call center software

Call center software: much more than a call manager

Many business owners see call center software as if it were a program for managing customer service.  It is likely that the programs of the past were only for that purpose, but things have changed. The advent of the virtual PBX has allowed these applications to evolve to offer more complete solutions.

Today’s call center software is used to perform marketing tasks and not only by means of telephone calls. In fact, applications such as Neotel’s are comprehensive tools to promote communication, advertising and sales. All the entrepreneur has to do is to use the tools and functionalities strategically.

Call center software provides valuable information

Today we place a lot of importance on social media metrics. These are important, but these statistics provide very partial and incomplete information. To be sure, not all consumers and users shop online. It is also known that not everyone relies on social networks to make purchases.


call center software

That is why entrepreneurs must always keep phone lines open for customers and potential users. In this sense, call center software not only guarantees useful tools to answer calls in a professional manner. To tell the truth, this type of software provides above all useful information that can be transformed into business opportunities.

The best thing is that you don’t need to have a huge contact center room to enjoy the benefits of this type of software. A family business or even a solo entrepreneur can use this software from their phone and find out what is going on around their business.

How can this software gather useful information?

Information is power above all because it allows you to sell more and better. A call center software allows you to obtain data from customers and potential users in many ways. Just having the call statistics module can tell us at what times or on what days people call the most. However, this is just the beginning.

For example, Neotel offers a module called CRM which allows to save the phone number with which customers call the company. This program allows you to build profiles with this data, complete them during the call and then use them for telemarketing.

Another way to obtain information is through telephone surveys. These are done through the IVR which is the voice option system offered by the call center software. This is what we find when we call a bank and an operator indicates which department we should contact. With this system you can ask customers, for example, what are their products or favorites.

Neotel’s call center software is very innovative.

The best thing about Neotel’s call center software is that it requires no installation or expensive equipment. Everything is handled with an internet connection, with a user and a password. This is precisely the breakthrough of the virtual PBX. This program also has modules that allow you to perform marketing tasks with text messages, recordings, mass automated systems and much more.