5 businesses that can be done with video calling in the cloud

Video calling in the cloud has gone from being an entertainment function to become a source of revenue for many companies. In the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic, real-time video calls have become the solution to replace face-to-face calls. Everything that used to be done face-to-face is now handled by this function.

Of course, this has also revitalized the demand for communication systems such as the virtual PBX. Although there are platforms that offer professional videoconferencing services in the cloud, there is nothing better than having your own video call system that is fast, efficient and available to entrepreneurs.

Even those who are unemployed or who want to generate extra income can use our cloud video conferencing service to work.

The validity of video calling in the cloud

video calling and videoconferencing in the cloud

The year 2020 saw a dizzying rise in the use of cloud-based video calling and videoconferencing. It is believed that 96% of people in the 16-30 age range in Spain have used this type of technological solutions in the wake of the pandemic. But, in addition, the consumption of video calls has also been increasing in much older segments of the population.

Video calling in the cloud has gone from being a tool for talking to people far away to a business tool. This trend continues to increase even today, even though some pandemic restrictions have been eased. It appears that video calling will continue to be used and will serve to maintain some business activities.

It is worth noting that video calling is a safe medium in the midst of a situation of latent danger due to the pandemic. In addition, it has enormous versatility, allowing communication to occur at any time of the day. The latter is a timeless advantage that will keep this medium relevant even in the post-pandemic world. Here are seven business activities that can be carried out via video call in the cloud.

5.- Language classes

Remote language classes is a business that has been around even years before the pandemic. Since 2015, some companies have been known to offer this educational service with native teachers of the languages you want to learn. Basically, this business model foretold what would start in 2020 with the onset of the pandemic by COVID 19.

Language classes have been proving for years that learning via video call in the cloud is practical and effective. This was one of the first businesses to adapt to the new dynamics and takes advantage of the versatility of video calls to adapt to customers’ schedules. In this sense, we are talking about fully customized services.

4.- Primary and secondary schools

In the wake of the pandemic, classes for primary and secondary school students became the norm. Most of the world’s governments adapted their educational systems to videoconferencing classes in the cloud. At first it was a bit difficult for both students and teachers to adapt, but over time everything has leveled out.

To be sure, schools have been saved as businesses by technology inherent in WebRTC Line and IP telephony. Although classrooms are beginning to open up again, there is still a possibility that during pandemic peaks there will be a return to this modality. On the other hand, educational businesses that are based on educating children, young people and adults using videoconferencing in the cloud are beginning to emerge.

3.- Psychological counseling

Psychological counseling is probably one of the practices that allowed more professionals to emerge during the pandemic. If few psychologists could report a low volume of patients, during the pandemic the income of this type of professional was quite affected. Cloud-based video calling not only saved many, but also signaled the beginning of a new approach that made this type of consultation cheaper.

Many psychologists and also other types of professionals such as coaches were able to survive in this way. Moreover, consultants working at a distance have the advantage of offering two modalities of attention: personalized and courses. Many simply took advantage of the crisis and transformed it into an opportunity.

2.- Medical consultations

Medical services have been very active during the pandemic and their professionals have behaved at the height of the circumstances. Amidst the overcrowding of clinics and the saturation of health systems, medical consultation by video call in the cloud has become a solution for minor cases.

In fact, many patients with non-aggravated COVID 19 were able to be examined by their physicians from this tool. Similarly, other diseases have been addressed from the telemedicine approach. Undoubtedly, technological solutions in communication have made it possible to continue with life in the midst of restrictions.

1.- Courses in different disciplines

Practically anyone can take an online course in the specialty or trade they master. Education has become the main source of income in the second decade of the new millennium. A guitarist, a motivational leader, a writer, a mathematician: all have in common the possibility of sharing their knowledge and solving problems with others.

Even the entertainment market has benefited from video calling in the cloud. A large number of people have found income thanks to this type of technological solutions. The problem is that many use internet platforms that offer the service incompletely, slowly and with many failures.

Virtual PBX has the best video calls in the cloud

Since the pandemic, social networks that offer professional video calling services have become popular. To tell the truth, these platforms made it possible to solve in the midst of the crisis. However, it is important to note that these sites are not the most ideal solution when it comes to business video calls.

First of all, these most popular platforms work with limits and slowness because they are actually paid services. That is, what people use are free versions, but in reality the best of their service is offered through the paid version. On the other hand, some of them are so widely used that even if they pay, they can work in a limited way.

In addition, the paid versions of video calling platforms can be very expensive. For example, a monthly room can cost more than $40 per month, just for the cloud-based video conferencing service. This is very expensive compared to the cost of call center software, which fulfills this and more functions.

The cloud-based video call advantage of the virtual PBX

Virtual PBX is a communications manager that works with IP telephony. Thanks to cloud storage technology, this type of program is no longer oriented only to large call center rooms. It allows to obtain statistics of incoming calls, to have a business customer service number and marketing modules.

Of course, one of the great advantages of buying virtual PBX is that this program brings an environment to make video calls in the cloud and video conferencing. Basically, this is equivalent to having your own business platform to establish this type of communication with customers. Everything works in a simple way, making invitations by link.

In the case of Neotel, the interface is very simple to use even compared to more commercial platforms. Clients will enter the calls and will see the system as if it were the contracting company’s own. This gives professionalism and formality to the video calls, as well as credibility to the entrepreneur who hires and uses the service.

Neotel has the most complete virtual switchboard

The cloud videoconferencing and video call modules are part of the basic service of Neotel’s virtual switchboard. This means that in order to use this function you do not have to pay any additional cost. No installations or hassles because the program is used over the Internet.

Neotel has monthly plans that start at 100 € and in exchange offers a number of useful functions and modules for the entrepreneur. Contracting this service means having at your disposal the best advances in business communication at a low cost. Any type of entrepreneur can enjoy the virtual PBX for a reasonable investment. If you want to have the best video conferencing interface in the cloud and work with it, buying virtual PBX is the best option.