Call Recorder: A resource of business wisdom

In companies there are many positions, processes and also tools used on a daily basis. Some resources are used as a priority to accomplish a specific task. Others, on the other hand, only work for certain situations that do not occur very often. However, there are some implements or systems that turn out to be multifunctional for any type of company. Precisely, that is the case of the call recorder. Companies that hire a call recorder service can implement it for multiple tasks. This is a technological tool that will solve many different types of problems not only within a call center, but for the company in general. To understand this, it would be necessary to see in perspective all the utilities it has.

The call recorder allows you to meet all of your

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It is well known that having a call recorder is nowadays even a legal requirement. But beyond this European legal provision, this implementation will be key to comply at a legal and management level with practically, everyone. In principle, recording every call that comes into the company helps to resolve any misunderstandings that occur between customers and company agents. If a customer feels that he or she has been treated poorly or has received inefficient handling, this can be demonstrated by the recordings. Similarly, if a telephone agent feels that he or she has been attacked, this can also be shown thanks to the call backup. In turn, this avoids conflicts at the legal level due to a hasty decision, or due to any other misunderstanding. The call recorder not only covers the company, but also allows it to make the right decisions. Hence its relevance and the need to record every contact made. The call recorder also allows you to check whether a customer made a telephone purchase. This is a priority, as consumer protection laws are often quite strict. In fact, third-party verification can be implemented to ratify telephone purchases. This allows to corroborate that the user is accepting a purchase in a legitimate and secure way. Of course, by recording the conversation, companies simply cover themselves. Both the recorder and the verification module are part of the virtual PBX cloud.

The call recorder monitors and educates

The call recorder is usually understood as a module that allows the monitoring of a company’s telemarketers. Certainly, this is one of its fundamental tasks and this allows companies to improve. But beyond its monitoring aspect, this tool also allows to educate a company’s telephone agents. This can be achieved through various activities and procedures. The best call centers in the world teach their employees through call recordings. This is a very successful approach, because it allows learning based on real-life operations. It is not the same to memorize the steps of a management, than to review an example of what happens in reality, in this type of work. Some human resources departments use employee calls to enrich their training courses. Then there are the evaluation steps of each telemarketer. The call recorder makes it possible to verify whether the management of each telephone agent is being carried out correctly. However, much better than just evaluating is to use the recorded conversations of each employee to explain their strengths and weaknesses. In this way, each employee will be aware of what needs to be improved when serving customers.

Neotel has the best monitoring module

The call recorder is the core of what Neotel calls the monitoring module. This is a compendium of three tools that allow monitoring communications. It includes the third party verification, the spy and whisper function and the call recorder. In addition to this, we also offer a premium recording service, for those companies that need a much more complete coverage. Our virtual PBX cloud is one of the most advanced and stable in the market. Countless companies have been working with us for many years, which has earned us an excellent reputation in the field of technological solutions. If you are interested in our software and its excellent add-on modules, just contact us.