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Virtual PBX with mobile rates: a good solution

The virtual PBX has almost always been perceived as an isolated program. This is due to the dynamics of the traditional call center, in which the software is managed on the one hand, the rest of the programs on the other and the telephone service also as something separate. Innovation now makes it possible to have everything in one place, including mobile rates with the same company, in a practical, simple way and at a very low cost. A characteristic of Neotel’s service is that it perceives all the business communication implements as parts of a whole. That is, the virtual PBX, its complements and even the telephone service can be found in one place. Therefore, in the company we have everything we need to serve customers and sell more, including cell phone services.

Mobile tariffs: Get out of the traditional

Mobile Rates

One of the problems when starting a business is the investment in communication. In general, entrepreneurs and owners tend to look to traditional telephone companies. The problem with these companies is that they have extensive experience working with businesses and know that they can charge large sums of money without the entrepreneurs knowing about it. The larger the firm, the more likely it is to offer a high-cost contract. To this must be added the permanence conditions that traditional telephone companies usually ask for. It does not matter if the contracting of mobile tariffs is with one for many terminals, or with a family company and few lines, because this type of conditions are usually very annoying. If the customer is not satisfied with the service, he may not be able to do anything or it will cost him a penalty. In addition, these companies tend to increase the amount of the tariffs suddenly, on the understanding that their contractors must simply stick to the stipulations. For all these reasons, it is always advisable for the client to find out and analyze very well the proposal, cost, benefits and conditions of each telephone service. In addition to this, it is also important to review the proposals of new companies, which may offer cheaper mobile rates, good service packages or other facilities to be considered.

All in one invoice and one software

Another positive aspect of contracting mobile tariffs with a company that also offers virtual PBX, as is the case with Neotel, is that everything is broken down into a single invoice. In this way, customers do not have to keep track of different bills, or make payments to different companies for different services. Paying can be a headache, either at the box office or electronically, so this can be a positive for many entrepreneurs. In addition, with unified services, companies can integrate the VoIP virtual PBX service with mobile tariffs. In this way, the same company should take care of everything related to the contracted services. Of course, this is feasible when the company offers cheaper or reasonable costs. That is why it will always be important to check the proposals on the market, such as, for example, Neotel. A good way to explore and choose a telephone service is to use a cell phone rate comparator. As the name suggests, these digital tools are basically tabulators that allow you to compare the proposals of each company, in relation to others that exist in the market. Several of them can be found on the Internet and this can be very illustrative. Of course, it is also recommended to try several comparators, until you find the best or most attractive one.

Neotel offers you a global service

In Neotel we know how complicated it can be to completely control the communication of a company, to enhance their profits. That is why, in addition to offering the VoIP virtual PBX, we have also unified a host of complementary tools for call center marketing at different levels, very useful for the growth of any enterprise. But, in addition, we also offer a mobile rate service, for those who want to get out of the traditional telephone proposals. At Neotel we have data and minutes service at the best prices and the best thing is that we do not impose permanence conditions. In fact, anyone who contracts our telephone service can try it and if they are not satisfied, they can simply cancel it. However, our telephone services offer the same quality as any reputable phone company in Europe. You can visit our official website and check the VoIP virtual PBX plans we have and everything we offer for today’s businessman.