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Neotel’s CRM is the perfect tool to get full control of your customer data. With it, both these and your business contacts will be well structured and registered by campaigns. It is an essential tool for an optimal management of your databases.

Distinguish between three states:

Pre-contacts: for your commercial objectives.

Contacts: for when a customer relationship has been established.

Accounts: for full control of your new and active customers.

Neotel CRM allows you to create as many campaigns as your activity requires, and to define for these campaigns the customer file with the customized fields you want. You can upload your database from a file or complete the files online with new contacts.

Search your databases and access all the information in one place. This CRM gives you full control of your Campaigns and is the best way to convert leads into Active Accounts and keep your existing ones organized.

And remember that it is fully integrable with Neotel’s Virtual PBX, with which you can identify the incoming call, create an online file, visualize if the user already exists, etc. .

With the Document Manager, you will be able to access the company’s stored documentation and related customer documents (budgets, contracts, etc.) from a single place, being accessible from any device with an internet connection. You will have your space in the cloud to meet the needs of your customers, facilitating the work of your employees.

Your documents, such as contracts or authorizations, will now auto-complete with the information of your customers easily and immediately, preparing your file to be sent by email or SMS on the spot.

The sending of e-mails or SMS is done from the user’s window, who, upon receipt, can sign it virtually and return it immediately. This document is registered and accessible at any time.

Strengthen and consolidate the relationship with your customers by programming the WorkFlow, another feature of our CRM that allows you to create events automatically, thus facilitating your company’s communications.

For example, you can create an alert to contact a customer 48 hours after sending a quote. Or, when switching from contact to account, the system can automatically send a welcome email.

Control and organize your data, making your company more competitive, with Neotel CRM.


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