Is it possible to reduce spending on calls and take advantage of new technology for uncomplicated voice communications? The answer is Neotel. We are the operator that will open the door to IP telephony easily and easily, so that you can take advantage of voice communications over the Internet with the maximum guarantees.

Add functionality to the basic service whenever you want

You can also add call bonuses to the service of your choice. This will help you further reduce your telephone bill.


IP telephony not only allows you to call cheaper, it also allows you to access multiple services.

You can use your own number for outgoing calls without having to carry your line.

Do not know the advantages of Neotel IP Telephony yet?

Discover the advantages of IP telephony

It allows to make calls through the IP networks.

Thanks to Neotel, you can use your data infrastructure for voice traffic. This will bring you economic benefits and simpler management, while opening up a wide range of possibilities by facilitating the implementation of new services.

We have a wide range of services that make it possible for the voice to travel through its data network using an Internet Protocol (IP) protocol, instead of conventional fixed telephony, taking advantage of its installed data capacity.

Working only with the best manufacturers is not worth it. We know that the possibility of offering solutions that integrate with the current infrastructure of the client, which integrate with different technologies is not an easy task and can only be carried out by highly qualified, certified and experienced personnel.

What are the advantages of IP telephony? A simplification of the communication infrastructure in the company, the integration of the different venues and mobile workers of the organization into a unified telephone system, free internal calls, integrated numbering plan and optimization of communication lines, among others.

Explore the possibilities of new IP telephony and make more of your business. Enjoy IP Telephony with Neotel’s computer maintenance services and have a technology with which you can integrate voice and data communications in a single network.

Virtual switchboard, Call Center Software and CRM, our star services

The Neotel virtual switchboard service is the one that provides the most savings to SMEs.

Neotel, through its services in the cloud, covers the main communication needs of the company, providing great benefits such as mobility, flexibility and savings.

VoIP is a technology that allows to make voice calls using as an internet transmission channel: the voice signal is digitized in packets and sent over the Internet using an IP protocol. At the other end an operator receives these digital packets and rebuilds the call by sending it to its recipient.

It allows the reduction of costs in the voice services in national and international calls.

IP telephone exchanges.

Neotel offers the Virtual Switchboard as part of its IP Telephony services.

It allows mobility and telecommuting. IP telephony can be accessed anywhere the Internet is.

VoIP emerged as an alternative to conventional telephony and offers the great advantage of cost reduction, because it does not depend on other exclusive infrastructures, and uses the same network for both voice and data.

Since 2001, we have been at the forefront of VoIP in our environment.

Our IP telephony (VoIP) area specializes in providing advanced telephony services through the use of traditional computer equipment and data communication lines.

We offer global IP telephony solutions for your company, which will reduce telephone costs from the outset and in a simple way.

The different locations of the company will reduce the cost of their internal communications thanks to IP technology.

IP telephony provides you with a way to provide consistent services to all your employees in their workplaces, whether they are in the office or remotely connected.


When we talk about an IP telephony system we are talking about a set of elements that properly integrated allow to provide a telephony service (based on VoIP) to the company. The basic elements that form this system are: the IP switchboard, the IP Gateway and the different IP telephones.

IP Telephony is a technology that allows the integration of voice and data communications into the same network – based on IP protocol.

VoIP means a great reduction in costs for users. The reason is that the telephone operator does not need to invest heavily in the creation and maintenance of a large telecommunications infrastructure. And thanks to it the customer enjoys the fixed line and calls at a much better price.

IP telephony (VoIP or IP Voice) is the telephony of a lifetime working through the Internet.
Millions of people have already switched to IP telephony to save money with each bill and take full advantage of it.

telefonía ip

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With IP Telephony you do not have to have a PC, but access to the internet for a broadband.

IP Telephones are similar to traditional telephones, the difference is in the form of voice transmission: in an IP Phone the voice travels using an IP protocol, which allows to transmit data over the Internet (Voice over IP or VoIP: Voice over IP).

IP Telephony is a technology that allows the integration of voice and data communications into the same network – based on IP protocol.


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