Leading Software Call Center Automation

Characteristics of the automatic dialer:

Scheduled calls

The Neotel dialer will look for the best time to make calls. Our software automatically predicts when is the best time for this.

Call recording

Our call center software also allows us to record all calls for later consultation.

dialer automarcador

Contact list management

The administration of contacts loaded to the Neotel dialer is enhanced and managed through a truly intuitive process for customers who use it.

Answering machine detection

The software has an answering machine detection capability so you can help agents and make their time productive. Don’t miss it.

Benefits of the automatic dialer:

Increase agent talk time

The auto dialer software will reduce the waiting time of the agents and thus increase their talk time.

The longer the agents are in real conversation, the greater the increase in sales for the company.


Reduces downtime

With manual dialing agents spend too much time in inactivity, waiting for someone to answer the phone, calls that are hung up, facing voicemail, etc.