Virtual PBX and Telework

Virtual PBX + Telework:

– Allows transfers
– You can use the extension of work anywhere on the planet
– The calls will do them with the number of head of the company, or the one that you decide
– It is necessary that the teleworker has an IP telephone or a device with Internet connection
– Receiving calls is free
– The cost of the calls is the same as being in the office
– The virtual switchboard allows teleworkers to use the phone from anywhere in the world

Virtual PBX

Calls to the teleworker are exactly the same as the rest of the office employees.

Making calls has no extra cost for the teleworker, no matter where in the world you are. You just need an Internet connection to work.

The PBX is in the cloud.

Possibility of using any telephone that is linked to the work unit. All you need is an IP phone or softphone or if not a computer with a network connection. That’s as simple as that.

Virtual PBX

Motives such as mobility and flexibility make more and more companies around the world bet on Telework. This is possible thanks to the Internet and all professional tools. And one of them is the virtual switchboard.


What tools or functions does the virtual PBX provide to my business?

Let’s look at some of the options offered by a virtual PBX:

Call Recording

Fundamental to carry out an internal control over the calls and possible conflicts with clients. A virtual PBX can record all calls and store them for later retrieval.

Call management according to different schedules

Depending on the time when we receive a call, we can program the virtual PBX to act in one way or another.

Call transfer

We can transfer calls from one extension to another.


If a number is busy the PBX automatically redirects the call to another available line. We will never lose a call from a potential customer because of a busy line.

Virtual PBX

Option menu

Possibility to program different options according to the key that the client clicks on his terminal. This is very useful for transferring the call to one department or another.


A programmed locution allows to inform the client while waiting for what we want, being a promotion that we have active at that moment, or anything else.

And this is just a small sample of what a virtual PBX offers.

The virtual switchboard allows the customer to give a better service and more quality. With features such as call recording, call handling depending on different schedules, call transfer, redirections, options menu, voiceover, … our company will be able to maximize sales faster.

And it is that customer service is paramount for any company that considers itself professional.

When a customer wants to know more about our products and services, perhaps because he has already consulted us online on the Internet, it is very likely that his next step is to try to contact us in a telephone.


Is it important for my company to have a virtual PBX?

Call Neotel at 952 64 10 34 or 902 088 500 and ask for more information about our PBX.

At Neotel we think about your needs and we adapt a plan for you and your company in particular.

Still using an analogue switchboard? Surely after reading this article you will want to make the leap to Neotel’s virtual pbx.

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Advantages of the virtual switchboard for businesses

Cost Savings

This service is managed from a single switch regardless of the number of venues you have distributed. In addition, it allows us to make free calls between employees of the company.

Control of the telephone attention
These tools provide us with a statistical system for analyzing different data. In addition they offer the recording of calls to be able to evaluate the quality of the service offered by the agent and to be able to solve incidents of a faster form.


Virtual PBXs allow the calls to be answered only by the appropriate agent for the same. How? It has a functionality where the call can be diverted to the desired agent.

Management by schedules

It does not matter anymore what work schedule we have. If the phone rings and no one is already active at the same time to answer the call, a locution will jump to give the image that we are still active.


It is possible to receive and make calls from any line of the company no matter where we are.

Currently there are systems of switchboards housed in the cloud with which allows a series of functionalities that until now were impossible.

Virtual pbx

Often for companies that receive a large volume of calls it is impossible to meet all of them.

And there is no doubt that communication over the telephone is still the main and most important today for customers.

The Internet has revolutionized the world of Telecommunications. This allows companies to access a large number of tools to facilitate the management of work.


Enjoy your vacation without losing a call with the Virtual PBX

Being on vacation is not synonymous with neglecting your clients or losing potential clients. Thanks to the current technology we can enjoy our holidays without having to worry about losing job opportunities. Thanks to the virtual PBX we get this new possibility where it does not matter where we are, we are always connected.

Virtual PBX

With the PBX from Neotel we can go on vacation and forget about worries. We are not losing connection with our customers. Fully configurable by the customer, you can set features on your PBX according to your needs. Below we show some of the functionalities of the virtual switchboard and thanks to these we can leave this summer vacation very quietly:

Virtual answering machine: The voicemail will always send you the messages in email format so you do not miss anything. Although your clients will not be served by a human person, they will have the opportunity to leave a message in the voicemail. You will automatically receive the message through an email.
Call Forwarding: Your PBX allows you to configure call forwarding according to the requirements that the customer deems appropriate. You can configure a schedule for call diversion, specifying the days and times for which this diversion is desired to be working. And all in a very easy way. This is highly recommended for companies that wish to provide a telephone service outside the normal established hours.


How to call for free by IP Voice?

If you are looking for a virtual PBX for your company call Neotel and contact the leading professionals in the Telecommunications sector. We are located in Malaga and we serve the whole world.

Although it seems difficult to believe, even today there are companies that continue to manage the calls of their employees with a traditional switchboard and not a virtual one. In order to make our calls through the Internet it is necessary to migrate to a virtual exchange.

Move to the Neotel virtual switchboard today

Start enjoying some of the advantages that Neotel offers to PBX customers, such as Click To Call Me Back. Include a call-to-action button on your website so customers can get in touch with your business by simply clicking and your company will return a call as soon as possible.

To make calls you do not need to be glued to the phone or computer all day. Installing a softphone that is nothing more than a simple app on our mobile device we get all the power of the PBX on our smartphone or computer.

Multi-device IP Voice Applications. Contact us and request information without commitment

There are several types of IP voice phones:

To connect with USB to the computer.
For use in computer equipment.
In Neotel we are to clarify all your doubts. Why not call 952 64 10 34 or 902 088 500 right now so we can advise you on the solution that best fits your company’s needs?

IP Phones

IP Voice Telephone. With softphones or SIP phones you can make Internet calls to traditional phones, other softphones and mobiles. Its operation is the same as the traditional telephone only that calls are made over the Internet.

With Voice over IP, when we make a call, the other person receiving it picks up the phone either from their traditional phone, mobile device or computer. Our voice is going to listen exactly like with conventional calls. With IP Telephony you will not see any difference, except for your invoice that will be reduced.

Usually we always call from telephone wires through our telephone company. With IP telephony we simply dial the number as we would with a traditional call, we talk, and our voice is transformed into data and transmitted over the Internet.

Making calls with Voice over IP is very easy

VoIP switchboard. IP Telephony. IP voice switches. PBX switchboards

Save on invoice costs with IP telephony.

Instead of through a cable, the voice travels through the Internet. This is not something of the future. This is a present reality. And your company, is it a company with a future? It needs to adapt to the technologies of today. Neotel is very easy!

Voice over IP

Today with this article from Neotel we try to get the meaning of Voice over IP to all our followers. Of course, any doubt just has to write us to or leave us a message through the form of contact that appears in our web. Imagine making phone calls for free! Well this is possible. And you just need to contact us. We have been specialists in Internet calls since 2001. Are you going to miss out on this opportunity? Neotel helps you save on your telephone bill in a very easy way.

IP telephony

Neotel: quality in IP Voice services

PBX Switchboards

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The Importance of Correct Customer Service

For SMEs who wish to offer a high quality customer service, it is important (obligatory?) To have a virtual switchboard that suits their needs, is feasible, reliable, and has a team of professionals behind where The client knows that it has that support. With the virtual switchboard you will have at your disposal a series of advantages and benefits that, if up to now your SME did not have it, now thanks to this post we will understand the why of the importance of the virtual switchboard in a company.

– Offering added value with respect to the competition: By hiring a high-quality virtual PBX system, we are able to offer a worthy Customer Service to be above the competition in terms of image.
– Sell ​​without limits: Most likely your company does not just sell a single service or product. With a correct Customer Service you will get to the customer, extract all the necessary information, learn about their needs (known by customers and the unknown), and thus try to show and sell something more than could in principle have been. There are a few situations in which a customer contacts a company with an X need, not knowing that maybe X is not what he needs, but Y and Z. It reaches your customers in a better way. Sell ​​more and better.
– Give a more professional image as a company to customers: Customers love to know that they have your support; That the company is there for them when they need it, this is a reality. That a customer calls a company and this is always communicating gives a very bad image is the truth. By hiring a virtual switchboard we can set up locutions, queues, and endless possibilities that will make customers have a much better image of us as a company.

Software Call Center

When giving a QUALITY Customer Service, care must be taken with the following points:

– Poor rapprochement with the client: Nobody likes that when they call a company they have 15 minutes waiting, jumping from one department to another, from one agent to another, without being solved their needs. This happens in many companies that have dptos. Of Customer Service that are impersonal or cold, giving that feeling of distance to the calling customer.
– Lack of professionalism: When it comes to Customer Service, not all companies are professionals. From those that communicate without stopping, to which their agents convey a lack of professionalism and constant respect. This is fatal for a customer and the company, because if the first image is not the most positive, we are at risk of losing a possible sale or even a customer. You also have to take great care of the attention given, that the deal is the right one – not too far or too close. Do not forget that customers always come first.

Virtual PBX

With this article today we would like to make known the importance of the correct Customer Service since this is not always done as expected. By hiring a virtual exchange with Neotel we make sure we are covering the main needs in order to offer a good customer service.

Neotel has been offering virtual PBX, call center software and CRM since 2001. We are Telecommunications professionals. Call now and request more information without obligation.


Enhances your SME by hiring the Virtual Switchboard

When we refer to SMEs in Spain we know that we are talking about a high percentage of companies that make up the sector. If we had to highlight a big enemy for SMEs surely the big companies come to be the main enemy of these. When it comes to a SME to stand out about the customers and also the competition it is necessary for this small and medium company to convey image and professionalism and how to impress their customers. And this is where the Virtual PBX comes in. Below we show you what are the benefits of the virtual PBX that SMEs are already using today to reach their customers above the competition:

  • Option menu
  • Standby music
  • Welcome message

If we use the menu of options we have to be aware of attending to the client in the most direct way possible, and that the client is going to be transferred to the first with the person indicated for his case.

Using the options menu, the person (client) waits less time and talks to the person directly responsible, which makes the user experience the most optimal. Besides that not only the customer wins, since for the agents that take calls the day is more productive and with the minimum loss of time possible.

As for the music of waiting the main thing here is that with the music that we are going to choose we can transmit a concrete image of our company, whatever it is that interests us. We try to calm and reassure the customer who is on the other side of the line during the wait.

It is proven that the feeling of waiting is less when the customer hears a certain music than if he does not listen. Usually, a customer who is kept on hold during a call, if he is kept listening to some music that is appropriate, when it is possible to attend the customer this will be calmer.

On the other hand, the welcome message is fundamental because it will be the first impression and image (hearing) that customers will perceive about our company. Any message does not serve us. An incorrect welcome message may mean that our client is going to hang up the phone with the existing risk that this may entail.

It is important to think of the welcome message we want for our company. To show professionalism and quality the welcome message has to be agreed.

Hiring a virtual switchboard we work so that the image that the client takes of our company is the best possible. Making use of the welcome message, the music waiting and the menu options are already giving an image of professionalism to the client and our competition.

Make use of a virtual switchboard if you want to see your sales increased

For most customers, when they call a company, if they find these characteristics that we discussed earlier (welcome message, music waiting, options menu), associate our company to a large company directly. Perhaps we are contacting a small business, however these little details mark big differences in the minds of customers.

Virtual Switchboard

Options menu, music waiting and welcome message … Improve the image your customers have about your company

Improving our image as a company is easy if you know how.

The fastest way to improve our image vis-à-vis the user is by hiring a virtual PBX.

If our means of communication with customers is via telephone, it is necessary to learn how to make the most of it.

This is a very studied marketing technique: we change and improve the image that customers have about our company and us to increase sales.

Improve the marketing of your company: contract the Virtual Center

We improved our image, and saved on costs. They are all advantages!