806 and 803 lines

The still profitable business of 806 and 803 lines

When social networks did not yet exist, the closest thing to them were the entertainment hotlines. These could be so entertaining that even some television and radio programs used them to generate more interaction. Although it may seem like something from another era, 806 and 803 lines are still profitable and many companies still use them as an alternative way to offer some services.

With the onset of the pandemic, remote entertainment has been resized. Many people have started businesses of all kinds, implementing smartphones, video calls and telephone services. All this rethinking of business life invites you to understand what 803 and 806 lines are all about. Do you know how they work?

806 and 803 lines: paid telephone services

806 Lines & 803 Lines

The 803 and 806 lines are remunerated telephone services. That is to say, when you call them, they generate money for those businesses that contract them. Basically, the one who receives the call charges something for it and not only the telephone company. In addition, being a special service, usually the minute is a little more expensive.

In reality, these are work oriented telephone lines oriented to offer a service. Their contractors are usually fully incorporated companies or brands. Of course, some personalities have had their own telephone numbers, although these are usually associated with fully incorporated companies.

Beyond that, nowadays anyone can contract an 803 or 806 line. In fact, having this type of service is very simple, depending, of course, on the 806 or 803 line providers with which the contract is made. Of course, each prefix obeys to a different type of business and trade.

803 lines: Oriented to adult services

In Spain, 803 lines have always been implemented for services for people over 18 years of age. For a long time, this telephone prefix was focused on classic hot calls. Likewise, there are intermediary services for chats of a similar nature.

However, this service has been resized and can always be resized. Everything will depend on the creativity of the company or person who hires this type of paid line. To tell the truth, nowadays there are many types of +18 services and these can always be integrated to 803 lines.

With a little creativity, chat services, video calls, photographic material and others can be adapted to 803 lines. For example, a personality dedicated to the world of adult entertainment could use a paid line to attend to his fans. In this way, fans can get closer to their idol and interact much more directly. This is just one of many ideas that could be applied depending on the business activity of the company or person who wants to hire an 803 line.

806 lines: It has many possible uses

806 lines have the function of encompassing all entertainment and leisure activities and services that do not involve +18 content. Of course, at the end of the day, these services can only be used by people of legal age. This is due to the fact that they are paid phones and have a considerable cost.

But basically, 806 lines have a different prefix with the intention of differentiating both types of service. It is likely that this has to do with a kind of protection for children and adolescents. The fact is that this distinction between 803 and 806 lines has its justification.

The 806 lines are widely used for example for business related to fortune telling and tarot. Also, many companies and psychics use them for other services related to personal consultations. This type of work is legally considered as entertainment. However, it is important to know that esotericism is not the only type of service that can be offered when hiring this type of premium line.

What can 806 lines be used for?

806 lines can be used for any type of entertainment and leisure, except those involving adult content. For example, some companies use this type of paid line for contests and sweepstakes. In the past, there were also intermediary services that allowed people to contact each other via text messaging. This was done for the purpose of simply making friends or in a more romantic context.

Today, a lot of innovation is possible thanks to 806 line providers. For example, a person who is a youtuber, influencer, or who is famous can hire 806 lines and offer some service to their followers. It seems that social networks have achieved total proximity with personalities. However, this can be an excellent opportunity to project an intimate relationship with fans.

Likewise, those companies and individuals who want to conduct sweepstakes can use this type of premium line. In this way, this type of activity becomes more widespread and it is easier to raise money when more people can participate. In fact, the use of 806 lines is also often fueled by advertising campaigns.

803 and 806 lines linked to advertising campaigns

The gains from using 803 and 806 lines are not only monetary. In fact, having a paid line at your disposal also strengthens your marketing efforts. This is because having a paid telephone service can become an element of a company’s brand.

This is something that has already been proven. In fact, during the end of the previous decade and the beginning of the current one, the Spanish-speaking world saw the irruption of countless 803 and 806 lines. The phenomenon was obvious because many companies occupied large television slots on national and international channels. Soon, the advertising time slot from 12 p.m. onwards became the epicenter of these companies.

The 803 and 806 lines do not only work better when there is an advertising campaign involved. Over time, the telephone number can become an additional advertising resource for the company. This is how the paid line is a product that in turn generates traffic and advertising in itself. Some telephone numbers of this type even remain in the minds and memories of television viewers and radio listeners. It should be noted that social network advertising campaigns can also be used for these purposes.

Considerations when contracting a premium line

Contracting 806 line providers is like contracting a personal telephone line. Basically, a contract is agreed with a company like Neotel and the number is agreed upon. The best thing about this type of service is that the contract is usually free because the provider’s profits are usually deducted from the company’s profits, i.e. as a portion of the minutes.

Of course, the quality of service and the terms and conditions of the contract vary from one telephony provider to another. For example, some may charge a fee for the contract. There is also the issue of the value of the minutes and the profit share of the telephone company, as well as the permanence. All these elements must be considered by entrepreneurs who want to contract a premium line.

Therefore, it is always essential to consult the service offered by the different providers of 806 and 803 lines in the market. Likewise, it is always important to read the contract and all its conditions before making a decision.

Neotel’s virtual switchboard is innovative and economical

At Neotel we specialize in offering IP telephony and call center software. This is a system that integrates communication, makes it cheaper and allows it to be managed strategically. In this way, entrepreneurs can offer better customer service and also develop effective marketing campaigns.

Our call center software is one of the most innovative, incorporating add-ons such as the predictive dialer, the call robot, the platform for sending bulk SMS, CRM and other applications that are very useful for any type of business initiative. The best of all is that the cost of the virtual PBX is adapted to the budget of each client and for that we offer various plans.

The 803 and 806 lines are an additional service we offer. Some of the conditions of your contracting with Neotel are the following:

The hiring is free and Neotel reserves a part of the profit of the entrepreneur for each call received.
In Neotel we offer this service without permanence conditions. This means that the customer can leave the service at any time.
Each client can enable as many lines as he/she wants without additional costs, as well as extensions so that several devices can answer calls to the same number.
In Neotel only the telephone bill is needed so that the customer can collect the money collected thanks to the 803 and 806 lines.