What IVR means and 7 benefits of using it

In Neotel we offer only the best services in Telephony for companies. And one for which our clients ask us the most is the IVR service.

Benefits of IVR:

  1. Customer service 24 x 7: Use automated support and eliminate the need to have agents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. Save time: Reduce the waiting time of the customer’s call and transfer with the appropriate agent.
  3. Increase professionalism: Pre-write your messages and greetings using IVR to reflect a great first impression, consistency and professionalism.
  4. Increase the resolution of the first contact: Increase the resolution of the first contact by automatically directing callers to the agent who is most capable of meeting their needs.
  5. Improve business efficiency and agent performance: Connect to the right agents to attend each call and make use of the advantages of integrated CRM to improve agent productivity.
  6. Lower cost per call: reduce the volume of calls per agent, labor costs and the general cost per call by automating the processes and outgoing and incoming calls.
  7. Increase the efficiency of customer service and customer satisfaction: Provide customers with an easy way to serve customers.


An IVR or Interactive Voice Response is a Telephony-oriented technology that interacts with callers, understands the reason for the call and collects their information, and directs them to the most appropriate agent. Allows call centers to reduce costs, improve customer service and increase business efficiency in a simple way.

Today, companies and call contact centers take advantage of Neotel’s IVR to automate tasks and increase agent productivity and profitability.

If you have a secure call center that is already aware of the advantages of IVR. If you are not yet working with an IVR, from here we recommend you contact our team so that we can advise you and without any commitment.