Spy and whisper for companies: What is it and what does it work for?

The most successful companies are not those with the most capital, but those that make the best use of resources. In this sense, technological tools, including those related to communication, are key to making a business take off. In a world in which communicating is key to negotiate, virtual switchboard modules such as spy and whisper make the difference.

Developing business communication goes beyond publishing a phone number and attending to potential customers. Attention is an art that requires practice, education and, above all, follow-up. This is precisely what differentiates call centers of large companies from call centers that do not have a good reputation.

Contact center software: controlling communication



Before understanding what spy and whisper is, it is important to understand what a virtual PBX or contact center software is all about. This is basically a program that allows to unify, manage and control all the communication that occurs within a business environment. The concept comes from traditional call centers, but nowadays it is used in companies even for internal communications.

From the so-called contact center software, any company can know how incoming and outgoing communication occurs. This is so, because this program provides statistics that account for everything that happens at the telephony level. No matter how many telephones are connected to the PBX, it can be three or 50. All the information of the calls can be known and studied: incoming, outgoing, lost, on hold, answered, etc.

But in addition to the statistics, which is made up of quantitative data, the virtual PBX also has elements that allow you to verify what is happening in the calls. For example, one of them is the call recorder, which collects all the conversations of a commercial nature that occur in the company. Similarly, there is a module that allows you to intervene in these at the same time they occur. This is precisely what the spy and whisper system is all about.

The spy and whisper module improves the quality of customer service.

The spy and whisper module allows a call center coordinator to listen in real time as his telephone operators answer a customer’s call. At the same time, this application allows to give some tips or advice to the agent to solve difficult situations.

For example, let’s imagine that a novice telemarketer starts working in a call center. As he is new to his job, he may not know how to solve a customer’s request. In these cases, the coordinator can enter the call, listen to what is happening and guide the worker to successfully complete the call. To be able to do this, he must have the spy and whisper.

Due to its characteristics, the spy and whisper module allows to perform various tasks related to customer service. It should be noted that this tool is not only useful for companies with fully constituted call centers.

What can be done with the Spy and whisper?

The spy and whisper allows you to verify and improve any customer service task over the phone. Some of the activities that can be done with this module are the following:

Listen to how telephone agents attend to customers.
Perform performance evaluations based on real time listening.
Monitor how workers perform their duties.
Help telephone operators solve customer problems.
Perform real-time training to improve individual performance.

All these tasks are usually performed on a regular basis in call centers. However, as you can see, they would be very useful in any type of business. For example, the owner of a physical or virtual store that has two customer service representatives can always verify the treatment they offer to regular buyers and potential customers.

The importance of using Spy and Whisper in virtual stores

According to several opinion studies, including the Accenture Global Report, the number one reason for customer churn is poor customer service. If customers feel that they are not adequately attended, with empathy, that their questions are not answered, they simply look for other options in the market. This is valid for any type of business, whether it is a product or service business.

In virtual businesses or those that also have Internet sales services, this is much more important. Every day there are more alternatives, with competitive prices and products. In this sense, customer service could even be what makes the difference when it comes to retaining customers.

The probability of selling to regular customers is usually between 60 and 70%. Therefore, avoiding customer churn is a vital factor for any company, and this can only be achieved with a willingness to serve. When this task is delegated to managers, it is necessary to ensure that the work is done correctly. Precisely, this monitoring task can only be carried out with the Spy and Whisper.

It is important to note that the Spy and Whisper is one of three monitoring functions that Neotel’s contact center software has.

Monitoring: a compendium of functions for maintaining quality

We already know that the Spy and Whisper is a function that allows you to listen to calls in real time and communicate to the operator during the call, any tip or key to improve your attention. But in addition to this important feature, there are two more that make up the monitoring package of Neotel’s virtual PBX:

Third party verification: This is a specialized service to close contracts with customers via telephone. It facilitates and demonstrates verbal consent to avoid any legal problems when a customer requests a product or service. Companies that offer services tend to use it a lot.
Voice recorder: This is a system incorporated to the virtual PBX. Its main function is to record all the calls that occur in the telephones associated to the software. In addition to keeping a record, which is always necessary even for legal issues, it also allows you to review the calls, but unlike Spy and Whisper, these are verified once recorded and not in real time.

Together with Spy and Whisper, these functions allow you to verify the quality of business telephone service in different ways. They also make it possible to make purchases and contracts via telephone, with the relevant legal support.

Disadvantages of the virtual PBX – are there any?

Many entrepreneurs and managers often wonder about the disadvantages of the virtual PBX. In reality, it is very difficult to find a negative point in the hiring of this type of service. This type of software allows, among other things, the following:

Migrate all the communication of a company to IP telephony, which is cheaper.
Unify all telephone communication and manage it.
Perform remote work controlled by the company’s supervisors.
Know data about the flow of calls coming into the company.
Design friendly telemarketing campaigns that do not bother the customer.
Guarantee the entrepreneur tools that allow connecting with the customer in different ways, such as virtual fax.
Integrate related tools such as CRM, data systems and others.
Increase productivity in outbound telemarketing through automated dialers.
Back up inbound calls to ensure compliance with data protection regulations.
Facilitate job training for telemarketers and business managers.

And this is just the beginning of the world of advantages that the virtual PBX has for any type of business, regardless of its activity. In fact, this is an application that has many modules and more and more updates and functions are coming out all the time. The only disadvantages of the virtual PBX occur when the client acquires an outdated, unstable or outdated service.

Neotel’s contact center software: Within everyone’s reach

The best thing about Neotel’s virtual switchboard is that we have a plan designed for every type of entrepreneur. It doesn’t matter if the company is small, large, or has a small budget. Our offer is designed so that any entrepreneur can count on the program.

The plans include Spy and Whisper, voice recorder and third party verification. For those companies that want to back up calls much more extensively, we have the premium call recorder, with 1 terabyte of space and the availability of recording for two years. Undoubtedly, the virtual PBX improves the growth prospects of your business.