What is an enterprise WebRTC line service?

IP telephony is the present and future of business communication. This technology has allowed many companies to dispense with telephone companies and have much cheaper and innovative services. Hence, the importance of establishing communication within companies through resources such as the WebRTC line.

Many businessmen and traders still do not know what the WebRTC line is and what it means. Certainly, this name seems very technical, but in reality it is something that has been with us for a long time. In the last few years, the global consumption of this technology has increased to unimaginable levels and almost anyone has access to it.

What is the WebRTC line?

webrtc line

In 2011 the prestigious company Google started its WebRTC online project. Basically, this is a system that allows web browsers, digital pages and applications audio and video communications. From this, any company or developer can create communication applications within Internet environments.

This is the explanation of the origin and real meaning of the WebRTC line. Then, this technology is used when a person chats on social networks or when making a video call. No matter which website, social network or application comes to mind, they are all based on this Internet communication system.

When a person uses apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Zoom to communicate in real time with other people, he or she is using the WebRTC line. It is therefore a technological solution with which we are all familiar. Of course, businesses can get a lot out of this resource.

Business WebRTC line service What is it for?

Certainly, companies can also use apps and social networks for business communication. However, not every customer trusts a merchant or entrepreneur who serves his customers only via Facebook or WhatsApp. Moreover, professional programs of this type are often costly and problematic in terms of operation.

The truth is that the WebRTC line allows companies to have their own systems for communicating via IP telephony. A company can have its own web environment for making calls and video calls. This is basically what it means to contract a business WebRTC line.

The company will have its number as with a traditional telephone line. That is to say, a numbering is assigned with country prefix, province prefix and the rest of the numbers. The only difference is that it works with an Internet connection and allows you to do more than just make an audio call.

What is the WebRTC line service like?

As the name implies the WebRTC line from Neotel or any other company is a service. The company or merchant simply requests it from the communications company and pays a monthly fee for its use. To enjoy the service, a password is generated, a user and everything happens as if the businessman or operator were surfing a social network.

The big difference is that whoever enjoys the service will enter a professional environment with a softphone, dedicated to the company. For this, he/she will not have to install or purchase an IP server. Everything is handled over the Internet and to make calls and video calls, all that is required is a device with a broadband connection.

The contracting party simply logs in, enters the software and makes the communications. From that moment on, he/she will be able to receive or make calls supported by IP telephony. Of course, each system is totally different and it is precisely the challenge for companies to find innovative and easy-to-use software.

The WebRTC line allows you to make phone calls without needing a telephone. There is no need to pay expensive fees as traditional companies have. In addition, being a business product, an entire staff of employees can be equipped with this technological resource.

The virtual switchboard: The program that allows to take advantage of WebRTC

The program with which a company’s employees can communicate with IP telephony is the virtual PBX. It is also often referred to as an IP PBX because its operation depends on an Internet connection. This interface is basically the evolution of the traditional call center software used in many companies.

Many call centers work with a physical PBX that allows all the teleoperators’ devices to be connected and communication to be monitored. However, this structure required an investment of almost millions of dollars by the companies. With the emergence of the WebRTC line and cloud storage, it was possible to create a similar program hosted on the Internet.

Virtual PBX allows to manage communication and also contains the softphone for company employees to communicate via IP telephony, which is much cheaper. Of course, this program has many useful features for any type of business. If a person wants to serve his customers with formality and strategy, he should have this type of program.

Another advantage of the WebRTC line for businesses is that when working with call center software, it is possible to manage calls based on its functions. This means that those who use it will be able to transfer and mute calls, listen to employees’ business conversations and have statistics on communication.

Advantages of the WebRTC line service

The first advantage of this service is that it is to carry out all communications from the Internet. In fact, when this type of support is available, the company’s telephones can be adapted to work with broadband connection. In this way, businessmen can save up to 80% in this type of expenses.

Secondly, by adopting IP telephony, companies can set up their own call center. In fact, this type of service is not only for companies with large telephone contact centers. Even an independent salesperson can take advantage of the virtual PBX tools.

The third advantage is that the IP PBX now has marketing functions. To be sure, this tool does not only serve to simplify communication and make it cheaper. Those who request the service will be able to use or request interesting applications such as sending bulk SMS to customers, dialer, or telephone surveys.

In addition to this, having a call center software allows to organize the work of customer service and telemarketing. It is important to remember that this is first and foremost a tool that provides information to the user. Those who are starting a business can also project an image of formality and organization that can be advantageous.

In addition, IP telephony goes beyond traditional voice calls. With the WebRTC line, it is much easier to make video conferences and video calls in a professional manner. This is positive because both are communication formats that build trust and prestige with customers. Over time, most calls will be made in this way.

Free technical assistance

The best thing about paying for a technological service is that maintenance is not the responsibility of the customer. As the virtual PBX is hosted on servers of companies such as Neotel and must work properly, the technical part is handled by the contracted communications company.

With this technology, it is not necessary to hire specialized engineering or computer personnel. This is one of the many reasons why the virtual PBX is so cheap for companies. If the system or the applications present any failure, it is enough to report it to the technical service.

Likewise, if any important information is lost, the company offering the service is responsible for it. This is one of the key points that explain the massive migration of companies to the virtual PBX. Neotel has one of the most innovative and functional programs in the market.

Efficient and modern WebRTC line and virtual switchboard

Neotel offers companies of all types its virtual switchboard service with CRM. With these systems you can take full advantage of the new and economical IP telephony. It is not necessary to make changes in the office or complicated installations.

These systems not only make it possible to migrate telephone communication to a cheaper format. In fact, it also provides the entrepreneur and retailer with a number of tools to grow sales and improve customer perception. The best thing is that the costs of the service are adapted to the needs of the contracting party.

Our interface is one of the most advanced, complete and easy to use. Anyone can use it very easily, being one of the most intuitive programs on the market. Undoubtedly, a technological solution that can generate great dividends.


WebRTC line and the change of the call center

In the past, not all companies had large call centers. The reason is that in order to set up large call center departments it was necessary to bill well. Establishing such an office used to be costly. Fortunately, the advent of the WebRTC line lowered communications costs considerably.

That same structure is still in place in many companies today. To be sure, not upgrading the call center goes far beyond useful, modern modules. Maintaining an old-fashioned call center is just as costly as before. Even if it is a planned expense in the budget, it could be reduced considerably.

The WebRTC line: Why is it cheaper?

The traditional call center consisted of a rather complex installation. This included servers, connection accessories and specialized software. At the same time, installing a physical server generated maintenance costs, the payment of system engineers and a lot of space that had to be adapted.


Neotel's webrtc line

To this must be added the telephone fees charged by the usual telephone companies. Of course, this business model required a large investment. With the introduction of the WebRTC line, everything became simpler, since communications are made via the Internet. This system is the one that allows opening chats and videoconference rooms through web pages and social networks.

Companies such as Neotel have adapted this new technology to support the entire service through call center software. Once hired, the company no longer needs a physical server because all the data is stored virtually. This, in turn, reduces the cost of paying for specialized personnel or installations.

The cost of calls also goes down

Another advantage of the WebRTC line is that communication costs also go down. It is not the same to pay for telephone line services as it is to pay a company that offers a virtual PBX. Telephone communications migrate to the Internet and this makes them much cheaper.

The whole system through an interface that does not even require complex installations. The operators have users from which they enter and carry out their management.  The only thing needed to answer or make calls is a device connected to the Internet. This means that the call center could normally operate from outside its own premises, further reducing costs thanks to IP telephony.

The best part is that the company can more easily access such modern communication modalities as videoconferencing. In addition to the savings, modern, useful and easy-to-use modules and functionalities have been added. Among these are the predictive and progressive dialer, robot call, signaling and other elements that will facilitate customer service.

All teleoperator management is subject to monitoring and the system provides managers and coordinators with statistics to improve their work. Undoubtedly, incorporating the WebRTC line into the call center is a priority.


The WebRTC line: Remote work now possible

The world of the future means that companies need to look to remote work as a solution. It’s not just the present circumstances that make it so difficult to develop a traditional work life. Everything points to the fact that today’s and tomorrow’s workers will not have to leave their homes to do their jobs. In this reality, the WebRTC line is central from any point of view.


webrtc line

Since the advent of the WebRTC line, human communications has reached its peak of development. This technology has left traditional telephone lines and the SIP protocol behind. Many are still unaware of its benefits and that is why migration has not happened in some companies.

WebRTC line: Why are they so efficient?

WebRTC Line is an open source technology developed by Google in the last decade. Basically, it allowed several media companies to build Internet-based media. All that is needed to communicate with others is an installed softphone and the authorization to use it.

The softphone is nothing more than the call center software used to make calls, video calls and record them. In the past, companies had to control a telephone line service and pay a lot of money to telecommunication companies to maintain communication. In fact, WebRTC line-supported services are much more convenient, sophisticated and cost-effective.

This is quite logical because communication via the Internet is cheaper than that supported by telephone lines. It is much more expensive to pay for a phone call abroad, than to simply make contact via Internet and even with video included. The best thing is that everything works and is supported over the Internet.

Why is WebRTC Line ideal for remote work?

WebRTC Line is also much better than the virtual PBX based on SIP protocol. Although the latter works with a data network, it requires a very expensive infrastructure to maintain. Many companies in the past two decades have invested in servers, equipment, maintenance and employees to support their communications.

With the WebRTC line, all of this is stored virtually in the cloud. In addition, the service is simply outsourced to an expert company such as Neotel and everything is handled by their engineers. The only thing that the employees of the contracting company must do is to have a profile and log in to the softphone.

This is why it is only with the WebRTC virtual PBX that remote or remote work can be done successfully. Any management can be done as long as there is internet, but with this system the work is also controlled. A company can perfectly realize that its employees are keeping their schedule even if they do it in the comfort of their home.

Remember that all data, management and connections are recorded in the cloud. A customer service department can operate at full capacity with its entire payroll active in different areas of a country, or abroad. For all these reasons, it is important that companies make the leap to this technology, which is not very difficult either.


WebRTC line and remote work for companies

Until recently, video calls and video conferences were thought to be a thing of the future. In fact, all high-level companies have been working with this technology on a regular basis for some time now.  As of the decade beginning in 2020, global developments have made the WebRTC Line even more indispensable for everyone.

webrtc line

Until a few years ago it would have been inconceivable to think of seeing our grandparents or parents making a video call. The passing of time has made most people use this technology, implemented since 2011, out of necessity. Virtual classes, video conferences, virtual meetings: all this is now the norm. Companies must prepare for change There are still companies whose operations depend on a call center room full of employees on a schedule. Realities such as remote work seemed to be the preserve of small groups of young professionals, but now it is the norm. In fact, working from the WebRTC line has multiple advantages for companies. People are getting used to working from home, and as a result, companies’ operating expenses are going down. Some are incurring in international recruitments to lower the cost of personnel. Of course, being able to access these benefits involves adapting communication to the WebRTC line. This type of service is not too costly and everything is left in the hands of a communications company. What is done is that a softphone interface is contracted and workers are assigned users. From there, any employee can work even from the comfort of his home, with his own device. WebRTC line and Virtual PBX: Controlled remote work The fact that people work outside an office does not mean that their work cannot be controlled or measured. For example, if you have a staff of tele-operators working remotely, all calls are recorded in the virtual PBX. In fact, they are also recorded and can be monitored, as well as generating productivity statistics. Similarly, operators can have a softphone that allows transfers and other call center functions. Everything can be done from a device with an internet connection from any place where the employee is located. This type of technology is useful for both customer service and internal company communication. Call costs are also lower because everything is done over the Internet (IP Telephony). An important step: look for the right company Currently there is a certain offer of communications services based on WebRTC and call center software. In order to make the most of the technological migration, it is necessary to carefully analyze what each company offers. Aspects such as prices, connectivity and complementary services should be analyzed. It is also important to have a company that has experience and technological knowledge in the area. For example, one of the companies that stand out in prices and updating is Neotel. The next step is to seek advice from this type of company.


Webrtc line: stop depending on software and equipment

Traditional call centers have special software and interconnected telephone equipment. Until a few years ago that was the most viable way. However, since the arrival of the webrtc line everything has changed.

Many call center company managers will think that the traditional way is the right one. In reality, this working model is very limiting and hardly adapts to the realities of the present. It could be said that maintaining this type of office is even more expensive.

The webrtc line overcomes limitations at low cost

The arrival of the webrtc line allows to establish audio and video communications from few resources. Now the only thing needed to establish conversations is an internet connection and a microphone. This is in case the device used is a computer.

If the communication is done with a Smartphone the matter is simpler because this device comes with everything you need. With webrtc line technology classic call center implements are unnecessary. The best thing is that this system is already being applied to customer service through virtual switchboards.

Operators today can attend and make calls without large telephone installations or the typical call center software.  Switching to this technology is very cheap and does not involve maintenance costs: everything is in the cloud.

How does a webrtc call center service work?


webrtc line Neotel


Working with a webtc virtual switchboard is similar to being on Gmail or a social network. The operator has a username and password with which he enters the system. This data is entered while connected to the Internet.

When entering, the employee has an extension, lists of numbers and even guidelines to follow. At the same time, all the management can be controlled by automated tools. For example, through these systems, call launchers can be implemented.

Under this mechanism, several tele-operators can work from the same extension. Everything is centralized, organized and can be monitored without the need for complex configurations.

Towards unlimited customer service

The webrtc technology extends the range of companies to serve their customers. To begin with, the operator does not have to be in the office. By logging in your user, having a Smartphone and internet connection you can do your job.

In addition, with these systems you can make conferences. This function is ideal for meetings with clients and internal communication tasks.

One of the companies with more experience in providing this service is Neotel. The interface is very simple and the system has been tested by several companies. In any case, the important thing is not to stay in the past and to optimize the systems.



WebRTC line: The best communication option for companies


Many companies use expensive and hard-to-install communication systems. However, nowadays there are innovative, efficient and low-cost technological solutions. One of the most advanced is the webRTC line.

With the arrival of the virtual pbx, internal and external communications were simplified. However, even this technology has constantly evolved over the past few years. WEBrtc-based PBXs seem to have arrived to change everything.

What is the WEBrtc line?

Web Real-Time Communication (WEBrtc), is a system that allows audio and video communications between people from web pages. This ambitious project launched by Google in 2011 completely changed the way we interact with others.  Its greatest contribution was to allow fluid communications via the Internet without the need to install special plugins.

In the last few years, the first virtual pbx’s have been created based on this technology. Certainly, the advantages that this type of system offers are many.

Most companies continue to use less profitable virtual switchboards. Both systems that work with SIP and cell phone systems are difficult to configure and involve considerable expense. None of this happens with the WEBrtc line.

Advantages of the WEBrtc line applied to business communication

The WEBrtc line is much simpler to install than other communication systems. Its configuration is uncomplicated and does not require the acquisition of physical infrastructure.

In order to use it, it is also not necessary to acquire telephone lines for employees as is the case with mobile telephone switchboards. Of course, this implies an important money saving for the company.

With this system you can transfer and manage calls, as well as make conferences with several people at once. The only thing necessary is that the employees have a device and an Internet connection. From there, communication will be unlimited and of high quality.

Companies that are adopting this technological solution are getting a lot out of it. Neotel’s WEBrtc line is easy to install, configure and use. Without a doubt, it is an upgrade that will bring improvements to business communication and customer service.



Virtual Premium Call Recorder: Your calls recorded every time

Current call centers require the recording of calls for monitoring, control and education of agents, being fundamental for your company. Remembering that European regulations establish that recordings must have explicit authorization from the customer, Neotel offers within its call center software the option of call recording.

Importance of virtual call recorder

In order to comply with the regulations it is necessary to have the software that includes the integrated call function, allowing to save, play and delete the recordings as appropriate.

Neotel’s Virtual Call Recording is included in the Virtual PBX which allows you to save all incoming or outgoing recordings of your company for up to two months.


Automatic Call Recorder (A.C.R.)

Depending on your requirements you can configure the call recordings in your call center software.

The automatic call recorder will help you to have a copy of all conversations without the need of human intervention.

Agents won’t worry about recording calls, and will focus on properly attending to each of their customers or prospects.

Neotel Virtual Premium Call Recorder

One of the functions that we offer you at Neotel is the Premium Call Recorder that allows you to extend the time and storage space of the calls that are made and received in your company.

This additional function of the virtual switchboard allows you to forget about the 2 month limitation. When you activate the service, all the recordings will always be in the cloud where you can access them from any location that has internet.

This Neotel cloud offers you the capacity of 1 Terabyte.

How much is 1 Tb?


To understand how much is the capacity of the Neotel cloud we offer you the following comparison:

1 Gb is about 14,000 minutes (which is about 9 days)

1 Tb is about 10,000 days (About 27 years of recording)

signaling virtual pbx

What does the Virtual Premium Call Recorder service include?

The service includes access to the web where you can find your personal recording library with search filters to access the recording you need with access from anywhere in the world.


  • You will have access to all outgoing and incoming calls from your PBX that are stored in the Neotel cloud.
  • Specialized web panel for audio management functions.
  • Save your phone conversations permanently in time.
  • It does not require permanence.
  • Listen to, download or delete all the calls you have recorded, you can do it directly from the website
  • Filter recordings by date, extension or agent
  • Allows you to store your company’s/business’s telephone attention in order to optimize customer service.


call statistics virtual pbx

The Virtual Premium Call Recorder is an additional service that you can include in your virtual switchboard where you also have access to


Robot Call: The ideal tool for mass campaigns

Within the great marketing strategies are the massive campaigns, whether by email, landing pages, messages or calls, and despite the technology calls are still one of the best ways to achieve it, if your campaign will be with the same messages the most recommended is to use a robot call to carry it out.

What is a robot call?

Robot call are automatic calls that are made using software to transmit a recorded message when the phone is picked up.

In short, they are phone calls that use a predictive or progressive dialer to distribute a pre-recorded message, using the robot call to do so.

How robotic calls are used for commercial purposes

Among the advantages of robotic calls are the reduction of costs when making repetitive campaigns (same message to different customers).

A well used robot call is the best ally in corporate marketing strategies, it is one of the tools that takes maximum advantage of customer service.

A specific message for a new product campaign, surveys or thanks for their loyalty are just some of the uses of the robot call.

Why use Neotel’s robot call?

The Neotel Robot Call allows you to distribute messages to a list of clients in an economic, efficient and agile way.

The way the robot call task is executed is

  • Make mass calls and simultaneously play the recorded voice message.
  • Sometimes it gives the customer the option of being transferred to a commercial agent or answering a survey.
  • No agent required during the call

It allows a very valuable objective to be achieved: customer feedback on the brand, products and services can also provide valuable information in commercial prospecting campaigns.

Using the Neotel Robot Call

The Neotel Robot Call allows you to send a specific message to a list of clients, using a database, a recorded message so that the system starts calling all clients simultaneously.

As commented in previous paragraphs, sometimes it may require the interaction of the agent, for which the customer must use his numeric keyboard.


predictive dialer

Advantages of the Robot Call

Neotel con este robot call te ofrece:

  • Easy campaign management
  • No software installation required
  • No initial cost
  • No permanence contract required
  • Easy to use for agents


progressive dialer

You can create survey systems, execute campaigns and obtain customer satisfaction with a product or service, with that data you can focus on new successful campaigns.

The Robot call is part of Neotel’s call center software that includes WebRTC Line, Progressive Dialer and Predictive Dialer.


WebRTC line: Business line without SIP terminals

Point-to-point calls using the Internet have had an increase in recent years, making the technology to carry them out is constantly evolving and WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication) technology is one of them. At NEOTEL we use WebRTC line for communication using audio and video in real time.

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is a free, open project developed by Google that provides mobile applications and browsers with real-time communication capabilities (RTC) through simple APIs.

Why do we use WebRTC Line at Neotel?

Among the great features offered by the use of WebRTC line is the ability to use any browser without the need for installation of systems, programs or complicated plugins.

With this system of softphones you can enjoy great features where they stand out:

  • Call transfer capability
  • Make use of conference calls
  • Connection where you have internet access and connection to a browser.

In this way you save on complicated, complex and technically demanding installations or configurations.

Advantages we offer at Neotel


webrtc line

First our softphone is configured, installed and ready to use with just two clicks.

You can enjoy the convenience of calling from any device that has an internet connection, simply by installing our software that is included in our CRM and PBX, at no additional cost to our customers.

Mobility of WebRTC lines

Because it is a system that does not require software installations your business moves with you, the softphone is your browser.

Your business line will be ready to use anywhere in the world that you have internet access.

Communication with WebRTC lines

Communications over WebRTC lines do not require IP terminals or SIP trunks making communications much easier.

This brings economic benefits by making management easier, while opening up a wide range of possibilities by facilitating the implementation of new services.

Why choose Neotel as a service provider?

Neotel, uses its cloud services to cover the main communication needs of your company, to bring great benefits that include mobility, flexibility and savings.

Using VoIP technology that allows voice calls, audio and data transcription using an Internet channel for transmission of digitized voice in packages and sent over the Internet using the IP protocol.

While at the other end the operator will receive the digital data packets and reconstruct the call to the recipient.

Virtual Switchboard

This is a revolutionary concept from Neotel offering a telephone exchange with mobility, teleworking and cost reduction capabilities through the IP protocol.

Among the advantages of the virtual switchboard is the possibility without additional costs to activate the switchboard to your mobile phone and use all the benefits no matter where you are.

You can turn your mobile phone into a switchboard to retain, transfer or make conference calls easily, practically and at the same costs.


Characteristics that the PBX should have within my company

First of all we must know that when contracting the virtual pbx with Neotel we can choose a configuration and that, after some time, we want to modify this according to the needs of our company. This is not a problem.


Without a doubt, it is a great relief for the client to know that when hiring a virtual pbx there is no permanence contract with the company, nor is he signing one. Although most of the virtual pbx options that exist today involve a permanence of the client for/with the company, we at Neotel have not wanted to work in this way and that is why none of our services involve any type of permanence.

Depending on the size of the company

The size of your company may vary over time. We at Neotel understand this. And that’s why we offer our clients the only 100% adaptable switchboard. Here it is the customer who decides what size of switchboard your business needs. And by size we mean number of extensions. But it is also our switchboard comes loaded with a number of extras completely free for all our customers. Many of the features that Neotel has been offering its customers for their PBXs are charged by other companies at very high prices. We do not want to deceive anyone. And we are so convinced that once you try our virtual switchboard you will not want to leave, which is why we do not force you to sign any contract with us. You can try our tools and if for any reason you are not convinced, you can leave. No questions from us.

Ease of change

One of the main characteristics or advantages of our virtual switchboard is that, through a simple client panel, the user can configure and manage his entire switchboard without having to have any previous knowledge or have recourse to a professional. Of course, in Neotel our Customer Service department is always online, on the phone, chat or mail, waiting for calls from customers who want to solve some kind of query or want to do something and don’t know how.

It is not harder than picking up the phone and calling Neotel and we will guide you step by step with what you need.



Neotel webrtc line

Neotel’s virtual switchboard works 100% in the cloud which means savings in equipment investment. With our switchboard, you don’t need anything else. There is no need to buy any specific hardware or computer. Not even a telephone if you wish, thanks to our webrtc lines. (Ask for more information about our webrtc lines by clicking here).

Our switchboard integrates many features for communication within your company. Among them today we would like to mention the Video Calls and Video Conferences in the cloud with integrated chat. If you would like more information about this module, which is 100% free for all our clients, you can visit the following resources

Videoconference and Videoconference in the cloud (video)

Infographics Video call and Video conference with cloud chat



Neotel ivr

You can also contact us through any of our channels and we will inform you without any obligation.

Our virtual switchboard also has many other qualities such as:

  • Queues with music
  • Voice mail
  • “Virtual Secretariat” or IVR
  • Call transfers between different agents
  • Call filtering



Neotel pbx

In addition, workers can be connected to the switchboard and work from anywhere so they no longer need to be inside the office itself.

There is no need to buy any special phone or anything else. Simply if we have a device connected to the Internet, this is all we need.

Our switchboard system is just a web page where the customer logs in with his user name and password and is ready to work.

Very easy.

The main reason for using a webrtc line is cost reduction.


Neotel’s webrtc lines bring countless advantages to our virtual switchboard

If in your business you attend a high volume of calls, communication with customers is paramount and you think that giving a truly professional image to them as well, then you don’t need to look any further. Neotel’s virtual switchboard as you have seen it now is the solution to all your current telephony problems.