video calling and videoconferencing in the cloud
Video call and Video conferencing in the cloud

Discover the benefits of video conferencing in the cloud!

Benefits of video conferencing in the cloud

Do you know how to take advantage of professional videoconferencing and video calling in the cloud?


The video call and the videoconference in the cloud is a managed service offered by Neotel, specially designed so that companies and professionals can carry out work meetings with two or more assistants connected to the Internet, easily, securely, economically, obtaining the same results than expected at face-to-face meetings.

What is the video call and video conference service?

Utilities of video conferencing in the cloud

Organize videoconferences from anywhere and with any connected device. With the greater use of video in business communications, videoconferencing has become a very valuable tool for companies in many sectors (training, education, consulting, investor relations, resources human, research, health, etc.), since they improve collaboration, creativity and efficiency. Neotel video call and video conferencing in a single video call connects virtually any device with video functionality, whether personal computers , cell phones or tablets. Ideal for video conferencing on a daily basis. Video conferencing, which greatly reduces the risk of communication errors, has become one of the most appreciated collaboration solutions in companies from multiple sectors. With the growing popularity of video calls offered by social media, users are increasingly accustomed to communicating visually through the Internet and want to use business versions of these video conferencing tools at work. Most of today’s free video call solutions lack the security, performance and technical support functions necessary to be used in the professional field.

Video as a Neotel service

Neotel offers a complete range of integrated videoconferencing services, hosted and managed in the cloud, aimed at companies of all sizes.

A new generation of video conferencing services in the cloud

Video conferencing in the cloud

With Neotel, virtual meetings do not have to be an ordeal: it is the users themselves who choose when and how to connect. It has never been so easy to participate in audio conferences, videoconferences or web conferences from your computer, mobile phone or room systems. Neotel video call and video conferencing in the cloud: the space for digital meetings that offers you the flexibility to meet by audio , video or web, your way and whenever you want. A complete video conferencing solution in the cloud that offers video calls from computers, mobile devices and traditional video conferencing rooms.

Video conferencing inside or outside the office

Whatever the size of your company, you can meet face-to-face with whoever you want, wherever you are.

Video calls from your company, managed by experts

Any user can participate in the video conference, wherever he is and regardless of the technology and the provider he uses.

Maximum simplicity

Neotel video solutions will allow you to connect video conferencing rooms, computers and mobile devices. Connect employees, customers and partners with video conferences provided by Neotel.


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