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Virtual PBX

Enjoy the most complete PBX
and at the best price in the market.

Professionalize the telephone service of your business and give your communications an added value service.

  • Virtual Receptionist.
  • Call reports.
  • Queue monitoring.
  • Call transfer.
  • Personalized music.
  • WebPhone and Videoconference.

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why choose our PBX?

Virtual PBX for companies

Unify your company’s communications with the most complete Virtual PBX on the market at the best price. Discover a 24×7 customer service, with a multitude of features available and auto-configurable in real time from a private customer panel. Trust the leading Virtual PBX provider in the market!

Professional voiceovers and music on hold

Get a PROFESSIONAL voice-over for your PBX, recorded by a professional voice-over artist in a studio without noise, with a multitude of options to get your desired voice-over, from being able to choose voices, languages, music on hold, accents, etc., or, if you prefer, create your own voice-over or upload your own audio files.

Videoconferencing and conference room

Communicate with your team members or clients from anywhere. Set up online meetings and group conference calls.

Call forwarding and call forwarding

Allows you to forward all calls to your phone to a different number, previously programmed, within the national territory or to international numbers.

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    Queuing strategy

    Functionality that allows a number of extensions to receive calls according to a defined strategy (ringing at the same time, in turns, sequentially, etc.). Incoming calls are “queued” by listening to on-hold music and a customizable frequent voice-over.

    Call reports

    Get a call history. You will be able to know the number of calls attended by each extension even if it is part of a call queue or those calls that have not been attended.

    Queue monitoring

    Real-time activity of call queues, call details, service level agreements, abandonment rates, call distributions, call monitoring for full control over agents and much more.

    Virtual Receptionist 24h

    You will be able to answer and redirect incoming calls automatically according to department, language or schedule.

    Filters and time slots

    Establish a filter by time, department, language, customer number, province, to serve them in the most convenient way for you.

    Dialing options

    Transfer your calls between the different departments of your company.

    Virtual PBX for companies

    The virtual PBX with the most features in the market. Do you want to see how it works? Ask us and we will show it to you. WITHOUT OBLIGATION. You will love it.

    Discover a multitude of features with the Virtual PBX and unify your voice communications with Neotel IP Telephony. You will have at your disposal a self-configurable private customer panel.

    How the virtual PBX works

    Easily manage your company’s call resources

    Improved telephone service
    It allows companies to make a qualitative leap in the improvement of telephone customer service, a key aspect for business success. It projects a more professional image to your customers.
    Connect your offices
    Unify your company’s communications with different physical locations, which will facilitate voice communications between your employees. Answer calls from your “cell phone”, “Webphone”, or “computer” anywhere in the world.

    dashboard Neotel panel

    Cost savings

    You will have all the advanced functionalities of a conventional PBX. Being hosted in our servers, you will save in installations, maintenance, specialized technical personnel and without suffering initial investment costs.

    We solve all your doubts about the Virtual PBX service.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Virtual PBX?

    Many users do not know what a Virtual PBX is, although it is very likely that they have been users of one without knowing it. If you have ever called your telephone company’s customer service department, for example, you may have noticed that the call is not answered directly, but that there is music on hold and a voice prompting you to dial option 1 if you want to talk to customer service or be redirected to the technical support team. Does this sound familiar to you? Well, this is a clear example of what a Virtual PBX is.

    The Virtual PBX or IP PBX, is a telephone answering service, hosted in the cloud, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from where you can make and receive calls from anywhere in the world regardless of the geographical location of the operators.

    What is a Virtual PBX for?

    The Virtual PBX allows companies to professionalize the telephone service and unify their business communications with a very advanced IP Telephony service at a low cost and easily customizable.

    With the Virtual PBX you can control and manage all incoming and outgoing calls in your company: create extensions for each workstation, with advanced caller IDs depending on where the call is issued, configure waiting queues to not miss any call if the team is with another client talking on the phone, welcome messages, dialing options, call forwarding and transfers, etc.

    How does Neotel’s Virtual PBX work?

    At first it can be complicated, you may have doubts or not know how to start, but it is so easy that you will be surprised once you try it.

    To begin with, you have to hire the Virtual PBX to enjoy this telephony service hosted in the cloud, that is, the technology.

    Secondly, be clear about the “strategy you want to follow” in the reception and emission of calls and the support technicians will take care of all the configuration.

    In this case, you can always count on our team of consultants who will recommend the best option.

    If you wish, you can use an IP phone to use your virtual PBX. But if you prefer not to invest any money, you can still use Neotel’s virtual PBX (unlike other brands) thanks to our free WebRTC line for all our customers. With our webrtc line, also called ‘Softphone’ or ‘Webphone’, just with your browser you can make and answer calls, from a Web page and in the same way as if you had an IP phone. If you also prefer to buy a physical phone, Neotel offers you in our online store the widest range of Yealink IP terminals and Grandstream gateways at the best price, you will not find them cheaper!

    Let’s see it with an example:

    A call comes in from a customer in New Zealand to the company’s main phone (located in Spain). In this case, you have a colleague working from home or from the office in Auckland and you want to transfer the call. You dial the extension number and redirect the call directly to your colleague to take the call.

    What are the benefits of Virtual PBX for my company?

    There is an endless list, but we will highlight the most important ones:

    Saving time and money in all call management.
    Work from home or from anywhere in the world, without having to be in an office, avoiding unnecessary travel.
    International calls are much cheaper than if you make them in the traditional way and having the possibility of buying virtual numbers from any country, your customers can call you to that local number without extra cost on the call.
    You forget about having to buy a physical or traditional PBX with the high costs that it will cause in the future.
    You do not need to have a technical team every time you want to make a change in the configuration of your PBX because you have a very functional and easy to use customer panel.
    Improve your customer service, projecting a much more professional image to your customers at a very low cost.
    How much does Neotel Virtual PBX cost?


    The Virtual PBX has a cost of 24€/month and includes 2 extensions (with the possibility of increasing this up to 10 extensions, or if you need more than 10, we configure a customized solution), an assigned or cover number included, flat rate to landlines included, bonus of 250 minutes to mobiles included, Telemarketing Surveys module, Monitoring, Spy and Whisper module, Inbound and Outbound Call Statistics module, Fixed or Dynamic Signaling module, IVR configuration and self-management by Neotel, WebRTC for Internet calls, audio calls and video calls, etc. All this at no additional cost! We also offer call recording, click to call me back, virtual fax, module for massive SMS campaigns, additional DDI, etc.

    How can I start testing the Virtual PBX?

    It is very easy. You can start trying Neotel’s Virtual PBX whenever you want since there is no permanence in any of our services.

    Do I have to buy IP equipment to use the Virtual PBX?

    It is not necessary. You can use our custom-developed softphone (no third-party applications that don’t work and you depend on a programmer that you can never contact) to make or send calls from your Virtual PBX or SIP Line.

    Can I configure Neotel’s Virtual PBX “by myself” or do I need technical personnel?

    Of course. It is a very easy and simple service to configure by a user who knows a little about the latest technologies.

    In the same way Neotel assures you the configuration and implementation of the service at NO ADDITIONAL COST for you when you contract Neotel’s virtual PBX.

    Resources you may find interesting:

    * Discover all our video tutorials.

    Unify your company’s communications

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    Virtual PBX for companies

    A virtual PBX with multiple channels…

    The best tool for internal and external communication by voice, chat and video. Your customers will be able to contact your company through any kind of phone numbers or other channels connected to your virtual PBX.

    …with all the functionalities…

    In addition to the functionalities of the most modern virtual PBX, we offer integration with your CRM, secure card payment or IA solutions. With total security because the communications are encrypted.

    …and on any device and in any place.

    interfaz llamadas

    Enjoy the extensions of the virtual PBX through any device (computer, mobile or tablet), from anywhere in the world where you have Internet connection and with HD quality.

    Contract a virtual PBX with…EVERYTHING!

    Do you want a consultant to advise you?

    Choose the channels you need to communicate with your customers

    Local phone numbers

    Port your company’s number or hire a new one. Be present throughout Spain by adding numbers from different provinces to your virtual switchboard.

    International Numbers

    Internationalize your business with international virtual numbers and have presence abroad by adding local numbers from those countries.

    Intelligent Network Numbers

    Get your customers to call your company for free with a 900 number. You can port your 900 number or get a new one.

    Click to Speak Buttons

    Add call buttons on your web or App for users to call for free from anywhere in the world and with HD quality.


    Hold meetings with videoconferencing software. Connect without installing anything, from anywhere and from any device.

    Let us advise you!

    Arrange a call

    Create value to your communications and add functionalities to your virtual PBX.


    Integrate your virtual PBX with your CRM to centralize your company and customer information and gain efficiency.

    Card payment

    Manage your payments through your virtual PBX thanks to the secure card payment system.

    Add Contact Center agents

    Complete your customer service system with our Call Center software and manage customer service efficiently.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Implement Artificial Intelligence solutions to generate value in the management of your communications and optimize resources.

    Discover the internal communication tools of your virtual switchboard

    Internal calls

    Talk to any member of your company, wherever they are in the country. You will have free internal calls through the virtual PBX, with HD quality and total confidentiality.

    Corporate chat

    Deepen your company’s internal communication with a corporate chat. Users will be able to write to each other, create groups, mailing lists… And all encrypted.


    Make immediate videoconferences with any member of your company. Start videoconferences without installing anything, from any place and device and with HD quality.

    …and, PLUS, the best functionalities to customize the virtual PBX.


    Configure the informative messages that the person calling the PBX will hear. Add welcome, out-of-hours, busy, etc.

    Guide the caller to which company he/she is calling, if he/she is calling out of hours or simply to guide him/her through the different options we offer in our company. A complete configuration will always have at least four locutions:


    An initial locution informing the caller about the company he/she is calling. Depending on the configuration we want, it is possible that this locution needs to continue, guiding between the different alternatives of a menu of options.


    Secondly, it is always interesting to include a locution that informs that our lines are busy, leaving the caller the possibility to leave a message or try again after a few minutes.

    After hours

    For those calls that occur outside our business hours, it is advisable to include the hours in which we can be reached as well as the possibility of leaving a message in our mailbox so that we can contact the customer later.


    Finally, for vacation periods or public holidays, we recommend a specific voice message informing the caller when he/she will be able to call back.

    Customers will be able to include their own fully customized voiceovers, recorded in a natural voice, and Neotel will take care of uploading them to the virtual PBX configuration.

    Call transfers

    Transfer calls between extensions for free. Make a direct transfer or ask your colleague beforehand if he/she can answer it.

    When any of our extensions receives a call, the virtual PBX allows you to transfer the call to another extension without having to hang up the call. In addition, the transferring line will be free again to continue receiving calls. Neotel’s virtual switchboard offers two types of transfer:

    Attended transfer:

    When the call is received, the person who answers the call will be able to communicate in parallel with another extension to find out if the latter can answer the call, while the caller is kept on hold with music. The idea is that the transferring extension consults with the other extension beforehand to see if it wants to accept the transfer, if it is interested or any other eventuality. Depending on what the caller answers, the call will finally be transferred to the new extension or the first extension will retrieve the call with the customer.

    Unattended transfer:

    This type of transfer directs the call directly to another extension, without mediating any type of consultation.

    Options menu

    Divide the calls you receive in your virtual PBX between the different offices or departments, being more convenient and efficient for the company and the customer.

    This is one of the most useful tools of the virtual PBX.

    The caller will only have to press the key corresponding to the option that best fits the reason for the call. Thanks to the menu of options, in most cases we will be sure that the person who answers the call is the most appropriate one.

    There are many segmentation possibilities for these calls. We can do it by department, subject or even language.

    Besides how useful the menu of options can be, it helps to build a great company image.

    Waiting queues

    Establishing a waiting queue has many advantages for the company. You will be able to keep the customer listening to a tune while waiting to be served.

    Setting up a waiting queue in the virtual PBX is very useful for those companies where several calls are received simultaneously and the caller takes a few seconds too long to be answered. To prevent them from hanging up, their call is transferred to a waiting queue with music in which they will wait until one of our extensions ends the call they were answering and is released.

    We must consider that callers will not remain in the queue forever; however, it is true that it will help us to gain some time to answer the call, in addition to creating an exclusive image of our business.


    You will have an administrator panel where you will find detailed reports of the statistics of all calls.

    All customers will have access with their password and user to the Neotel platform, where they can enjoy various reports on call statistics of the virtual PBX.

    It is not just a simple list of incoming calls; our platform allows you to apply a large number of filters that will allow you to create different reports depending on the information you want to obtain. You will be able to obtain reports that include periods of hours, days or months, depending on the duration of the calls, from which origins they were made.

    The possibilities are so many that you will quickly see that the statistics tool provides a lot of information about how you manage your calls in the VoIP virtual PBX, helping you to improve.

    Virtual numbers

    Given the versatility of virtual numbers, statistics are very useful to launch advertising campaigns or to know the success of our expansion to other places where we have put a new contact number.

    Call recording

    Record calls from your virtual PBX. You will be able to access them and analyze the attention given or the content of certain conversations.

    Call recording will allow you to access a great amount of information about the conversations held through the virtual PBX, otherwise, they would be lost.

    For more information please contact us, we will be happy to help you.

    Voice mailboxes

    The virtual PBX allows you to set up a voicemail so that the caller can leave a message in those cases in which he/she could not be answered.

    For all those cases in which we have not been able to answer the call, either because we were not there, because we were busy or because you have called outside business hours or on holidays, it seems a good idea to include voicemail.

    With voicemail, the caller is given the opportunity to leave a voice message with their query.

    It is a residual functionality of the virtual PBX that helps you not to miss any of the calls you receive.


    With Neotel’s WebRTC virtual PBX there will be no security problems in your company’s communications.

    Downloading and installing any software from the Internet, in addition to being uncomfortable and annoying, is risky for our computer due to security breaches inherent to the continuous updating of the software.

    Therefore, unlike what happens with traditional IP voice telephony, this problem does not exist with WebRTC. As there is no need to install any software to start up the virtual PBX and communicate directly from the browser, it will always be up to date.

    WebRTC on the computer always works from a browser so all the security that is needed is already contained within the browser and the WebRTC platform.


    Configure the schedules according to the company’s activity, holidays, extensions, etc. Calls will be handled differently depending on when they are called.

    This is a very popular feature in virtual PBXs for companies. With Neotel’s PBX you have the possibility of creating different configurations depending on schedules and days, which is very interesting for most days.

    Caller identification

    In cases where an extension serves several departments or receives calls from several locations, it is interesting to identify the origin of the calls.

    Virtual PBXs that push your business into the future

    On any device

    Use your extension from your computer (with the browser), from your mobile or even from a tablet. To use the virtual PBX from any of these devices you only need an Internet connection.

    Anywhere you are

    The ubiquity of extensions means that users can connect from anywhere in the world as long as they have an Internet connection. A virtual PBX in the cloud, with totally ubiquitous extensions.

    No investment, no installation

    WebRTC technology does not require IP phones, new equipment or installations, so you can use the virtual PBX in the office, at home or from anywhere with any device you already have.

    The virtual PBX at the best price!

    Request a consultancy from a Neotel advisor

    Why hire Neotel’s virtual switchboard?

    Because you can configure your PBX as you want

    Let us help you and we will get the perfect PBX for your company. We will give you advice, we will accompany you and, if you want, we will be the ones to carry out all the modifications. We offer you a virtual PBX for companies with configurations adapted to each type of business.

    Because you don’t need to buy ANYTHING

    With Neotel’s virtual PBX you won’t need to invest or buy IP phones. Your virtual PBX in the cloud will work from the device you want, wherever you want. You won’t even need to download a softphone.

    Because we offer you the latest technology

    Neotel is not only synonymous with the latest VoIP telephony (WebRTC) but also offers you all the features that will make a real difference in your company’s communications. Your company’s telephony will be virtual and will work from anywhere with the best voice quality in the market.

    Because we are dedicated to you exclusively

    Neotel specializes in virtual switchboards, who else can say that? Our technicians will know how to help and advise you so that you can enjoy a personalized virtual PBX service with absolute peace of mind.

    How to activate Neotel’s virtual switchboard?

    It all starts with a fixed number

    Your main number will be connected to the virtual PBX. You can keep your usual landline number or we give you a new one.

    We port your landline number:

    We port your number, the one everyone knows and you have advertised in a thousand places and we will make it virtual. Don’t worry, there is nothing strange. Your number will be in the cloud, with all the advantages of cloud technology.

    Although you may need a new number:

    If you don’t have a number to port, we’ll give you a new number. Choose for your virtual PBX a new number with the prefix of your Spanish province.

    Do you need international numbers?

    If you need a PBX with a number from another country, Neotel can also provide you with international numbers with all the technology of our cloud PBX.

    Then, customize your virtual PBX

    The virtual PBX offers all the features: voice announcements, options menu, waiting queues with music, call recording, call transfer, voicemail… Discover all the features!

    Include all the features you need:

    Every business is different, so every virtual PBX is different too. Your virtual PBX will have enormous possibilities. Customize it to your needs with locutions, menus, waiting queues, mailboxes, statistics, CRM integrations, card payments…

    We advise you:

    Possibly you have an idea of how you want your PBX to work. But, in any case, let us help you and we will advise you on which are the features you most need to outline the perfect virtual PBX for your business.

    Access your PBX WebRTC extensions

    Make and receive calls from your virtual PBX from any device (computer, mobile and tablet) and from anywhere in the world.

    Receive on your computer:

    Any computer will be an extension of your virtual PBX. No installations and no IP phones. Receive calls from your PBX using the browser.

    Receive on your cell phones:

    If you are looking for mobility, your virtual PBX extensions follow you anywhere in the world. Receive calls on any mobile completely free and unlimited.

    Receive calls on any other device:

    The versatility of Neotel’s virtual PBX allows any other device with Internet connection to be used as an extension of your PBX.

    Start receiving and sending calls

    Your ubiquitous extensions will allow you to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world. Any extension can make and receive calls from your computer, cell phone and tablet, always displaying the main number of your PBX.

    You will also be able to contact your colleagues by making free internal calls, chatting and even videoconferencing.

    A virtual switchboard at the best price, easy to use, without installation and without permanence.

    The virtual switchboard for your company

    Frequently asked questions

    We solve all your doubts about the virtual switchboard

    Do you want to know what a virtual switchboard is?

    Do you want to know what a virtual switchboard is?

    A virtual switchboard is a telephone system hosted in the cloud that manages the internal and external calls of a company in an efficient way, with the help of customized functionalities.

    What are the advantages of a virtual PBX?

    Having a virtual PBX will allow you to manage your calls intelligently and will give your company a much more professional image. In addition, being virtual, you will save on installation and equipment costs, which will no longer be necessary. You will only need an Internet connection to start enjoying it, directly from the browser, without the need for a softphone.

    What will the extensions of the virtual PBX be like?

    The extensions will be completely flexible and ubiquitous. You will be able to access your WebRTC PBX extensions from any device with an Internet connection and located anywhere in the world.

    Can I adapt the virtual PBX to my future needs?

    As it is a system hosted in the cloud, increasing the number of seats or changing the features of the functionalities can be completely adapted to the needs of each company at any given time.

    Can I modify the configuration of the virtual PBX?

    The configuration of the virtual PBX for companies is completely flexible and adaptable. You will be able to modify it whenever you want through the configuration panel to which you will have access with a username and password that we will provide you. If at any time you need any kind of modification, either in relation to call distribution, schedule management or any other functionality, you can also contact our managers and they will make the modifications themselves.

    What is the difference between a virtual number and a virtual PBX?

    While the virtual number is intended for the use of a single user, the virtual PBX can have as many extensions as required. In addition, the virtual PBX has all the PBX functionalities, while the virtual number only has the basic functionalities.

    What is the difference between our virtual PBX service and call center software?

    Our service for call centers includes many more features, as it combines the power of WebRTC technology of our PBXs with advanced services such as the ACD Cloud (Automatic Call Distributor), which is responsible for distributing calls to the agent best prepared to answer the call depending on previously assigned skills criteria. The ACD works in real time and assigns calls efficiently. In addition, the system includes a complete real-time agent supervision and monitoring system as well as reports that allow the performance of each agent to be measured. For this reason, call center software is most often used in customer service and call volume management companies that require more sophisticated services.

    Is a virtual PBX better than a traditional one?

    A virtual PBX, in addition to being cheaper, does not require any installation or extra equipment. Traditional PBXs require wiring and physical devices, hindering the mobility and flexibility of your communication system. On the other hand, with a virtual PBX, you can modify the features of the PBX in a flexible way and you can even use it from anywhere, offering you complete mobility and adaptability.

    A traditional PBX at the pace at which new technologies evolve, will become obsolete in a short time because it is a little system and can also fall short in channels if your business grows. With the virtual PBX you can be sure to always have the latest features and well dimensioned in channels according to the evolution of your business.

    What is the difference between an IP PBX and a WebRTC PBX?

    WebRTC is an open source protocol developed by Google that allows users to communicate over the Internet from the browser without the need for softphones or any additional downloads. This offers complete flexibility since you can access the PBX just by logging into the browser. On the other hand, with VoIP PBX, although you can also transfer voice over the Internet, you cannot use the PBX if you do not have a softphone or VoIP phones.

    Which browsers are compatible with WebRTC?

    All major browsers are not compatible with our WebRTC software (Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox,…).

    How can I receive calls from my virtual PBX?

    Once you have logged in with your username and password to the PBX panel, you will be able to receive calls from any device connected to the Internet, either from the browser of your computer or tablet.

    Can I make calls from the company’s virtual PBX?

    With the virtual PBX you can make calls from any extension showing the company’s landline or landlines, from any device with Internet connection: computer (browser), mobile or even tablet. And, therefore, from anywhere in the world. The call will be issued as any normal call, to any number of the fixed or mobile network in any country.

    Can I transfer calls between my extensions?

    It’s very simple. When you receive a call, you can transfer it to any other extension in two ways: either by consulting your colleague beforehand or by transferring the call directly to the other extension. In addition, the transferring line will be free again to continue receiving calls.

    Can I record calls from the virtual PBX?

    Yes, you can record calls in real time. These features are really useful, because thanks to them you will be able to resume the conversation at any time. Your conversations will be recorded so that you can review the conversation later.

    What are the features of Neotel’s virtual PBX?

    Neotel offers all the features of virtual switchboard to enjoy the most complete service possible. Among them, we can highlight:

    – Voiceovers: welcome, busy, out of hours…

    – Menu of options “If you wish to speak with the Marketing Department press 1, with Administration press 2 for other questions, please wait”. “If you wish to speak with our Malaga office press 1, with Madrid press 2…”

    – Waiting queues with music. Ex: Music + “At this moment all our operators are busy, one moment please, we will attend you shortly”.

    – Call recording. Very useful to control orders or the quality of customer service.

    – Call transfers, so that you can transfer calls between your extensions or make inquiries leaving the caller with music on hold.

    – Internal calls. Between the different extensions you will be able to call each other internally to talk to any colleague of your company.

    – Call statistics, through which you will be able to analyze your telephone performance by means of a multitude of reports: answered, unanswered, saturated, missed calls…

    – Caller identification: allows you to know in which department or on which number the call originated.

    – Voicemail for those cases in which you cannot answer the call.

    – Schedules to be able to establish different configurations outside and inside business hours or distinguishing different operations for vacations, vacations or other peculiarities.

    Can I have statistics of all the PBX calls?

    Yes, you will have access to all the statistics of the virtual PBX. Among the data obtained, you will be able to see the complete life of the calls, how many have been answered, how many have been left unattended, which agents receive each call, what is the waiting time for each call until it is answered, which menu option is the most selected, etc. The possibilities are endless.

    What kind of companies can have a virtual PBX?

    Virtual PBXs are designed for the use and enjoyment of companies, freelancers and their customers. Any company that wants to integrate a system that allows to manage calls between it and its customers needs a virtual PBX. And not only that, the virtual PBX allows companies to show a much more professional image thanks to its features: voiceovers, menu options, schedules, music on hold… From small and medium-sized companies to the largest organizations (…)

    Can I use the virtual PBX from home? Will my employees be able to telework?

    Of course you can, you can have your company’s virtual PBX at home and even introduce the new teleworking model for your employees. You will be able to make and receive calls, make call transfers, contact other PBX extensions…, simply from your own computer or cell phone connected to the Internet. You will be able to enjoy functionalities that will reinforce internal communication, since when you connect, you will be able to see your colleagues who are also connected, contact them by internal chat, voice call and even by video call.

    In addition, the virtual PBX allows you to control the employees’ timetable.

    Can I use the virtual PBX for customer service?

    Yes, the virtual switchboard is perfect for customer service. The efficient management of calls, the assignment of agents according to the customer’s needs and the ubiquitous accessibility to it, allow you to offer an efficient and optimized customer service. In addition, thanks to the functionalities it offers, such as options menu, voiceovers, etc., you will be able to show a much more professional image of the company to your customers.

    You can have real-time information of all incoming and outgoing calls (answered calls, unanswered or missed calls, know who has answered each call, etc.).

    Can I use the virtual PBX for small businesses?

    Yes, in fact it is a great opportunity for small businesses. Our virtual PBX does not involve any cost in new equipment, software or hardware installation. Small business employees will be able to make and receive calls from their own cell phones or computers. A virtual PBX is ideal for small businesses because of the flexibility it provides. In addition, the PBX functionalities (voiceovers, menu options, schedules…) will give a professional company image, whatever the size of the company.

    Is a virtual PBX cheaper than a traditional PBX?

    Yes, a traditional PBX involves higher equipment purchase, installation and maintenance costs than a virtual PBX. A virtual PBX, accessible from anywhere, does not require specific equipment for its operation. With any device connected to the Internet you can make and receive calls from the virtual PBX.

    What is virtual telephony?

    Virtual telephony is telephony that makes and receives calls using the Internet network. Therefore, leave behind the traditional telephony and all the investments in equipment and associated lines, since virtual telephony allows its use from any device connected to the Internet. But don’t worry, with our virtual PBXs you will be able to receive calls from any origin, fixed or mobile line of any operator, just as you will also be able to call any traditional telephone number.

    What is a PBX phone system?

    A virtual PBX or virtual switchboard is a telephone network system that hosts its servers in the cloud. It is responsible for managing internal and external calls of a company quickly and efficiently, as well as its configuration.

    Virtual PBX

    Virtual PBX in the cloud is a pre-designed solution for office telephony system configuration.
    You do not need to buy expensive equipment and set up telephone lines. The network is already created and located on the operator’s servers and you connect to it via the Internet.

    Virtual PBX in the cloud for your tasks

    Virtual PBX expands the horizons of your business – offices and employees can be located anywhere in the world.

    IP telephony capabilities meet the needs of modern businesses. And the most important thing: there is no binding to a specific geographical point, you can create an office or workplace anywhere in the world. Neotel’s virtual PBX will connect all employees on a single network creating an effective communication tool with customers and partners.

    A virtual PBX is a no-brainer

    What is a virtual PBX and Pricing

    Definition of virtual PBX:

    A virtual PBX, also called vPBX, is an advanced IP telephony system that provides telephone lines and numbers to companies and allows them to have telephone positions, even teleworking, through extensions and professionally manage all calls.


    With the virtual PBX, companies get an advanced telephony system from which they can control everything from adding phone lines and numbers to creating extensions for workers, setting up schedules and queues, playing music on hold, welcome messages, menu options and much more.

    Each worker has an internal PBX extension that allows them to make and receive calls and short dial between colleagues. And each extension has to be connected to the Internet to have a line through the virtual PBX, which is hosted in the cloud. Thus, calls are made over the Internet connection and can be used while teleworking.

    There are exceptions to the Internet connection because there are also mobile PBXs where the cell phones themselves are the extensions and receive calls from the PBX.

    What can I do with a virtual PBX

    The virtual PBX provides the telephone lines and numbers, allows to automate and customize the telephone management and even work remotely and adds a multitude of features that are a great advantage in optimizing time and to achieve customer satisfaction.

    Each IP telephony operator offers PBXs with different features and these are the main actions that can be done with the vast majority of PBXs:

    • Multiple lines and numbers available
    • Include welcome messages
    • Include IVR options menu
    • All speaking at the same time
    • Create internal call routing
    • Create call waiting groups
    • Establish schedules
    • Establish holidays
    • Music on hold
    • Transfer calls
    • Unify offices in one telephony system
    • Create intelligent turnouts
    • Use software and cell phones to handle calls
    • Using the line in mobility
    • Create stamping strategies
    • Recording calls
    • Call analytics
    • Receive answering machine messages by email
    • Much more

    Multiple lines and numbers available+ info

    Virtual PBXs are complete telephony services for companies and provide as many lines and telephone numbers as companies need without having to contract with third party operators for any additional service.

    In companies it is essential that the lines are not saturated so that they can continue to call customers, keep them happy and achieve more sales. And employees must be able to call even if other colleagues are already on the phone.

    Virtual PBX phone numbers are sometimes referred to as virtual numbers because they are not associated with a physical PBX and are in the cloud. In any case, they are normal telephone numbers and can be ported from one operator to another.

    Play welcome locutions+ info

    With the PBX you improve the image of each call through the automatic playback of welcome locutions. In addition, you can automate the playback of the locution depending on contexts, such as working hours, holidays or the number that has been called.

    Create telephone positions using extensions+ info

    Each employee of the company has his own extension, which is a short number, and will allow him to receive and send calls. In addition, it is possible to call between extensions with short dialing and, depending on the telephone used, to know if the extension is already on the phone or not.

    Virtual PBXs allow you to expand the number of extensions very easily. In companies that are growing it is necessary to give line to new workers at the moment without complications.

    Use numbers from other countries+ info

    With most virtual PBXs it is possible to contract telephone numbers from other countries. It is a very common practice when operating outside Spain to generate confidence and facilitate telephone contacts.

    By having a New Zealand number, for example, New Zealanders can call you on that number without any extra cost either for them, because they are calling a New Zealand number, or for your company, which is receiving a call and that does not entail any cost.

    Automate schedules+ info

    The virtual switchboard allows you to create schedules so that the telephone system adapts to the company’s working day. When someone calls during working hours, it is usual to show the welcome message and the calls are sent to the workers. On the contrary, if they call outside working hours, a different voice message is displayed explaining the schedule and other methods of contact.

    Options menu – auto attendant (IVR)+ info

    The menu of options, auto attendant or IVR saves the company time because it replaces the work of a person who answers all calls and forwards them to the appropriate department or person automatically.

    When a caller calls the company, he/she hears a voice-over with different options to choose who he/she wants to talk to. The call will be routed to one department/extension or another depending on the option they have chosen.

    It is a way of routing calls to the right person, saving time, resources and making customers talk to the right person from the beginning instead of being passed from worker to worker.

    Transfer calls+ info

    It consists of passing a call in progress to another colleague to continue with it. It is very useful to improve customer satisfaction and avoid the customer having to hang up and redial another number.

    All PBXs include call transfer between extensions and some more advanced PBXs also allow to transfer calls to mobile and fixed numbers that do not belong to the PBX.

    Send calls to a group of employees+ info

    Hold queues allow you to send calls to entire departments and distribute them among workers in different ways: ringing on all available phones or setting priorities.

    Queues reduce caller waiting times and can also be personalized with customizable music and messages.

    Unite offices and teleworkers+ info

    A virtual PBX can be shared between different offices or sites because it is in the cloud. The different offices are connected to the same PBX via the Internet and can share operations or have completely different behaviors. It is very common to use multi-site PBXs to simplify the telephone system, improve performance and price.

    At the same time, teleworkers can use PBX lines with only an Internet connection and answer calls. They can even use mobile lines as extensions if they are in areas with poor data coverage.

    Advanced call management+ info

    Virtual PBXs offer thousands of possible configurations for receiving calls, adapting to the operation of all types of companies.

    You can send calls first to a group of agents and in case of no answer send the call to a cell phone or a secretary; send the call to one office or another based on the prefix of the called number or based on the number of the called company, etc.

    How a virtual PBX works

    Starting points:

    The PBX includes the phone lines and numbers.
    You do not have the PBX inside your company: it is on the Internet.
    No need to buy a physical PBX or worry about its maintenance.
    Your IP telephony operator is in charge of maintenance
    The virtual PBX is configured with the computer through the Internet.
    The phones are connected to the virtual PBX through the Internet to have a line.

    The virtual PBX contains all the company’s numbering and information about how each call should be handled.

    Unlike traditional PBXs that were in the same company, virtual PBXs are hosted in the cloud, on the Internet. In this way, there is no need to buy the physical device, nor is there any need to worry about its maintenance or failure. The telephone operator ensures that the PBX is always working and up to date.

    As the PBX is hosted in the cloud, it provides a line to the company’s extensions through the Internet. Therefore, each extension, whether it is an IP phone or a program, is connected to the PBX via the Internet.

    Every time a customer calls one of your company’s numbers, the virtual PBX answers the call and checks the information to determine how to handle it: what time it is, what phone number they called, what menu option they clicked on, etc. Based on this, it plays one greeting locution or another and sends the call to the appropriate extension or extensions at any given time.

    On the other hand, every time an employee makes a phone call, he/she usually does so from the company’s main number. This option is usually several by department and it is also common for some employees to have their own number.

    Requirements for using a virtual switchboard

    Virtual PBXs are IP telephony systems and there are 2 requirements for their use:

    Internet connection or mobile virtual switchboard
    Telephone equipment
    Internet connection

    In order to have a line in the telephones or telephone equipment, they are connected to the Internet. By connecting the telephones to the Internet they get a line and connect to the PBX.

    Types of Internet connection for virtual PBX:

    Fiber: it is the best option to use with virtual PBX.
    ADSL: can generate audio problems, mobile PBX recommended.
    4G: can generate audio problems, mobile PBX recommended.
    WiMAX: can generate audio problems, mobile PBX is recommended.
    3G: not recommended, very variable quality
    Telephone equipment

    Unlike traditional PBXs with which it is only possible to use telephones to make calls, virtual PBXs offer more options to adapt to the style of each company and worker:

    Web Phone The simplest and quickest option to implement for teleworking. It allows to use the extensions of the company from a computer with Internet connection without installing any software and in a super simple way: accessing a website and entering username and password. It is widely used for teleworking and recommended for users who work with the computer. Now we offer it for free.
    IP Phones. It is the most recommended and common option. They are desktop or cordless phones that connect to the Internet and are created specifically for use with PBX and the cloud. Most of them are connected via cable and there are also WiFi models.
    ATA VoIP adapter. Allows you to continue using conventional telephones with virtual PBXs. These devices connect to the Internet and the telephone and convert the analog signal into VoIP.
    Key points of a virtual PBX

    There are 5 points to take into account to make sure you hire a good virtual PBX with a quality IP telephony operator

    Configuration by the user or included
    Technical support
    Manuals available to the customer
    Servers in Spain

    Not all PBXs include the same features so it is very important that the one you hire has the features you need.

    Neotel also frequently develops new telephone features so that over time the PBX is improving.

    Do you need a menu of options? do you want to use multiple schedules? do you want to distinguish if a call has been made to one number or another? do you want to play different voice messages?

    Configuration by the user or included

    Some PBXs include the configuration and set-up of the PBX and the company does not have to learn how to configure it or risk routing errors during configuration. Neotel in this case configures it according to the company’s needs at no cost.

    Other providers do not include the PBX configuration and the user is responsible for it. In these cases they are usually basic PBXs and it is common for the operator to offer the option of configuring the PBX at an additional cost.


    It is very important to choose the right operator to provide the virtual PBX service.

    Recommendations from businessmen, opinions, years of experience, level of penetration or if they are only landline operators or landline and mobile operators will show the level of commitment and experience that the different operators have.

    Customer service and support

    At the business level, the speed with which the operator responds to any request or incident can make a big difference in economic terms for a business.

    The best way to know how is the customer service and support, if it is fast or slow, decisive or not, is to test the services before contracting and contact by the different means available. At Neotel, when you contract our switchboard, you can be sure that there is no penalty if you leave or permanence, so you do not risk anything.

    It is advisable to have a good customer service and support like Neotel.

    Servers in Spain

    The virtual PBX must be hosted on servers in Spain to minimize latency and get the best quality.

    If you contract with an operator that has its servers in another country, when the servers are separated by such large distances it generates latency, which produces micro-cuts and delay in the voice, making it impossible to maintain a conversation. All Neotel servers are physically hosted in Spain.

    acdPBX Phone Numbers

    Allows the following numbering:

    Spain geographic virtual number
    Mobile number
    Special tariff numbers
    International virtual numbers

    Virtual PBXs accept many types of numbers, even more than analog PBXs, and it is very useful to get closer to customers and get more contacts.

    Geographic numbering from Spain+ info

    As with traditional PBXs, virtual PBXs provide geographic numbers for each province in Spain. It is possible to contract new numbers or port them to most virtual PBX providers.

    Mobile numbering + info

    Although it is a very uncommon practice, it is possible to use a virtual PBX with a mobile number for incoming calls. In this way, when a customer calls the mobile number, the PBX will handle the call.

    Premium rate numbers: 901, 902 and 900+ info

    Although 902 numbers are increasingly disused by companies due to the cost they represent for the customer, it is possible to use this type of numbering with the virtual PBX.

    The 900 numbers are more and more used and they imply a cost for the company for each incoming call.

    International geographic numbering+ info

    Companies with international presence or customers can use numbers from other countries with their virtual PBX.

    When you use a phone number from the country where your customer is located, they are much more likely to contact you. For the customer the price of the call will be the same as a local call, and for the company there will be no cost to receive the call.

    Portability+ info

    It is possible to port numbers from traditional telephony to IP telephony and vice versa. The process is always the same: request the portability to the new operator, who takes care of the whole process.


    Take communication to another level

    What is a virtual PBX?

    A virtual PBX is, in essence, an advanced telephone system that is affordable, easy to use and accessible from anywhere. This type of phone system is “virtual” for a reason; while it works with IP phones, softphones or WebRTC, it uses an Internet connection to keep your telecommunications line connected. You can have greeting locutions, attendant queues, call forwarding, set up conference calls, voicemail, etc.

    Want to talk to us?

    Extensions on IP phones

    You can receive your calls on new generation IP phones that are connected to your own computer network. Phones with caller ID, call waiting, three-way calling, audio conferencing, hands-free, phonebook, and many more advanced features.

    Extensions on your mobile

    You can turn your own cell phone into an extension of the virtual PBX and receive your calls as if you were physically in the office and all this for free, no matter where you are.

    Extensions on your computer

    If you prefer you can receive calls from the virtual PBX on your computer, you only need to use our free softphone and have a headset to forget about having a phone on your desk. Save space in your work area.

    Hiring a virtual PBX with Neotel is all advantages but we understand you, there are many variables to take into account. Therefore, we put at your disposal our entire team of professionals so you can solve all your doubts.

    Do you want to talk to us?

    Having your own Virtual PBX
    is very simple

    First we configure the Virtual PBX according to your needs.
    Then we send the already configured +IP terminals.
    Finally we do the portability of your numbers and training if you need it.

    Rates that adapt to your needs

    With Neotel you only pay for what you need. Call us and one of our certified experts will show you all the possibilities and advantages of customized rates.

    Virtual switchboard functions

    The IVR stands for Interactive Voice. The IVR or Digital Receptionist is implemented in IP Virtual PBXs and used in customer service centers and Call Centers, with the purpose of reducing service times.
    With these systems it is easier to route incoming calls to one department or another depending on the choice of customers or to direct certain calls to more experienced agents or more trained in certain aspects.
    At Neotel we configure our IVRs with professional voiceovers so that the image you show to customers who contact your company is of the highest quality.
    With call recording, included in Neotel’s virtual PBX, you can configure the call recording option. Through this option the system will record the calls and leave them stored so that you can consult them whenever you want. This service will be available to the virtual PBX administrator.
    ACD stands for Automatic Call Distribution. The ACD is the part of the virtual PBX that is responsible for the distribution of calls between the different customer service queues.
    The agents can log in or log out of the customer service queues in order to be available or unavailable to receive calls on their extension. In addition, the virtual PBX administrator can monitor the status of the agents and move them between the different queues depending on the volume of incoming calls.
    With Neotel’s virtual switchboard you can integrate your CRM with our telephony system, so when a call comes in we can open the customer’s file in your CRM. You will also be able to make outgoing calls with a simple click from the customer’s profile in the CRM. If you don’t have CRM we can also give you this functionality.
    Ask us about our CRM software.

    Neotel offers the Virtual PBX service worldwide.

    The best telephony solution in the cloud for companies.

    Communication without limits

    The Virtual PBX offers you all the power of an advanced PBX, with the advantages of the cloud. A flexible, efficient and easy to manage telephony solution for your company’s voice to reach where it wants to go.

    The power of an advanced PBX

    To meet your needs. A virtual PBX powerful in functionality, with the latest innovations in telephony, and without limits to increase capacities or extensions when you need them.

    Office terminals and mobile extensions

    Keep your team always connected to the virtual PBX extension through IP terminals.

    Always under your control

    Wherever you are, through the control panel, configure your virtual PBX as you need. Our control panel allows you to freely manage your PBX. It is available at any time, from anywhere and on the device you have at hand.

    With the versatility and efficiency of the cloud

    The advantages of Neotel’s Virtual PBX go beyond telephony. The cloud allows us to optimize resources and increase efficiency. Cloud telephony is the freedom for your company to go further, without installation costs or wasted time.

    More information about cloud telephony

    Do I need to buy or hire any equipment or license?

    It is not necessary to buy any equipment or license in your virtual PBX if we are going to use mobile extensions or webphone. If, on the other hand, we include fixed extensions in the project, we will have to take into account the cost of IP terminals.


    Find out what our Virtual PBX can do for your company’s communications.


    How does a virtual PBX work?

    One of the questions that most companies ask themselves when hiring and switching to a PBX system in the cloud, is how a Virtual PBX really works, and especially what is a virtual PBX.

    What is a virtual PBX

    A virtual PBX is a telephone exchange that uses Voice over IP transmission technology to manage this service in the cloud in a virtual way. Therefore, the customer or user does not need to have any equipment or hardware in their offices, except for the telephone terminals, and this service is usually billed with a monthly fee, so no initial purchase or investment is necessary.

    How the PBX works and what it is used for

    An IP virtual PBX is used to manage calls for companies of all sizes: from SMEs to multinationals.

    The virtual PBX manages each and every one of the incoming calls to a head-end number, organizes and administers them, and forwards them to the desired extensions or lines, both fixed and mobile. In this way, it is possible for the company’s customers to call the head-end number they associate with the company and these calls can be answered wherever each employee is located, with the possibility of having as many extensions as desired.

    The virtual PBX provides all the benefits of a fixed headend phone giving a professional image while mobility and flexibility that offers call forwarding to landlines and mobiles. In addition to this, it offers a multitude of functionalities such as call recording, waiting queues, interactive voice menu, statistics…

    As the virtual PBX is a cloud service, the extensions connect to it via the Internet. The company’s incoming and outgoing calls, which are with IP telephony, always and at all times pass through the virtual PBX, which manages them.

    Operation of a virtual PBX

    We see the basic functions that characterize a virtual PBX:

    The telephones are connected to the service through an Internet access line. Each terminal has an identification number (extension), so that calls between extensions of the same user are free of charge. Extensions can be spread across one or multiple user sites.
    Extensions can call abroad at very competitive rates, especially for international calls.
    Each virtual PBX can have a telephone number (or several) that makes it reachable from abroad. The user can port his current telephone number to this service.
    It is possible to configure a call reception protocol for incoming calls.

    Advanced features of a virtual PBX

    Numbering can be contracted from different geographical locations, in Spain or internationally.
    Auto Attendant function: An IVR menu can be configured to receive calls. The user accesses directly to the appropriate department without having to go through a switchboard operator.
    Temporal programming function: Depending on the date and time, we can program so that the behavior of the system is different.

    What can I do with a Virtual PBX

    Virtual PBXs offer a large number of options to all types of companies, the most used are the following:

    Creation of extensions
    Organization of extensions by departments
    Multiple telephone numbering
    Numbering of other provinces and countries
    Incorporate cell phones to the PBX
    Simultaneous calls
    Creation of telephone answering hours
    Welcome messages
    Music on hold
    Call transfer
    Connection of offices located in different places
    Connection to facilitate teleworking for employees

    Why hire a virtual IP PBX?

    Nowadays, ensuring fast and efficient business communication, in all senses, both internal and external, is essential for any company and its operation.

    In an increasingly demanding market, in which time is more valuable, the application of technological advances in services such as virtual telephony clearly facilitates the management of a company.

    Virtual PBXs

    The virtual PBX is hosted on the provider’s servers, which is responsible for its maintenance and operation, so we only need to connect to the Internet to access it, from a PC, a phone or a tablet. Its implementation and implementation does not involve the acquisition of any machine or hardware, nor the establishment of lines.

    Because this system is scalable and requires no initial investment, more and more companies are changing and migrating their telephony services to VoIP.

    Advantages over traditional telephony

    In addition to this, virtual PBXs offer a number of possibilities, especially with regard to the quality of connection to the user and installation, which make them a considerably better alternative to traditional physical PBXs.

    Geographical flexibility

    The possibilities of IP telephony adapt to the needs and demands of companies, facilitating their internal operation and internationalization. Since with the cloud-based PBX service, the extensions are connected to the PBX via the Internet, it is possible to have offices and remote locations anywhere in the world.

    This unification of the telephony network, which makes it easy to expand the geographical scope of the business, provides each office with its own numbering and organization in the PBX.

    The Virtual PBX works internally with the IP protocol, using data communications to perform its functions, which allows it to connect to VoIP as well as to traditional analog or digital telephone lines.

    Virtual PBXs offer a number of advantages, especially compared to traditional physical PBXs.

    Mobility and flexibility.
    There is no need to purchase or own physical equipment. Traditional PBXs are costly devices that require installation and become obsolete and need to be replaced. The virtual PBX does not require investment in any physical device, which means great savings.
    Less maintenance. A physical device requires assembly, installation and progressive maintenance. Virtual PBXs do not require this.

    In addition to this, if we use the IP telephony service in addition to the virtual PBX, we will achieve enormous savings in the cost of the telephone bill. We will be able to receive and make calls on mobiles, tablets and computers wherever we are.

    For all these reasons, the cloud PBX is presented as a great alternative for companies, which provides a more professional image, with the benefits of flexibility, mobility and savings in the cost of calls.



    No need to buy a physical PBX.
    There is no monthly or annual maintenance fee for the physical PBX.
    No installation or wiring required.
    Your PBX will not be obsolete in 2-3 years. As it is a Virtual PBX, it is automatically updated with new functionalities.
    In addition to fixed extensions, you can also have mobile extensions.
    Extensions do not have to be in the same location as a Physical PBX. You can have extensions in as many locations as you wish, even in different countries. Both calls and call transfers between all the extensions of your Virtual PBX are free, regardless of where each extension is located.
    The cost of calls is much lower than traditional telephony.
    We do not charge call establishment.


    We are a Spanish Telecommunications Operator, we are registered in the Registry of Operators of the CNMC (National Commission of the Competition Market) and since 2001 we have been dedicated exclusively to the Development of Telecommunications Products and Services and Software for Companies.


    If you have any doubt about our Global Solutions for Call Centers, if you need additional information or if you want to hire them, please do not hesitate to contact us from any of the means exposed in our website, you can also write us an email to or if you wish fill out our form and we will contact you. In any of the ways you wish to contact us we are at your complete disposal, please do not hesitate to contact us without any commitment, first talk to us and then hire whoever you want.


    All the advantages of an advanced virtual PBX, without investment or permanence

    Neotel’s Virtual PBX voip is a great saving for any company since it is not necessary to invest anything in hardware. All services are controlled through a simple Control Panel and is easily integrated with cell phones. Among the services offered by our voip PBXs you can find: Sending virtual fax over the internet, automatic redial, international numbers, call me back, CRM or corporate agenda among others.

    Neotel’s Virtual PBX voip is a great saving for any company since it is not necessary to invest anything in hardware. All services are controlled through a simple Control Panel and is easily integrated with cell phones. Among the services offered by our voip PBXs you can find: Sending virtual fax over the internet, automatic redial, international numbers, call me back, CRM or corporate agenda among others.

    Virtual PBX integrated with cell phones

    Currently the vast majority of companies need to link both the services offered by a virtual PBX with those of their mobile operator, that is to say:

    Neotel’s virtual PBX has linked 100% of the power of its virtual PBX with the services offered by cell phones, so that in this way our customers can fully benefit from all the advantages offered by this linkage.

    Some advantages of customers who have this type of integration:

    • Internal calls at zero cost with no limits forever, since they would be between extensions of both landlines and mobiles.
    • In addition, they also benefit from the bonuses contracted from mobile extensions.
    • Finally, with a single bill you can easily control your fixed and mobile costs.

    centralita virtual

    Highlights of the advanced virtual PBXs:

    • Autoattendant, you can configure it personally from our panel.
    • Voicemail
    • Call forwarding through voip PBXs
    • Call queue
    • Multiconference
    • Fax to your email

    Save 100% on equipment

    You will get all the functionalities of an advanced virtual PBX without the need for any installation.

    To have your own voip PBX you don’t need to invest in complex installations, it’s fast and cheap.

    Personalized attention

    Neotel will never leave you alone, you will have remote technical assistance on questions and problems related to the use of our virtual PBX. We will also put at your disposal our sales team, they will advise you to get the best solution at the lowest possible cost of all PBXs.

    Numbering of more than 140 countries

    Internationalize your company. Be present in more than 140 countries without leaving your headquarters. You will receive all calls through your PBX, eliminating the cost of physical presence.

    Telephone number portability

    You will be able to port any numbering, such as 900-902 services. You will only have to provide the data of the owner of your line and the donor operator, and our customer service staff will be responsible for the portability of your line.

    Total mobility

    You can access your PBX from anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection.
    You need to open another branch anywhere in the world, you are going to move or you can not be physically in your office, no problem, connect your phone to the Internet, and receive your calls at a cost of 0 €.