective you look at it. Just considering the cost, the space it takes up and the complexity of its maintenance is reason enough to choose the other option.

Virtual storage services are much better because they are also usually monitored by expert companies. Failures occur very infrequently even compared to shared servers. In case there are any imperfections, the management and response times are much faster. It is not the same to hire a team of computer engineers than to be supported by a company of this type, such as Neotel.

The virtual server is used by the busiest companies in the countries. In fact, this is an excellent way to cover their backs against new data protection laws. Today’s data center products are not purchased, they are rented, and this in turn allows you to start up businesses with low budgets.