The telephone switchboard: a tool to improve customer service for our business

Aspects for the improvement of customer service

  • Control the silences. What does this mean? Because it is very important to give the best possible telephone attention to let our customers speak and know how to listen to them. Some operating agents make the mistake of wanting to overwhelm the calling customer by giving them as much information as possible in a very short period of time, which means that the person on the other side of the phone feels pressured and wants to abandon the call as soon as possible. In other words, is it important to correctly inform our customers when they call us? Yes, of course. But without forgetting that it is also necessary to listen to its requests so that it does not feel harassed by the operator it is talking to.
  • Tone and voice. The tone and voice of the operator is important. An incorrect voice or tone could result in missed opportunities.
  • The mental attitude of the operator is fundamental to give a feeling of security towards the customer.

These are some recommendations to manage customer service well:

  • Stay relaxed, showing a serene atmosphere towards the client. It is very important for the caller to feel relaxed and in a friendly and not stressful environment.
  • Being focused on one thing at a time. If the operator, while talking to the customer, is involved with more management, this is something that the customer can perceive and realize that the operator is attending more things than his own. This would be a mistake. The calling customer wants and needs to feel loved and special. They need to know that their case is important to the agent and the company they work for.
  • It’s important to have a positive attitude. It is not advisable to show a bad attitude even if the operating agent is having a bad day for some reason.
  • The attitude. It is important for the caller to know that the operator will do everything in his power to manage his case.
  • You must make it clear that everything can be solved on the spot and that there will be no problems. A negative attitude is not recommended.
  • To know how to handle language well. It is not always advisable to abuse with technicalities. But we should not neglect these either. At the end of the day, the client needs to understand everything we have told him.

Fulfill a good customer service from the switchboard

Telephone customer service goes beyond listening to you. If we treat a client in the best way, he will probably speak well of our company and services. Everything that has to do directly with customer service should be treated with the utmost respect. If customer service is optimal, they will become loyal to our company. If not, we risk losing customers. All customers are important.