Software call center for your small business

All information pertaining to each client is stored securely in our cloud. Thanks to Neotel you can make calls from anywhere in the world provided you have a computer with Internet connection, headphones with microphone and the necessary software.

Our software call center are intelligent and able to collect data in real time to perform calculations such as the talk time per agent. It is the dream of any small company, having a software in the cloud 100% functional backed by the best professionals and that gives a series of advanced features to your SME giving more force to this, maximizing sales and resulting in an increase Of productivity.

software call center

Our call center software is affordable for all budgets. A cloud software for call centers is an application that helps agents and operators facilitate their daily communication tasks with customers, helping to simplify the campaigns of Telemarketing and support that is given to customers, along with a series of own advantages Of the platform: real-time queue management, predictive dialer, call recording and statistics and reports.