virtual fax

Virtual fax and new uses of its technology

A couple of decades ago, companies introduced fax machines to office work. This invention facilitated communication and the sending of documents and notifications. Soon the computer and the Internet arrived, which eclipsed the rest of the technologies. However, many people still use the virtual fax and its predecessor.

The fax has certain very specific advantages that give it validity within some companies. In others, it has simply become a reliable and customary resource. Many businessmen may find it difficult to keep up with the technological update. In any case, today it is known that it is positive and necessary to have access to this type of equipment.

The traditional fax and its uses


virtual fax

It seems that the Internet, networks and email cover all communication needs. Nowadays, documents and information are sent and received quickly, expeditiously, at no cost and with a high degree of security. However, there are some particularities that only the fax ensures.

The fax allows to generate an acknowledgment of receipt that is really infallible, saving some errors of the technology. When the confirmation of the sent document arrives, you know that it was printed as it was sent. Although this is a somewhat archaic mechanism, it ensures rapid communication.

Another of its great advantages is that the traditional fax works with a telephone line. This means that if one day there is an Internet failure, it is feasible to use this mechanism. For this reason, many companies and even the public administration have not stopped using the bureaufax.

Virtual fax: a step towards integration

Nowadays faxes have merged with e-mail and the Internet. This application is known as virtual fax and basically allows you to send or receive communications via email. In other words, an email can be sent to a physical fax.

For this purpose, the module allows the incorporation of the fax number to which the fax will be sent. In the same way, the client is provided with a number so that he can send faxes and also send them to the email. Neotel offers this system in addition to its call center software.

The virtual fax opens an additional way to negotiate with some customers and companies that use this technology. In Spain, many small companies, businesses and entities still use this method very frequently to send documentation. When dealing with governmental institutions, this resource is essential.

Neotel’s virtual fax

Neotel’s virtual fax is a service that anyone can easily contract. The contracting party can use a number in Spain or an international one. The company can assign numbers from at least 200 countries worldwide.

Neotel has many other interesting modules such as the platform for video calls. Everything works by VoIP telephony and does not require complex installations. Each service is perfectly compatible with the company’s virtual PBX service.


Signaling module: vital in telemarketing and collections

Today’s call center software contains solutions for all kinds of circumstances. Technology makes it possible to go beyond the customer’s insecurities and prejudices to establish contact with him or her. One proof of this is the signaling module, which opens doors for companies.

Outbound call departments often deal with two barriers regardless of their function. The first is the distrust that many customers have when it comes to receiving business calls. The second is the disinclination when they have already managed to identify a business number and believe the information is useless. Both of these obstacles can be overcome through signaling.

What is signaling?



Signaling is an automated module that allows you to change the telephone number with which calls are made. This can be fundamental to generate confidence in the client so that the contact is attended. For example, if the company is located in a city other than that of the users, a prefix can be used that is from the territory to which they belong.

Another common problem occurs when customers begin to recognize the company’s number. Many times this identification motivates people to simply not answer. This happens a lot with collection departments. From this tool, the telephone numbering can be modified to create curiosity and certain expectation.

The objective of the signaling module is to motivate effective contact. To this end, it has two modes: selective and dynamic. The first allows the operator to manually set the number he/she finds convenient. The second is an intelligent automation programming made by the system itself.

A tool for telemarketing and collections

Telemarketing departments tend to change numbers to create customer curiosity. This is what allows a greater number of outbound calls to be received. From here, there is a small window to sell or introduce the customer to a product or service.

Something similar happens with the collection department where it is necessary to modify a little the prefixes and numbers. The operator can play with the possibility of changing part or all of the numbering. With the use of this tool, certain quite functional strategies are usually learned. Of course, like any other module, its application must be well thought out.

It is also often used by companies to add prefixes that are recognizable to users. In this case, signage becomes a tool that generates reliability. In the case of customer service and security management, this can be of vital importance.

A contribution to customer security

When reliable prefixes are used for people, they are taught to preserve the security of their data. In this way, the customer learns to recognize the number and to be wary of unfamiliar numbers. In this way, fraud can be avoided beyond the company’s location.

In the case of Neotel, the signaling module is integrated into the virtual PBX. Companies that contract the software can count on this service. Undoubtedly, another ingenious solution of automation applied to the business world.

incoming call statistics

Inbound call statistics tell a lot to the company

In all call center rooms, the importance of inbound call statistics is confirmed. These are usually central to each operator. However, reading them at a general level can show how the company manages customer service. Their analysis can even take the company’s image to another level.

The statistical modules of the call center software tell a lot about the company. For sure, the amount of extractable variables and data is quite wide. Some statistics are more important than others, but all of them together allow estimating the productivity of a contact center.

What can be known from inbound call statistics?


importance of incoming call statistics

Everything that happens during, after and even before the call is in this data. Some of the most important are free time between contacts, call duration and daily, weekly and monthly flow. This is the most basic, but when you drill down into the numbers you can see a lot more.

For example, with an analysis of daily inbound contacts you can learn some customer habits. This is how call centers in large companies can forecast how many customers will be contacted on Wednesdays and compare with Fridays. It is also feasible to understand what are the times when they receive more calls.

The call center software should also allow you to break down calls by department. Two fundamental and interrelated data are the abandonment rate and the response time. Improving the latter should lower the former, which is a negative number if it is too high. The fact that many customers abandon calls implies that communication is difficult and this projects a bad image of the company.

Organizing the work of the call center

Many times we think that a call center is just about placing a group of employees and answering calls. To be sure, productivity in this type of department is only achieved through planning and strategy. Coordinators can have a more or less stable organization and create contingencies when necessary. The department has daily patterns, but also situations that can occur suddenly.

It is essential to have a virtual pbx whose statistical module is efficient and easy to read. Some programs present too little data or too much in a way that is difficult to understand. Therefore, it is key that the incoming call statistics are presented in a consistent, friendly and easy-to-approach graphical manner. The interface is often another important aspect when reading data.

Innovative companies like Neotel understand the importance of statistics. This module together with monitoring are the essential elements to improve the quality of service. It should be noted that customer satisfaction can also be measured as an objective variable. Organizing the call center so that the service is effective, fast and covers a large number of customers will be part of the good reputation of a brand.


The importance of monitoring in start-ups

Large call centers rely on procedure manuals and defined responses to problems. In contrast, new companies are not very clear about these guidelines due to a lack of experience and inexperience that are typical of any start-up. Fortunately, new entrepreneurs have monitoring as a key tool to define processes.

The success of any call center lies in the ability of its managers to produce standardized responses. These are usually accumulated in customer service manuals and are taught to each new employee. It seems a simple detail, but it is what allows work teams not to collapse in the face of customer demands. Precisely, the monitoring module of the call center software will make it possible to elaborate and find these procedures.

Efficiency is the goal of monitoring

Call center monitoring makes it possible to verify the performance of operators on each call. From this, the authorities of a call center can listen to the calls and even guide the teleoperator in the middle of a difficult situation. Companies with a track record only use this tool to evaluate the management of their employees.


monitoring the call center software

Reaching optimal levels of service and response can take time and effort. However, new ventures can create their own service manuals by evaluating their customers’ calls. In this way, the call center will have a plan to carry out the work according to the real needs of the users. Therefore, monitoring can be key to ensure efficiency in the midst of growth.

The more customers buy products or services, the more difficult it will be to serve them. The right thing to do is to be able to generate good answers, fast, not cumbersome and that allow to serve a greater number of customers. Otherwise, the call center will be overwhelmed by a high number of calls and dissatisfied users. It should be noted that customer service is key to building a company’s image.

How can monitoring be leveraged in the new company?

Based on monitoring and the virtual call recorder, the first customer service procedures can be created. To do this, it is enough to take a sample of calls and verify which are the most common complaints. From here, you can design ways of responding and proceeding to solve the customer’s problem.

You can also analyze the dialogues of the operators to design a pleasant speech. There are academic proposals and essays on the subject, but it is also possible to act on input from customers. In this way, coordinators can create greetings, call closings and other resources to improve the customer experience.

These tips are very useful in service companies that have a customer service department. However, you can also study the development of calls in telemarketing and outbound departments. This is a reminder of how positive it is to have a virtual PBX: all data is hosted in the cloud and easily accessible.

telemarketing surveys

Telemarketing Surveys: The Strategists’ Solution

Today’s entrepreneurs understand the value of business-related metrics. The explosion of social media in the business world has led companies to pay more attention to this type of information. However, network statistics do not cover all the data needed to analyze the impact of products and services. In this sense, telemarketing surveys can be the ideal ally to finalize strategies.

Surveying customers has multiple benefits and it is much easier if it is done through call center software. It is not the same to place two surveyors in a shopping mall than to take advantage of the customer when he/she calls the company. Telemarketing surveys allow to know preferences and perspectives of users quickly and easily.

The telemarketing survey module How does it work?


telemarketing surveys

The telemarketing survey system works in a very similar way to ivr. The customer listens to the survey when calling or being called and simply answers by pressing a number on the keypad. This operation usually takes no more than a minute and that is why it is so effective. The company configures in its module the question to be asked and the answer options.

One of the most common surveys is one that invites the customer to rate the service. An answer from 1 to 9 can be assigned on the keypad, giving the customer a good range of options for rating. However, there are better ways to use this automated module to boost business profits.

The automated telephone survey allows you to ask customers almost anything. You can rate products, self-management systems and even ask what kind of plans or services they prefer. Surveys can also be conducted to learn about customer demographics. This is vital because it allows you to understand the profile of the regular user. Knowing the age, gender or residential area is crucial to boost service in a targeted way.

Telemarketing survey and strategy go hand-in-hand

Telemarketing surveys should be targeted according to business needs and perspectives. They allow the entrepreneur to verify whether the direction he is heading in is the right one. User queries are directly related to the next steps to be taken. This is precisely what makes them useful tools for production and sales.

An excellent strategy is to run contests to motivate the customer not to run away from the surveys. The mere possibility of winning a prize motivates people to act with a certain commitment. That way, the entrepreneur is assured that many of the answers he will get are legitimate and sincere.

The best thing about this module is that there is no need to hire a telephone interviewer. The system is an annex of the virtual pbx  and works with the voice of a recorded operator. Companies like Neotel offer innovation and upgrades in this type of add-on. It is inexpensive to obtain and pays good dividends in use.

What is IVR and how does it work?

The new tasks of the ivr in the company

The most innovative companies incorporate customer self-management as part of their operation. For those who are wondering what an ivr is, it is the voice system that is usually heard when calling some call centers. That operator who asks for information such as ID number, or who indicates options to dial is a tool that allows the customer to resolve their concerns and problems.

To define ivr is to talk about progress and innovation, and this tool offers increasingly better applications. Interactive voice response systems are becoming more and more open and allow better functions to be performed. In fact, they have gone from guiding the customer through the contact center menus to a more complete interaction. Everything will depend on how up-to-date the system is, but above all, on how the company knows how to take advantage of it.

What is ivr in telephony? Simplified interaction


ivr virtual pbx

The magic of ivr is that it allows the customer to be served without the need for a single operator. Some requests and inconveniences can be solved from the system itself. That is why this module is associated with self-management, especially in the field of service companies. Banks, insurance brokers and cable TV companies often implement it to make things easier.

Doing a credit card password change is that kind of thing that some ivr’s allow. The result of their implementation is the resolution of a myriad of problems in an automated way. In this way, a company’s operators concentrate on problems that require more personalized attention. It sounds simple, but the truth is that it generates solutions for both companies and their customers.

Now, perhaps the more appropriate question is, what is ivr today? The answer is that it is a very versatile tool that can be used even in telemarketing. This is probably a facet of ivr that is known in very few companies. Interactive voice response systems are automated tools whose scope and function depends on how it is used.

ivr creative work

One of the most profitable tasks that we can perform automatically with ivr is polling. This system can be used to ask questions about products and marketing. It is also possible to know the demographic and age composition of the customers. This is essential to be able to create a business strategy and services tailored to the most interested parties.

There are also systems with outbound ivr with which automated messages can be made. The same robot call offered by companies such as Neotel in its virtual pbx has to do with this type of module. Those companies that have this type of system can automate an endless number of notifications. In this way, operators can concentrate on resolving problems through incoming calls.

Perhaps the most innovative function is to motivate new purchases and even conduct contests with the ivr. For this purpose, this system is combined with the module for sending mass SMS messages. Messages for a new service can be sent and customers can be asked to call a number for activation. Likewise, surveys can be conducted by dialing and offering the user to participate in a contest. Undoubtedly, automation and self-management pay dividends.

mobile pbx

Mobile PBX: the ally of independent distributors

It is currently fashionable to work as a freelance distributor and marketer to generate extra income. This trend is part of the collaborative economy and it works for many. However, one of the drawbacks faced by those who venture into the world of “independent sales” is informality. Fortunately, there are resources such as the mobile switchboard that add seriousness to each call.

In the world of sales, the most important thing is the credibility of both the product and the salesperson. Therefore, it is important to plan everything surrounding the sale itself. Independent distribution relies heavily on the seriousness that the potential consumer sees in the transaction. This is precisely what is achieved when the mobile PBX is incorporated.

What can the mobile PBX achieve in a sale?

The mobile virtual pbx is a module that allows to have the call center functionalities inside a Smartphone. That is to say, by using it you can put a call on hold, transfer, retrieve and perform similar functions. This facilitates both the control of the call and the correct maintenance of the conversation.


mobile virtual pbx

Corporate sales departments have all these functionalities through call center software. What the mobile PBX allows is to incorporate these functions to any cell phone. This allows the salesperson to be able to search for information, connect the user with the company and so on. All of this adds up to better communication and more effective and empathetic responsiveness.

But the use of the mobile PBX also generates credibility and reliability for the independent salesperson. The ability to be able to have functions that are typical of contact with companies recreates a professional environment. If, in addition to this, the salesperson adds institutional parlance, such as mentioning the name of the company, communication improves. People tend to trust more when they feel they are communicating with a company employee.

A support for the distributor and the company

Nowadays it is very common to see companies with plans to seek independent distributors. The case of food supplements or cosmetics is well known, but there are also technology companies doing this. For example, Neotel offers commercial facilities for IP telephony distributors. When this type of vendor uses a mobile PBX, it enhances the possibility of closing sales.

Companies could provide the mobile PBX module to their distributors to project their credibility. Selling from informal dialogues is not the same as selling using professional tools and having customers notice it. Potential buyers will quickly know that behind every independent there is a company behind it.

The objective is also to project security and the idea that there is no fraud in the business. This will represent a competitive advantage over other vendors or companies offering similar plans. The result of credibility: commissions for the distributor and business expansion for the company. Undoubtedly, this is a module that evokes the benefits of the virtual PBX in any Smartphone.

WebRTC line: goodbye to telephone companies

Companies spend vast sums of money to large telephone emporiums to ensure communication. Business plans are expensive and quality is not always assured. The truth is that communications have changed and that old scheme is being overcome. The WebRTC line is here to stay and several entrepreneurs are already migrating.

The WebRTC line concept seems to be a complex matter handled only by computer engineers. To tell the truth, all people are unconsciously handling this technology on our Smartphones. For example, when you enter a virtual classroom or videoconference through Apps, you are using this system. Now, every company can have its own communication system based on VoID telephony.

What is WebRTC?

The WebRTC line is a structure that allows the creation of online communication systems from web pages. The applications that allow video calls and videoconferences are currently based on this technology created by Google. This has allowed the creation of innovative softphones for call centers and internal business communication.


webrtc line

This system has allowed the creation of communication tools by companies such as Neotel. The important issue of this technological evolution is that it allows quality communication, more fluid and very cheap. The latter is due to the fact that now calls do not depend on telephone lines and corporations. Today, all video and non-video calls can be supported by a broadband Internet connection.

The WebRTC line can be installed in the virtual PBX. Employees simply open an application where the softphone is located and call anywhere in the world. They can do this from the office, but they can also access the system using their personal devices. More advanced services such as Neotel’s do not require complex installations because everything is managed from the Internet.

Outperforming traditional telephone companies

With the WebRTC line, communication can be guaranteed on the company’s private network through the use of PBX. From this point on, a company’s employees can use the softphone anywhere in the world. What they need in any case is a program profile, a device and an Internet connection.

The best thing is that the new communication companies offer their own plans in minutes and data. This opens up a world of possibilities as each company offers its own call center software, modules and plans at different costs. The entrepreneur only has to look for the proposal that best suits the needs of his company. This is a competitive market with many options for the contractor.

The vital thing is to understand how important it is to adapt the business work to the benefits of the WebRTC line. Later the company can invest in IP telephony devices, but this is not entirely necessary. Having an Internet connection is all that is needed to reduce costs and revolutionize customer service.

Virtual PBX: quality call center supported by third parties

One of the most costly expenses faced by large companies is the opening of a call center. For many managers, it is an obligation that arises as a result of commercial success. The biggest problem lies in the investment that must be made in terms of facilities, equipment, software and personnel. Fortunately, serving customers is much simpler, more efficient and cheaper thanks to the virtual PBX.

But… What is a virtual PBX and how does it work? This seems a complicated concept if you look at it from the basis of the traditional call center.  However, incorporating this new system and managing it is even easier. Below, we will explain what this concept is all about, which is so beneficial for entrepreneurs.

What is a virtual PBX and how does it work?


virtual pbx

The switchboard is basically a system that interconnects all business communication. From it, teleoperators and coordinators can manage, control and tailor the interaction with customers for their attention. To do this, the traditional call center relied on servers, computers, interconnection equipment, software and a corps of IT engineers. All this is synonymous with a lot of money.

The virtual PBX simply integrates all those elements necessary for communication in a non-physical way. It sounds complicated at a technological level, but the best part of it is that the contracting company does virtually nothing. In other words, it is a service handled by a communications company such as Neotel and it is there ready to simply work.

What characterizes the virtual PBX is that the entire system is hosted on third-party servers. The hosting of the data is done through the cloud service and everything is done by the contracted company. In short, the company has its own call center office and is only in charge of customer service, charging or selling services.

What is the best virtual PBX?

Knowing what a virtual switchboard is, it is important to understand which one has the best features. In reality, this usually depends on the needs of each company. Of course, the type of service and its cost will also depend on these requirements, which are different in each venture or company.

The best virtual PBXs are innovative and allow the integration of innovative modules. Automation is the order of the day because it allows to solve problems and expand the range of the business. Robot call, predictive dialer, sending mass sms, among others. In short, the best services are versatile and have easy-to-use call center software.

Services or tools that used to be hired individually are nowadays integrated to the virtual PBX. All communications are carried out using VoIP telephony, which means that calls are made over the Internet. Of course, this feature also allows the contracting company to save a little more. That said, we can only recommend the purchase of this type of service.

Innovative CRM: the best way to have the best customer data

Companies with years of experience know how important it is to have a system with the data of each client.  The problem is that in most cases the software they use is very outdated. Truth be told, when it comes to business and technology, the rule of “better the devil you know than the good you don’t know” doesn’t really apply. Having an innovative CRM implies an advantage not only at a management level, but also at a commercial level.

CRM goes beyond being a data system like the one banks have, for example. Traditional data banks are not necessarily focused on communication and customer service. A key feature of these systems is the interconnection between the collection and review of data and the management of both customer service and marketing. CRM is more than an information bank, it is a business approach.



CRM: integrating every aspect of service

CRM humanizes companies and turns them into customer-oriented companies. This management system integrates everything: from problem resolution, to updating user data, to sales. It is a new and different approach materialized in a tool that manages the information of interest.

It may seem to be just a database, but this type of program is very intelligent. For example, from the CRM an operator can know the caller’s data, know if he has called before or if he is in the database. By knowing the phone number and name of the caller, you can even update the data.

Neotel’s CRM is based on the creation of a modifiable file with information about each customer. Their records appear with each contact and can be edited to update the information. This eliminates one of the biggest problems for most companies: outdated user data. Instead of waiting for customers to enter their new phone numbers or e-mail, the operator can do it with every call.

Smarter campaigns

But updating data is just one of the CRM’s functions. In fact, this tool makes it easier to organize information in a simplified way. At the same time, the program is designed to facilitate the use of this data in subsequent campaigns.

In short, this system, integrated with the call center software, allows for intelligent commercial work. Companies that have this program make better marketing campaigns because the program is structured to integrate each task. CRM is a software that contains a business philosophy based on customer service and expansion.

Companies like Neotel manage to integrate virtual PBX to their CRM and even to other third-party applications. Undoubtedly, up-to-date customer service technology is an asset that allows companies to expand their commercial sphere.