Do you want to know what your customers really think about you? Well now you can

The telemarketing survey module is very easy to use. It is basically a survey system, in which and by using the dial, the client can respond by pressing the keys of his terminal to a series of questions that a recording asks him. Imagine the possibilities here.

For example, another use is to know the degree of satisfaction of our client with our company, received attention, service, … Here the client simply must press a key, from 0 to 9, indicating their degree of satisfaction.

Simple right?

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The telemarketing surveys module is really simple to use. And if not, as easy as consulting and guiding you throughout the process

For the coordinating agent of the call center this module is of special interest because it allows you to have better control over the quality level of incoming and outgoing calls in your call center and the attention provided by the operators that work in it.

Still do not use telemarketing surveys to know the degree of satisfaction? If the answer is yes, you are losing valuable information


With telemarketing surveys does not end the list of features of the Neotel PBX. Moreover, we continue working every day to develop more modules that are coupled and integrated into your virtual switchboard easily. Some of the other modules available to the Neotel control unit are:

An ergonomic and economical Virtual Switchboard is possible

Our virtual PBX stands out for, among others, the features of telephone reception, voicemail server, web server, identification of calls, …

The virtual switchboard helps companies save costs and time.

The users who own a physical switchboard are always in trouble. They are old systems. Old. They are already disused. With the pbx hosted in the cloud we will be getting the most advanced mode for the customer in telephone switchboards. There is nothing like it!

Neotel recommends moving to the virtual switchboard if you have not already done so

Of a better professional image. Do not worry about the location of yours and your workers. Forget once and for all the typical problems of technical aspects of the management of the switchboard, space problems, equipment maintenance problems, etc.

Convince yourself and do not wait any longer. Migrate your physical switchboard to the cloud from Neotel’s hand. You will not regret

More advantages provided by the virtual switchboard:


virtual pbx

  1. Gain of space.
  2. Simplicity.
  3. Most economical and efficient option.
  4. Flexibility and mobility for users.
  5. Investment for the future.
  6. Variety of functionalities.
  7. More professional image.
  8. Simplification of call statistics.
  9. Access to call statistics.


When looking for your company to hire the pbx, do not be fooled. Contract now with Neotel.

What are my real options in Telephony in the cloud?

The ip voice switchboards are characterized by the unification of communication and telephony services.

With the virtual switchboard all the information is better organized.

With the virtual switchboard, we are also getting a portable contact center, in the sense that we will have access to our information, no matter where in the world we are. Which is of great interest.

The entire service of Neotel ensures that the client only pays for what he uses, unlike as happens with other operators. With the cloud telephony the saving of money is from the first day.


centralita virtual en la nube

Neotel is committed to telephony in the cloud, and has created a Web-based software platform, with which its users access their panel through a user and password, and from there they have full access and control to all the telephony tools that they need.

Explaining the basic principles of PBX, IP PBX and VoIP

Before the Internet, the calls were all through the telephone company. After the arrival of the Network of networks, the developers were able to channel the calls, converted to data, and travel through the Internet.

VoIP makes voice and data converge.

A peculiarity to stand out from the Neotel switchboard is its easy integration with third party softwares.

PBX, IP PBX or VoIP … Do not know what is best for your company? Get in touch now and we will solve all your doubts

If you are looking for a reliable company, with many years of experience in pbx, ip pbx and voip, we recommend you call us. We are very effective in customer service.

Do you already have a physical switchboard? Okay, then you probably think that changing to a virtual one now would be to throw away the money from physics. You are wrong then! The virtual switchboard always reports more benefits than the physical one, with the savings on the telephone bill being the main one. Even if you already have a physical switchboard, think that each month you keep working with it, it is a month that you will be paying more money than necessary. What are you waiting for to start saving money with the virtual switchboard?


Do you travel a lot for work? Or your workers? OKAY. You need a voice system by ip then. The voip knows no geographical limits and therefore barriers. From any point of the planet you can work in the same way with your voip phone system. Just like if you were physically in the location where your company is located.

From Neotel we want to clarify all your doubts and let you advise, what is best for you.

Spy what your call center agents say with the ‘Monitoring’ of the Neotel control unit

Listening to calls is very easy with the monitoring module of the Neotel control unit.

Quality must be paramount in a call center. And the Neotel monitoring module integrated in its virtual switchboard helps to perform quality controls on incoming and outgoing calls from all our operators. With this, we can, as administrator, look for flaws in the conversations of our agents and then be able to improve. The ‘monitoring’ of the Neotel control unit corresponds to the recording, spy and whisper. Without having a quality control over our agents, we will never know 100% the reason why we are losing customers or not winning new ones. In addition, this module not only allows you to spy to be aware of the conversations and then with our agent to analyze them. If not that it allows us a quality that will surely be of interest. And that is to be able to listen in real time to a conversation between a client and an agent, so that, in an invisible way to our client, we whisper what we need to the operator agent to charge the call for example, to indicate a special promotion to apply to that client, or to ask him a question, or offer him a service, etc.

With the monitoring of Neotel we can listen to any conversation in progress from our own extension.

Spying and listening to calls with the monitoring module is very easy. If you wish, you can contact us now. We are here to always attend you.

¿Cómo reducir la factura del teléfono hasta un 30%?

With the advent of technologies such as the Internet, the virtual switchboard has become the standard to be used in the world of telephone exchanges, unseating the physical switchboard.

Cloud solutions are an alternative to traditional telephone solutions. We highlight the main advantages of these:

Cost savings: We forget machines, hardware, physical terminals, maintenance and management costs, qualified personnel to pay, etc. Being a 100% cloud system there are many aspects for which we will not have to worry anymore.

Flexibility: The advanced switchboards allow unlimited extensions and for different countries. Receive incoming calls on your mobile phone, computer with Internet connection, table phone, …

Scalability: Virtual telephony allows you to reduce or expand the capacity of your PBX according to your needs. You can also control the virtual switchboard on any device and any time of day. So the control over our business will be total.

Functionality: One of the main advantages of virtual switchboards is their versatility and functionality. Among the clients of the virtual switchboards, they stand out: the recordings, mobile extensions, call queues, the complete statistics of the calls, IVR’s and the deviation by prefix and schedule.

What role do SMS in a marketing campaign?

Reaching the final customer is essential for any marketing campaign. Neotel, as a leader in the Telecommunications sector, has developed the widest range of services in terms of Communication, and can advise you on which is the most appropriate for your marketing campaign at all times. Among all of them, the SMS is crowned as among the communication systems with the highest success rate.

Integrate sending SMS to mobile phones from the Neotel platform

The customer is the most important for any company. Therefore, and knowing the rate of openness and reading that mobile messages have, it is highly advisable to have the SMS for our professional marketing campaigns.

There are many advantages of using SMS as a means of communication at the Marketing level

The main advantages are:

  • Sending notifications: You can use it to, for example, send notifications as a reminder to your customers, so that they are always aware of what happens in your company.
  • Security: It is a direct communication channel between the sender and the recipient, so you can be totally sure that this type of messaging system is reliable for communicating private data.
  • It serves as a promotional channel: You can offer discounts and promotions to your most common customers using this channel.
  • Increase traffic to your website: One of the main advantages is to add a link to your website so you increase the chances of sales.
  • Everyone knows how it works: It is easy to use for all types of users.
  • Does not need Internet connection: You can reach your audience, wherever you are, without the need for it to be connected to the Internet.

The SMS gives a very good result as far as Direct Communication is concerned.

Neotel is strongly committed to the mass SMS sending service for all types of companies that need it. Neotel has been consolidated throughout all these years as the leading company in the Software Call Center, CRM and Virtual Switchboard sector. Now the sms is the new way to create marketing campaigns for business.

The Virtual Switchboard is the most logical step to move from SMEs to a great competitor

The Virtual Switchboard allows several calls to be answered simultaneously. With it, there are no longer excuses in your company to keep calls unattended.

The image is very important for any company. Not to mention Customer Service. What do you think will happen when 5 customers are calling simultaneously to your company and you do not have infrastructures to be able to serve them all?


The Neotel Virtual Switchboard allows you to receive multiple simultaneous

With functionalities such as the IVR, the Virtual Switchboard facilitates things and brings us closer and better to customers. Thanks to intuitive options menus, customers who call our company can decide which department they wish to contact: Customer Service, Commercial, Support, Accounting, Management, etc.

Do you need a Virtual Secretary? Well, with the Neotel Virtual Switchboard you already have one

No customer who calls our company will like to have to wait, this is obvious. Although with a waiting music, this one is better. True? Thanks to the Neotel virtual PBX you can configure the music on hold that you want to be heard by your customers.


Virtual PBX

Time passes faster when we listen to music than when there is silence. Depending on the image you want to give your customers when they call, you can choose one music or another.

Setting the waiting music in the Neotel Virtual Switchboard is very simple

Set up a welcome message that turns out to be professional. This is another advantage of having a virtual switchboard in your business.

It is not enough for the client to listen to any welcome message. If we want to show a professional image, our message should go according to this image.

Set up welcome messages with the Neotel Switchboard

With the Virtual Switchboard, we demonstrate an image of professionalism that faces the outside world. Only with the welcome message are we already helping to create that image of professionalism.

With the Neotel Virtual Switchboard your company will see how sales multiply

For users when we call a company and hear a welcome message and music waiting, we immediately relate this image to that of a large company. It does not matter if our company only has 3 employees. Only with these small features we are already improving the perception that customers are going to have about our business. And the image is, as we have said before, really important in the current work world.

We associate welcome messages, waiting music and options menus to large companies.

In our minds we all have the preconceived idea that only one company that is really big is the one that is going to have this type of characteristics in the telephone service to its customers.

The only way to improve the user experience in calls is with a virtual switchboard like the one Neotel provides.

When the method of communication between company and customers is the telephone, we must ensure that we are on the front line and make use of the most advanced technology available in the market. If we really want to differentiate ourselves from our competition.

If in your company you already take care of details such as smells, cleanliness of the place, etc., why not improve your Telephone Support with your customers?

In Spain there is a very high percentage of SMEs with respect to the percentage of large companies. Sometimes it is not easy to make a hole in the market. However with the Virtual Switchboard we are earning an extra.

Are you ready to save with your Call Center system in the cloud?

Since the arrival of communication systems in the cloud to companies, many call centers are already benefiting from the advantages they bring. In particular, companies that wish to move forward have been the first to adopt call center systems in the cloud. And this technology has been a before and after in the productivity and effectiveness of employees and therefore it is a very profitable investment.

Virtual PBX

  • The ease in terms of mobility that call center systems in the cloud provide since it is not necessary for employees to be physically housed in the same place, giving us a new world of possibilities.
  • The elimination of computer hardware, which with the call center systems in the cloud these disappear, and with it the maintenance costs that reverberated.
  • Agents of call center systems in the cloud can perform more in-depth analysis of calls made. With Neotel CRM, which is easily integrated with the virtual switchboard, call center agents have a 100% functional application with which to write down any data relevant to a particular call or customer, and thus dispose of them in a more organized
  • Call centers in the cloud simplify the dialing, by a simple click, avoiding that agents have to be dialing manually.
  • Agents can be more efficient with customers, by having their work time more productive, thus focusing on offering the highest quality of telephone service.


Neotel CRM

The data does not lie. Companies that already have a call center system in the cloud save money and time from the start.


What is Voice over IP Communication?

Do you already know what Voice over IP Communication is? Well if you still have doubts, this article will interest you and much. We start!

First of all, say that if we have to simplify the answer to the question What is Voice over IP Communication? In the simplest form, we would say that the main difference with respect to other more traditional communication systems is the simplicity that is presented when installing, configuring and using the service.

With a VoIP system at the end what we are getting is a Premium communications system at very low cost. One of the reasons why the IP Voice is becoming more and more interesting to companies is that VoIP encourages Teleworking. And it does not matter where the employees are, even in different countries. Calls are always billed as if they were calls within the same office.

A virtual switchboard is an advanced communications system that allows you to have as many extensions of mobile or fixed lines as you wish and increase or reduce on demand without having to bear the costs of classic telephone switchboards. Solving the typical problems of communication quality, queued call management, etc.

The Telephony in the cloud gives freedom. With IP Telephony we lower costs and we are achieving a 100% scalable system to the needs of our company.

Neotel helps businesses simplify their communication systems thanks to CRM, PBX and call center software.

Saving on the telephone bill is really possible with Neotel.

The technologies are advancing very fast. The connections are getting faster. And the telephony in the cloud is something of the future, but of this very moment.

IP Telephony is not something new anymore. And it is true that more and more companies are making the leap to the cloud for their telephone communication systems.

pbx virtual

Directed to both small and giant companies.