There are many advantages of talking by voice over IP, with excellent sound quality and a significant savings on the telephone bill.

Unlike a traditional physical switchboard, virtual switchboards have many advantages that you should not let go.

– IP and mobile extensions: you are not obliged to convert traditional fixed telephones into extensions. You can create an extension on a mobile, the IP address of a computer, etc.

-Free location: with the virtual switchboards you do not depend on a wiring system, so you can place the extensions in as many places as you want, even in different countries if you have employees abroad.

– Less maintenance: a physical device requires continuous maintenance and a longer and more complex cable assembly. When the traditional system fails, you are unable to make connections until it is repaired. The virtual switchboards are simpler, more productive and more efficient.

¿qué es la centralita virtual?

You can have as many extensions as you think you need, so the virtual switchboard will allow you to better manage your company’s telephone system.

Case study: You have a customer service employee who works from your home in Malaga, but you want to be able to transfer calls from the company’s main telephone (located in Madrid) to your IP voice software. Simply dial the extension number and the conversation will be moved to the other line quickly and easily.

A virtual switchboard is an advanced IP telephony system that allows you to have several telephone stations or extensions, both fixed and mobile. It is very useful because it allows you to organize calls wherever employees are located.

Neotel offers you the opportunity to have your own virtual telephone station at a much cheaper price than a traditional analog type.

So from now on, do not forget this new concept: the IP telephone switchboards, also known as virtual switchboards.


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