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Discover how Neotel can meet your daily communication needs. From receiving calls while out of the office, to increasing agent productivity, face-to-face meetings and much more.

Neotel makes the installation, administration and maintenance of your PBX so easy that you can manage it yourself.

How a PBX telephone system works

PBX is an abbreviation of Private Branch Exchange. A PBX system is a private telephone switch that is installed in a place of business to facilitate communication between people within the organization while allowing access to enough external telephone lines.



The popularity of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) have led to fully digital PBX systems that use digital technology and Internet Protocol (IP) to route telephone conversations to the appropriate telephone equipment. IP-PBX systems are less expensive than traditional PBX systems and are much easier to configure. An additional advantage of an IP-based PBX is that the system can support traditional telephone terminals or software-based phones. With a software-based phone, a user connects a headset to the computer and uses a virtual telephone to call and receive phone calls. Another advantage of an IP-based PBX is the ability to transmit international calls over the Internet, thus avoiding long distance costs. The IP-PBX technology has allowed companies to have call centers in areas with low labor costs.

What is a PBX with SIP?

A PBX with SIP is a PBX that can connect to the Internet and use the SIP protocol to make calls over the Internet.

PBX is the system installed in your company that connects the individual desktop extensions with external telephone lines and mobile networks.


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