Technologies to invest in: Private label PBX

The post-pandemic era is characterized by a generalized tendency to work on one’s own business. To do this, it is essential to find a window of opportunity, which usually comes with a good product to sell. The technological area has no waste and much more if it is oriented to companies. This is where the profitable and resolute private label PBX comes in.

Technology in general terms is usually a profitable business beyond the category. However, you have to pay close attention and look hard to find the products that generate the most profit and the least cost. While the market for cell phones, video games and entertainment devices is crowded, technology solutions for businesses are still largely unknown and in demand.

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White label switchboard: have your business and help entrepreneurs

The best business opportunities are not the most obvious. Most of the time, they are driven by needs that are not easy to detect. For example, it would seem that investing in sought-after gadgets such as smartphones is a sure thing. However… What if someone told you that there is something that is cheaper and can sell more and generate income in the long run? That’s exactly what the white label PBX is all about.

The virtual PBX in the cloud is more than a product, it is a technological solution. It is a system that allows to control business communication and facilitates sales for companies. Today, almost all large companies have incorporated this software to lower the cost of their communications and develop effective telemarketing.

Nowadays, many companies are looking for providers that guarantee this type of service. On the other hand, the margin of companies that have not yet upgraded their communications to IP telephony is large. In other words, there is a group of potential customers who do not know they are customers, because they do not understand what they need. For all of them, white label PBX investors will be the ideal solution. The opportunities are vast.

Have your own company with the white label switchboard

The white label PBX is a plan that Neotel has launched for entrepreneurs. Those who want to open their own business and offer our virtual PBX, can do it with us. Basically, the associated entrepreneur will be able to offer our service as if it were created by himself. He will create his own brand, with his own name and will open his own way in the business of business technology solutions.

For a reasonable investment many entrepreneurs will be able to have their own business. As the virtual PBX in the cloud is not a product, but a service, its sale will generate sustained income in months and years. It is not a question of creating a franchise: the entrepreneur will offer this service as if he had created it, but with the full support of Neotel.

Entrepreneurs working with the white label PBX will only have to sell the software. To activate the service, they will have the “Turnkey” system, which will facilitate distribution. Everything will work perfectly, the program will continue to be supported by Neotel’s state-of-the-art servers and the profit, as well as the recognition, will be for the new company. It’s about starting your own business, but with the support of an already consolidated product.

Neotel is the market leader in the call center software market.

Neotel has more than 20 years of experience in the business communication business. We have offered IP telephony and countless applications to companies of all types and sizes. Even so, we believe that it is important to expand the reach of our virtual PBX in the cloud, even if it is sold by other strong companies. It is a win-win business, in which our company, the new entrepreneurs and the rest of the companies benefit.

It is not necessary to have extensive knowledge to sell the virtual PBX. Our system is very intuitive and does not require installations or large investments in technological equipment. Everything is handled over the Internet, as if it were any other communication platform, only this one is professional. At all times, entrepreneurs working with us can communicate with our technical staff in case of doubts.

Neotel wants to work with new entrepreneurs focused on new technologies. Those who have in mind to manage their own business and generate dividends have in this program, a window of opportunity… Do you want to generate money by offering services even at an international level? Obtain sustained income over time? The next step is to contact us for more information.

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Call center software: the solution for new companies

Cuando se escucha el término software de call center, lo primero que viene a la mente son grandes salas llenas de teleoperadores. Y aunque es cierto que este tipo de aplicaciones sirven para eso, no es necesario tener un departamento con 30 personas para aprovecharlo. De hecho, cualquier empresario puede impulsar su propio negocio con esta herramienta, aunque esté empezando o tenga poco capital. De hecho, cualquiera puede aprovechar esta oportunidad.

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Approximately 75% of the most successful companies have incorporated call center software. Some of them do not even have teleoperators and yet they have found in this technology an unprecedented communication solution. To tell the truth, there are many ways to exploit this service, which is usually very economical and also makes a lot of things cheaper.

Communicate with your customers like a professional

One of the most important issues facing retailers and entrepreneurs is business communication. In the beginning, a person could sell and serve customers even through a social network. However, this can represent a problem of image and even trust. In addition, over time these means are not enough to meet the demand of a thriving business, however small it may be. This is where call center software, also called virtual switchboard, comes in.

What a call center software in Spain or in any other country gives you is a platform for customer service. In fact, with this tool you can control every communication, know who called, at what time customers call and manage everything. What we do not see from a social network or on the cell phone, we will be able to understand through this program. In addition, this application incorporates professional communication mechanisms that are very useful for generating credibility.

For example, the call center software allows you to make video calls with letterhead and a professional space. It is not the same or as serious video calling from a social network, than doing it from an own tool and that customers say “wow, this is a real company”. Another very good tool is the progressive dialer, which launches calls to our customers as its name suggests, progressively. This tool is widely used in call centers, but for a family business that wants to promote and offer something, it will be very useful.

Freeing ourselves from the telephone company

Business communication involves a considerable expense in communications. When there are not yet many sales this is not noticeable, but when there are more customers the telephone bill can be heavy. One of the best ways to reduce costs is to use IP telephony. This technology basically allows telephone calls to be supported by a broadband connection. From this point on, it will be unnecessary to spend money calling, making everything cheaper.

The best thing about hiring a phone call software is that it allows us to learn about such a useful technology as IP telephony. Adapting to this solution from the beginning will allow an excellent adaptation when the company grows and expands, which is the purpose of any initiative. Knowing about this will be a great learning experience for the near future.

But the best thing about the virtual PBX is that it is basically telemarketing software. Beyond its call center solutions, this program has great add-ons that will help anyone to sell. In fact, those who hire this service have automated applications to send advertising via text messaging, special plugins for web pages, robot call and many other solutions. For example, there is the CRM call center, an interactive data system that connects entire companies and promotes sales in real time.

At Neotel we have a telemarketing software with guarantees.

Of course, not all call center software is the same. Some have more features, complements and scope than others, which is a matter of great importance. At Neotel we have one of the most complete programs of its kind, which is possible after 20 years of experience in the market. Our virtual PBX in the cloud is used by hundreds of companies all over Europe and also in Latin America and the United States.

Those who are wondering about the call center software prices, should know that in this company we offer different plans tailored to each client. For this reason, Neotel can be an excellent solution even for new companies. Over time, the entrepreneur can hire those add-ons that he needs or that are attractive to him. With us, you will be able to set up your service in an intelligent, useful and practical way, always thinking about your budget. If you are interested in our virtual switchboard, contact us.