The virtual switchboards serve to manage the calls of companies of all sizes.

As the virtual switchboard is a service in the cloud the extensions connect with it through the Internet. The incoming and outgoing calls of the company, which are with IP telephony, always pass through the virtual switchboard, which manages them.

All these procedures are carried out from the online control panel of the virtual switchboard, which is accessible from any computer with an Internet connection. To handle it, technical knowledge is not necessary and no maintenance is necessary.

With the virtual switchboard companies can manage all their telephone system.

A virtual switchboard, also called vPBX, is an advanced IP telephony system that allows companies to have several telephone stations through extensions and professionally manage all calls.

Any questions you may have about our global call center solutions, if you need additional information or if you wish to hire them, please do not hesitate to contact us by writing an email to or if you wish to fill out this form and we can in contact with you.

At present, we have a voice over IP service, very competitive and innovative, both for companies and for residential. Since our foundation in 2001, the company has acquired extensive experience in the sector with several products in its portfolio of services. We are a Telecommunications company based in C /. Prosecutor Luis Portero García, nº3, Portal 7, office 1-1A Málaga with license from the CMT.

An IP Virtual Switchboard is an Advanced Telephone System through which you can have as many extensions as you wish, fixed or mobile, in the same location or even in different locations or countries (for example, if you have several delegations or people working from your address), without the need to make a significant financial outlay to buy a physical switchboard.

Thanks to the Neotel Virtual Switchboard you can unify the communications of your companies and save costs, both in calls and in maintenance.

The advantages of hiring a virtual switchboard are multiple. Whether you have a business of your own or are thinking about starting a business, one of the first questions you have to ask yourself has to do with the communicative needs of your employees and your direct clients. Until a few years ago, the only efficient solution for managing several telephone lines consisted of the installation of a physical telephone exchange. However, with the arrival of the Internet, new communication channels and channels have emerged, such as the virtual cloud, so that we can have a virtual switchboard model.

The Virtual Switchboard is the best solution to professionalize your telephone service, while enjoying multiple advanced features and saves on costs.

The Neotel Virtual Switchboard is designed for SMEs and the self-employed who need a high quality communications service.

The virtual switchboard is a telephone number integrated into a switchboard that provides the advantages and benefits of the telephone switchboard without the need for installations, investments or maintenance costs. The virtual telephone exchange is created with telephones of any operator (fixed, mobile and international) and can also integrate IP telephony and be managed from anywhere.


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