IP Telephony: VoIP to call for free

Call with VoIP

So, to provide a satisfactory experience with VoIP calls, we recommend that you do so through one of the low-cost rates of the operator Neotel.

What is VoIP? Calls through the Internet

llamadas por ip

Despite its still limited use, it is a communication method that has a series of features that make it truly valid for the vast majority of mobile phone users in our country.

The term VoIP comes from English, Voice Over Internet Protocol, which means voice over Internet protocol.

IP Phone

With a VoIP installation you can do much more than just phone calls.

IP telephony is one of the new advances in communications technology. Other designations for this expression are Internet telephony and VoIP (Voice over IP). In order to use this service an IP telephone is needed. This is a special telephone device that makes it easy to make phone calls over the Internet. This device is also alternatively called the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) telephone.


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