Reinvent the Telephony of your business with the Neotel IP Voice Center

Our customers know very well why they are with Neotel, and they trust our company for the telephony in theirs. Years of work in the Telecommunications sector guarantee our trajectory, together with an increasingly long list of satisfied customers.

The portability offered by the ip voice switchboard gives us a freedom as never before imagined in the world of telephony.

centralitas voz ip

Through a simple login or access, through your username and password, the call center administrator enters a powerful tool, 100% functional, fast, simple and professional, with which you will be able to have absolute control over your call center .

Contact us without any commitment and ask for the Neotel IP voice switchboard; start to get the benefits of our tool

Neotel as a leader in the sector of companies that offer ip voice switchboards globally has built its ip voice switchboard whose principle is based on free access to the Web, ease, convenience and the reception and making of calls.

The Neotel telephony is a cloud system (system hosted in the cloud) and allows us to use it from anywhere in the world.