How does the IP / VoIP Switch work?

There are many more advantages when using a virtual PBX compared to the traditional ones.

Each extension connects to the voip virtual PBX through us, so it does not matter where you are physically located, it will always work. And yes, the calls between your extensions are free, although each one is kilometers away.

Extensions do not have to be physically together, they do not need to be in the same office, or in the same city, or even in the same country.

centralita ip

There are many advantages of using a virtual IP PBX in front of a traditional switchboard. Fundamentally, it is a question of costs and agility. With the switchboard in the cloud you only pay a monthly fee that includes the lines (you do not need the lines of Telefonica, just the Internet) and outgoing calls are much cheaper (especially mobile and international).

In addition, the agility of our system allows you to add phone numbers, lines (extensions), voice channels, etc., totally online, in real time.

The virtual IP switchboard performs the same function as traditional switchboards (calls between extensions, transfer of calls, priority on incoming calls, etc.).


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