The importance of managing customer relationships

Do you want to expand your business? Now the Neotel CRM is the solution to all your problems.

Improve your efficiency

Obviously, having all the records of communications with your customers in an organized way is not going to be the only one of the advantages (although it is true that this may be the best known by all users). Having a base that includes all your contacts, in the most organized way possible, and where you have all the absolute control over it, will be providing you with unparalleled new productive capabilities.

Control how much time each management lasts between your agents and your clients.

Customize your communication

Segment your contacts with custom fields and labels to create your filters according to your needs.

  • Custom fields: Neotel CRM allows you to create all kinds of custom fields, depending on what you need. Anything that you come up with. Now it is possible to create and configure these custom fields to obtain a better and smarter way of working.

Follow customers through the sales cycle

From the first detail in the first contact, until the lead becomes Account (client), follows the whole process and thus observes and controls how effective the work is being done, or not.

Manage all your contacts in one place

With our CRM you will be able to manage all the relative information about your contacts in the easiest, most efficient and orderly way.