Neotel has developed this service in order to eliminate the access barriers that exist when it comes to having the necessary infrastructure to offer Contact Center services.

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You just have to contact us through this form or by calling our customer service phone number. In either of the two channels, we will offer you support and 100% personalized advice, so you can get the most out of your company’s telecommunications.

At this point, we are convinced that you would like to check the benefits of our Virtual Call Center in the first person and without any cost or commitment on your part. Are we wrong? In this case, or if you wish to obtain more information about our IP PBX, we are at your disposal to guide you and help you improve your business communications.

What is a virtual call center?

call center virtual

You do not need to invest in hardware or software, or pay licenses or updates, it is fully scalable depending on the needs that your company has at any time and with the peace of mind that your data is stored securely and encrypted in our own servers.

With our Virtual Call Center you can carry out inbound and outbound calls campaigns (customer service, telemarketing, polling, finding, advertising, loyalty, etc.), control waiting queues, obtain real-time reports and advanced statistics, complete control over agents and calls, broadcast announcements, save recordings among many other features.

This solution is aimed at large companies that emit or receive a large volume of calls and need a tool more powerful and complete than a virtual PBX to provide an optimal and professional customer service.

A Contact Center or Call Center (inbound and outbound calls) is a complete call center with which to manage in a professional and advanced manner all the calls that your company receives.

Call Center Virtual

Turn your users into Call Center agents

The Virtual Call Center Service adds Call Center features to the extensions of our virtual switchboard. By means of the incorporation of this service, it will convert the positions of the users in authentic Call Center positions, allowing, in addition, to have the figure of supervisor that will be able to manage the performance of the group through the web interface of monitoring of agents and the module of reports , also available in this option.

The platform is deployed on the Neotel network in Managed Data Centers of the highest level and has all the guarantees of high availability, reliability, security, stability, scalability and support.

It is a solution focused on boosting the productivity and efficiency of the service centers, with a flexible and adaptable implementation to your business.


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