VoIP services: when costs are no longer your biggest concern

VoIP services are one of the best investments of companies specializing in telemarketing and customer service, as it mainly represents a significant cost saving for the finances of these companies, since it is an indispensable tool to achieve that the internal and external communications of the company, are optimal and effective, adding then a particular quality and worthy of standing out before the other companies whose operation is similar.

The advantages of having a VoIP service, is that you have total control of operation management through control panels that are very easy to manage, in addition to the fact that you can have an integration of these panels to smartphones, with which control can be more effective and be within your reach in any circumstance.


With respect to the reduction of costs for my company, does it represent a significant change?

Servicios voip


The VoIP service will really mean a significant reduction of costs especially for the implementation of a system completely unrelated to specific hardware that limits its operation, and that requires specific assistance with respect to its installation and maintenance.

You can also, with the VoIP service options that Neotel brings you, have a complete service that does not require an investment cost, nor a specific permanence clause, adding the advantage that you can have a completely free sample, where you will have access to a complete consultancy with a very reduced cost, facilitating the understanding of which are the options that best adapt to your needs and those of your company, avoiding that extra and unnecessary costs are generated in case you do not need to have a service specific within the multiple options with which you will count.


VoIP services and the use of Gateway

Knowing a VoIP service is common with a wide variety of unknown words and names, such as Gateway. Before these names clearly arises the doubt on What are they? and today we wanted to clarify it.

In question we will talk about the VoIP Gateway and its role in voip services.

What is a Gateway?

Initially it should be clear that this is a network device used to convert voice calls between the telephone network used (whether switched or digital) and the VoIP network.

This way you should know that using VoIP services is the VoIP Gateway which allows calls that are generated by a traditional PBX to become IP and can go to the Internet or to the contrary, ie a traditional PBX receive the called IP.

VoIP Gateway Features

Before you finish talking about this tool it is important to mention its main features. Among them are:

  • Its application as multisede communication solution, that is to say in the integration of a switchboard to a VoIP network.
  • The Gateway allows to connect the traditional PBX to VoIP, so that operators can be accessed at a lower cost.
  • It is also a device that allows establishing connections between the traditional switchboard and advanced services, allowing global coverage at a low price.
  • It also has access to more advanced software, such as call recorder, ACDs, among others.

Finally, keep in mind that using these devices can reduce the number of traditional lines, showing a good cost savings.

As you can see the VoIP gateways are of great importance within these services.