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Companies that have a Call Center provide a large number of information about customers. The agents have to reduce the time of the management of their calls, as this makes it possible to obtain new customers and increase sales.

Undoubtedly CRM is mandatory in any company, but in a Call Center even more.

The Call Centers have to innovate including new technologies in their business operations so it is essential that CRM software is integrated in them to help manage all this information. In addition, thanks to knowing the data of a client we an achieve loyalty and feel satisfied.

call center crm

Why is it important to have a Call Center?

Call Centers do not have to have many people, depending on the company they can be formed by more or less people, but this does not mean that they do not have platforms to manage their clients. It is just as important to have a CRM in a large company that small.

CRM allows agents to quickly access customer information and assist them according to their needs.

Thanks to the CRM we can centralize the information of all the contacts so that in a company with a call center, where there can be numerous departments, the cases or tasks can be solved in an agile and fast way.

Integrating a CRM into a Call Center provides the company or organization with much-needed information about their contacts.

CRM Call Centers

Call Center management requires specific management solutions beyond the standard customer service functions.

For Call Centers of medium or large size, the reduction of call management time, incident resolution ratios or training costs are critical business aspects that require functions developed specifically for their activity.

CRM solution for companies

Our CRM is not just for large corporations. All companies, however small, need to manage their contacts in a professional manner. In Neotel we help you to manage the relationship with your customers, making available the software you need and helping you in the management of your contacts, by outsourcing a personal assistant that will allow you to manage your agenda, arrange visits, issue invoices, etc … So you can focus on the really important aspects of your business.

The Neotel CRM software

More than a CRM software

Do not buy a CRM software. Use it

At Neotel we are experts in contact management and we have the necessary technology to optimize customer management and the relationship with them, fully integrated into our platform.

Our CRM services

Your company needs more than a CRM, you need to manage your contacts optimally to take advantage of all sales opportunities and customer loyalty. Neotel has the solution your business needs.

Reduce the waiting time of your customers

Release your resources beforehand by improving the response time of each call and the feeling of waiting for your client to perceive will be less.

CRM customer service platform to manage call centers

Serve your client with the speed and professionalism you expect and improve your confidence in your products and services.


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