Video Tutorial Transfer calls with Yealink


The actions of this video tutorial can be applied from model Yealink T21 E2 onwards.

With this video you will learn how to transfer a call to another phone number or extension, so that you can continue the conversation without interrupting the call.

When a call is received on the phone, it is answered.


As soon as the call is answered, the «Transfer» option appears on the screen.

Press the «Transfer» option.

At that moment, the current call is put on hold and the phone provides a line to make another call. The number you want to call is dialed either


Extension, fixed or mobile and you press the «Send» button.

The second call is made either to an internal extension or to a landline or mobile number.


Once the second call is established, press «Transfer» when appropriate.

The transfer takes place, establishing communication between the initial call and the second call.

Once the call is transferred, you can hang up the phone.