For many people who are interested in knowing the possible cost of setting up a call center, be it a call center in a company or from their own home, many times the question arises to know if the project is viable in economic terms or not.

Setting up your own call center as a business can be more or less expensive depending on the work tools you need to incorporate.

Since at Neotel we work to help small call center businesses that have a limited budget, so they can make use of the best tools for telephone service, hiring our call center software is the best option for companies with small budgets . Our call center software is, in addition to functional and professional, affordable to all pockets.

If you do not believe it, it’s as easy as calling and asking for our prices to set up a call center. You will see that you are going to take a pleasant surprise with Neotel.

If you need more information about our tools for call center or anything else we can attend, do not hesitate to send us your questions through the web form designed for it.


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