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The Neotel virtual switchboard adapts to your needs. It does not matter if your company is large, medium or small, or that your consumption in calls is much or little. The important thing is that you have all the options and functionalities of virtual switchboard to give the best image and telephone attention.

Thanks to Neotel’s virtual switchboard, your company can have telecommuters and commercials traveling or working from home, and can use the switchboard as if they were physically in the office, as well as being able to talk on the phone totally for free. Neotel’s virtual switchboard is the evolution of the mobile office.

The virtual PBX is ideal for SMBs who need the advanced functions of a conventional PBX, but do not want to spend money on a physical system in their office.

The Neotel IP virtual exchange is a telephone system that allows you to make and receive calls, transfer them, put them on hold, etc., and does not require physical installation, since everything is managed through your Internet connection.

From Neotel, we welcome you to the world of Voice IP. A new world in which communications change their traditional conception by giving the company new tools that allow not only significant cost savings, but also a flexibility in work and a more agile way of working, opening a new world of possibilities.

Voip asterisk PBXs are the present and future of ip telephony, due to its low cost of calls and its many functionalities.

Another important advantage of the VOIP is that being a fully digital system we will never have problems of noise, echo … and other possible problems that we can have with conventional exchanges.

The virtual switchboard represents a significant saving since all the calls we can make that leave a single number of head, so that all the monthly tariff will be associated with that single number and we will not have to contract several flat rates on each one of the numbers That we have to associate with him.

A VOIP switchboard is a telephone exchange that works internally with the IP protocol.

Voice IP is synonymous with saving and agility in the telephone communications. The savings are due to talk fees, the elimination of maintenance fees and the fact that internal communications are free (either between one or different locations).

At Neotel, any customer of the IP Voice service eliminates each and every one of the costs derived from fixed telephone lines, while saving tremendously on the cost of calls.

Voice IP, (VoIP) or IP telephony, is a novel system of telephony to which more and more companies are added. The Neotel IP Voice Service is especially suitable for promoting teleworking, relocation and free communication between offices regardless of location.

Save on your calls and telephony bill from the first day by hiring our IP Voice service.

If you want to check the quality of the Neotel VoIP service or have more information about our rates, you can contact us through the form or call us and request your free trial or personalized advice.

Discover the best rates in Virtual Centers, Call Center Software and CRM.

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You will come to Neotel for the savings and you will stay for our attention to the technique and quality of the service.

We offer services of VoIP PBX, IP Telephony, Voice over IP PBXs and PBXs nationally and globally.

Through the technology provided by Asterisk, your business will have an entire communications center that will improve the experience of its customers.

Neotel offers the installation and configuration of VoIP switchboards, aimed at small and medium enterprises, which will improve their telephone attention and reduce costs.

If what you need is a telephone exchange adapted to your needs, we can help you.

Do you need a VoIP switch for your business? Do you want something that really suits your company?

VoIP, or IP Voice, allows you to make voice calls through your internet connection, at a price much lower than traditional calls and with the same or higher quality. In addition, it is much more flexible than traditional telephony. A telephony that adapts to you and your company, more comfortable and easy.

In addition, we offer other complementary services, such as custom software, integrations with third-party software and data center services.

You will have your IP Voice going almost without realizing it. One step to start saving time and money in your communications.


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