How to telework from home with Neotel’s virtual PBX

Thanks to the virtual pbx allows us to work from anywhere as if we were in the office, we can now do so in the same way and thus not neglect either our business or the customers who cost us so much effort to achieve, in these difficult times and alarm that run because of the so-called «coronavirus.

Virtual switchboard: the perfect solution to continue working without the risk of contagion

Thanks to them, the employees are able to continue their work from home.


teleworking virtual pbx

It is in our hands to ensure that production does not come to a complete standstill. We need to find viable measures to achieve this. And one of them is teleworking.

While it is true that health comes first, it is also true that we must all, as far as possible, seek alternatives so that the country does not come to a standstill and therefore an economic crisis occurs that we may not be able to overcome.