Professional voiceover service: Your text transformed into voice

Every day is more important the professional communication of your company, that’s why from Neotel we offer you the possibility of the professional voice over service so that all the audios, answering machines and communication you do stand out for their quality, professionalism and ease of diction.


How is the professional voice-over service processed?

Write the script that you require to be taken to voice-over (your text) and you will receive a quote without obligation.

Once the budget has been approved, you cannot make any changes to the script. You must write the instructions you want to give to the interlocutor.

Clearly indicate: the pronunciation and accentuation of trademarks or infrequent words, acronyms, etc. Free modifications are not allowed.


Additional professional voiceover services

Once the needs of the professional voiceover service have been agreed upon, you can obtain the following voiceover extras:

Female voice / a la carte


You can indicate a preference for a woman’s voice or a voice other than the standard corporate voice. Just indicate in the «Script» field what type of voice you want.

We will make the choice of the voice that best suits what you are looking for. If you want to know in advance which voice will make your order you can contact us.


Cutting out files for the PBX

If you want to receive each of the options of the switchboard in a separate file, you have to indicate that you want this option when you place your order.

In the text box, separate each of the options with a bar like this / so that we know where to cut and avoid possible errors or omissions


Multiple takes

By selecting this option, the speaker will take several shots of your sentences, with different interpretative nuances.

Each take will be separated in the file by a tone, so that you can easily edit it


Infinite modifications

All our voiceovers are guaranteed to be modified if we make a mistake. For example, if the voiceover is poor, there is background noise, etc.

But you may ask us to make changes on things that only you as a customer will be able to perceive.

The nuance, the cadence. Completely subjective issues. We advise you to hire this option if your work has these characteristics


Review or translation of your text

If you are not completely sure that your text is correct, we can make a revision of it.

We will do a grammatical study of what you send us, we will check the concordance between you and us, and we will give a style review.

We may not change anything, if everything is correct.

As for translation, please indicate instructions in the target language. If you want it translated into several languages, paste as many times as the languages of the text to rate correctly.


Number of foreign voices

Select how many languages other than Spanish require voice-overs. In the instructions, indicate languages, genres and accents for each professional voiceover.

Professional voice-over services are available in the following languages:

  • URDU


You can hear samples of the service by writing to us first. We also translate and proofread your text. Simply send us an email and we will prepare a personalized quote.