What call center programs do you use to make calls?

A fully integrated call center software strengthens the relationship with customers, increasing revenues and improving the efficiency of operations.

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The software for call center of Neotel is different from the others.

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Offering exceptional customer service is the main objective of call centers, and the software for call centers is the structure that supports everything.

Neotel’s call center software helps hundreds of teams around the world optimize communication and customer satisfaction, which means more brand loyalty. See how Neotel can help you by taking a free trial.

Your agents will save valuable time and increase productivity with call center software. At the same time, they will achieve the necessary autonomy to offer more proactive attention to the client. In the end, that means happier customers and high growth for your business. By having the complete customer history on hand and having automatic ticket creation and call recording, agents can put all their attention on conversations instead of dealing with workflow.

When customers want to discuss a problem with a company, they prefer to telephone. That is why it is very important to provide more personal and productive telephone support, so that customers can feel the investment that your company has made in offering quality care. Neotel is a cloud-based VoIP software solution designed to maximize the customer service efforts of your team so they can offer incredible telephone support to their customers.

Our software does virtually everything. Calls are received and routed using VoIP through the computer network. You can even play custom wait messages and record calls digitally through the network

With Neotel’s wide range of professional telephony software, you can install a professional call center very easily using your existing computer network.

It has never been so easy to have a professional call center software in your company or contact center. The Cloud Contact Center of Neotel offers all the power of an advanced telemarketing system, with the freedom and simplicity of the cloud.

With the software for call centers in the cloud you adjust your investment to your needs. You have the freedom to add or remove agents at all times and you pay only for what you use. In addition, you do not need to buy, amortize, repair hardware equipment or software licenses, and you have your contact center working in a matter of minutes.

Unlike the old and expensive traditional telemarketing systems, cloud systems offer new possibilities in terms of flexibility, scalability, speed and savings.

Manage your contact center from the simplicity and scalability of the cloud. Increase or decrease capabilities with total freedom. Forget about investing in licenses or equipment, and save by paying only what you use.

Turn your software for call centers into a variable of competitiveness and excellence in the management of your company.

Analyze all calls from a powerful statistics module. With your professional call center software, you will obtain data that helps you make decisions and size resources to improve your services.

Launches massive campaigns of calls and messages towards safe impacts. The self-service module of our call center software multiplies the effectiveness of your campaigns by reaching your target audience in one click.

Effectively manage thousands of calls with specialized modules for your team. Neotel’s call center software multiplies productivity and efficiency, and facilitates efficiency and collaboration between agents and supervisors.

Neotel offers telephone support tools that include specialized technologies and modules for incoming call automation, outbound campaign launch, agent management, and reporting for supervisors. A software for call centers that combines the power of a complete contact center platform with the versatility of the cloud. The best choice for contact centers seeking results without sacrificing efficiency.


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