Inbound call statistics give you clues about your business

Hiring a virtual PBX has several positive aspects unknown to the average entrepreneur. One of them is the ability to know how the telephone communication of customers who make contact with your company or business occurs. To tell the truth, this is valuable information that could define business growth and like any source of data, it is usually quite usable. For those who are already wondering how to obtain it, the answer is simple: Incoming call statistics.

The virtual PBX is a software that allows you to professionalize communication, migrate to IP telephony and control all incoming and outgoing calls, among other tasks. Part of this control is possible thanks to the fact that this program can know how each contact occurs, save the information and process it so that any businessman or manager can use it.

incoming call statistics

Incoming call statistics: Know how the communication occurs

Most people associate the virtual PBX only with the call center. Certainly, this is its origin, but today, this is a program that can be used for any business. And as any business activity involves a communication flow, it can be quantified to address it more comprehensively and strategically. This is precisely what is known as inbound call statistics.

Inbound call statistics chart everything that happens in a company’s daily communication. For example, this module of the virtual PBX allows you to know how many calls enter the company’s telephone, regardless of whether it is a single call or several devices. This makes it possible to know how many people are calling and at what times. This is not only useful for companies with call centers, but also for small companies with one or a few managers.

Inbound call statistics also let you know how many calls are missed, put on hold or hung up. All this data sounds very technical, but it is incredibly useful. It is enough to analyze the numbers a little to generate better solutions, increase attention and seek a greater flow of sales from these actions. We must remember that communication is key to generate business opportunities and, therefore, we must think about it.

How can I use incoming call statistics to my advantage?

There are many examples of how inbound call statistics can be used to improve a business. For example, if the data suggests that more people are calling at a certain time, the right thing to do is for the entrepreneur to focus on answering calls during those time slots. In fact, being more available when there is a greater flow of customers is a strategy that works both in a call center and in a physical store, so it is functional for any type of enterprise.

Another advantage of inbound call statistics is that it records and presents data on the performance of individual telemarketers. Suppose a company has three people in charge of handling customer orders. With the virtual PBX, a business owner can know for sure if these people are doing their job properly… Are they hanging up? Are they not answering? All of this is verifiable.

Telephone statistics can also be used to find out if digital marketing strategies are working. When an entrepreneur manages an official website and social networks of the business, he does it with the objective that these generate more calls and closed business. Precisely, inbound call data can give an idea about whether advertising strategies are generating more leads, or if, on the contrary, they are not well targeted.

At Neotel we have the best virtual PBX for SMEs.

The idea that business communication software is only for large companies with call centers is a thing of the past. At Neotel we have a virtual PBX for SMEs, because we know that even the newest and smallest companies can take advantage of this technology. This program not only allows you to control communications and, in fact, it is a very powerful tool for marketing and organization of commercial activities.

In addition to inbound call statistics, the call recorder is another element for customer service control. However, our innovative software has other useful tools, such as the dialer, the platform for sending bulk SMS, the call robot, the CRM, the IVR and many other solutions. At Neotel we help you build your company with the prestige, reliability and technology needed to make the leap in quality from the beginning.

Call Recorder: Keep track of everything and cover your company’s backs

Business tends to generate empathy, prosperity and exchange. However, it is also possible that some problems may arise when closing a deal. In sales of both products and services there are always failures and conflicting situations, so that in some cases the word alone does not mean anything. That is why today’s companies resort to technological solutions such as call recorders. A good part of the negotiations that take place today occur through a phone call. Likewise, selling often involves offering a service to customers that goes beyond the simple sale. For all this, having the ability to monitor every interaction between customers and company representatives is really necessary. Fortunately, the virtual PBX for SMEs has what it takes to do so.

Problems with a customer? The call recorder is the solution

premium virtual call recorder

How many times do companies not encounter difficult customers? To tell the truth, negotiating also involves dealing with users who could complicate things, for different reasons. Now, having a conflict with a customer is a delicate matter, understanding that almost all countries have consumer protection laws. Therefore, the attitude of every company must adhere to legal standards, if a major problem is to be avoided. Situations such as service failures or unauthorized telephone purchases by customers can be complex. Similarly, there are always the unprocessed reports that generate annoyance in users and an inconvenient reputation for the company. Another case may be that of an unsent product, errors in shipping, billing or any other problem. In all these situations, or when some other misunderstanding is generated, the call recorder can be crucial. If a customer insists that he has reported something and has not, the call recorder will allow you to verify that. Similarly, if someone wants to take advantage of the company, you can always resort to reviewing phone conversations. In fact, what the recorders do is create a record of all the business contacts made by the company, both incoming and outgoing. In this way, a backup is generated that is often very useful in the event of any misunderstanding.

Resolving conflicts

The call recorder allows to know if the mistake was made by the customer or by the company. This type of solution is ideal to corroborate if a customer authorized a telephone sale, or if on the contrary it was a telemarketer who made a mistake. Likewise, it is possible to know if a company representative has caused inconvenience when dealing with a complaint, or if it has been the user who has made a mistake. For this type of situation, third-party verification is often ideal, as it allows you to corroborate closed agreements. This is an additional application related to the monitoring system of our virtual PBX. If a customer decides to file a complaint with the consumer protection agency, the call recorder can prove that this person is not in the right. This is ideal in companies where the owner of the company cannot take care of everything and needs to verify how the managers are behaving. You can know for sure if the employees are doing their job correctly. Call recording allows to cover employers from a lot of problems. That is why the largest companies record their calls and keep a record, respecting of course the data protection and privacy laws of the country where they are located. To tell the truth, this is a recommendable resource for any type of enterprise.

Neotel has the best virtual PBX for SMEs

Neotel’s virtual switchboard allows you to professionalize communication for all types of companies, including new entrepreneurs. With the basic program, we offer call center tools that can be useful even if you do not have a huge room of teleoperators. The program unifies all the business communication, allows to control it and also allows its control through the call recorder. At Neotel we have a monitoring system for business communication. This consists of the call recorder, the spy and whisper and third party verification, all very practical systems. This is how you can have total control of the communication, even if we entrust third parties to carry out negotiations and customer service. The best thing is that this is just one of the technological solutions we offer to entrepreneurs. Explore our website and get in touch with us.

Sending bulk SMS to cell phones is effective marketing

If you think text messaging is obsolete, you might be wrong. The rise of the Internet, apps and social networks has not necessarily meant that this communication tool has been discarded. Statistics only prove one thing: sending bulk SMS to cell phones is an effective marketing strategy and therefore, still valid.

Companies that work with an SMS sending platform do not do so because they are outdated. In fact, the idea that text messaging is an old resource does not exist in marketing. To tell the truth, this is a communication mechanism with immense all-round benefits. Companies gain a lot by sending messages to their customers via text messaging.

Text messaging is old but useful

Send massive SMS to mobile mass SMS for companies SMS sending platform

Certainly, text messaging was the biggest innovation introduced during the second generation of telephony. With the development of smartphones and the popularization of chat apps, it was thought that SMS would come to an end. Although at first, this tool registered a drop in its use, it has not been able to disappear.

Text messages may be considered old, but they are still very useful. They are still an excellent way to communicate when there is no Internet coverage. Many cell phone plans still offer a number of SMS in their plans and rates. Added to this, there are many consumers who still use the messaging service on a regular basis.

SMS usage is still being considered by the smartphone manufacturers themselves. This can be verified in the way it is included in operating systems.

Two key reasons for using SMS marketing

The most innovative phone operating systems do not rule out the use of text messaging. In fact, the SMS we receive always appear within the general notifications of the cell phone. In other words, our Smartphone notifies us in the same way when we receive an interaction on social networks as it does when we receive a text message.

Therefore, people pay the same attention to an SMS as to any other interaction that occurs in any App. This visibility is key to understanding the effectiveness of continuing to use text messages. By sending bulk SMS to customers’ cell phones, companies effectively reach them.

Another not minor fact is that people no longer delete their text messaging inboxes as regularly.  This is because today’s cell phones have a lot of storage capacity. In other words, even if we don’t pay attention to business SMS, we keep them saved and can always view them at another time.

Statistics are in favor of SMS

There is statistical data that supports the effectiveness and validity of text messaging. As of 2018, 389 billion SMS were being sent worldwide. There is no evidence that these numbers will drop too much until today. More than 6,000,000 million smartphones fall into that statistic. In other words, even users with the latest generation of cell phones continue to use this format.

There are also data that demonstrate the potential of SMS marketing. It is known that 86% of consumers worldwide receive business text messages, which is evidence of the impact of this strategy. Added to this, 30% of consumers interact with some of their contracted brands and companies via SMS.

Of course, the most favorable data for SMS marketing is its open ratio. According to some statistics, 98% of text messages received by people are opened. In addition, 64% of people are happy for companies to communicate with them using this format. In plain words, using text messaging as a mechanism for advertising is effective and that is proven.

What is the SMS sending platform like?

Of course, companies do not send their advertising text messages one by one to each customer. They have specially designed tools to send bulk SMS to cell phones. At Neotel, this is a module compatible with our contact center software.

This program can be called an SMS sending platform. The way it operates is very similar to the system of professional call launchers. Basically, the program allows you to enter large lists of customers’ phone numbers. From here the text message is composed and scheduled to be sent to each listed number.

When using this type of program, messages are sent simultaneously. In this way, companies can communicate with hundreds or thousands of customers at the same time. In fact, this makes it possible to reach large groups of people through their Smartphone. It is known that 80% of purchases are planned by consumers from the use of their cell phone.

SMS sending platform add-ons

It should be noted that the bulk SMS program for companies does not only send messages. In fact, this tool also works with other add-ons that allow you to get the most out of text messaging advertising campaigns. These are the following:

Control of SMS sent: The SMS sending platform allows to know which messages were effectively sent. This allows to have a first idea of how effective the campaign was.
Communication statistics: The module for sending bulk SMS to cell phones has its own statistics. In them you can see issues such as the open ratio of each campaign and track the receptivity of the messages sent by the company.
Api for third-party software: This has to do with the compatibility of the SMS sending platform with other software. It is important because companies usually work with different programs such as contact center software. Integration is desirable and sometimes necessary in many cases.

Of course, not all programs to send bulk SMS to cell phones have these features. Hence the importance of exploring the market options and choosing the best SMS Marketing platform. Neotel’s module has all these complements that are very useful when creating advertising campaigns.

Neotel’s SMS Sending Platform: Advantages

Neotel offers one of the best modules for sending bulk SMS to cell phones on the market. In addition to having add-ons such as statistics and the rest of the above mentioned, our program has other advantages:

Fast and fluid system: Each SMS sending platform works differently. Some tend to be a little slow when programming messages, or when working with lists of telephone numbers. Neotel’s module is very fast and proven to work.
Possibility to add links: Nowadays text messages allow you to incorporate links leading to web pages. Unfortunately, not all bulk SMS programs for businesses have this capability. Neotel’s module is up to date and allows you to add links that lead users to other sites on the Internet.
Customizable Templates: Templates are used in this type of program to make it easier to write the text and structure it the way you want it to be. Neotel has the best customizable templates to send unique, aesthetic and effective advertising SMS.
Easy to use interface: Neotel’s module for sending bulk SMS to cell phones is intuitive and easy to use. Scheduling the sending, entering the lists and adding the text is very simple.

Neotel’s SMS sending platform is a complement to our virtual PBX for SMEs and large companies. This program allows you to manage business communication with professionalism, quality and very interesting technological solutions.

Neotel’s contact center software: the best communication solution

Companies depend on their ability to contact customers and potential users. In this sense, Neotel’s contact center software has modules and functions to improve business communication substantially. This tool increases the quality of the call center and also of telemarketing tasks.

Precisely, the module to send bulk SMS to cell phones is a fundamental part of our telemarketing tools. However, this is only one of the solutions that we make available to our customers. In fact, we offer various mechanisms to amplify business communication in different ways. The aim is to increase the scope of action of enterprises.

The virtual switchboard for SMEs will allow the integration of all the telephone communication of a company. From here, the entrepreneur will be able to know how many calls come in, how they are answered, have statistics of his call center room and even monitor his tele-operators. The best thing is that we offer different plans adapted to the budget and needs of each company. There are no more excuses to professionalize customer service and sell more.

How and what is the virtual fax still used for?

In the late eighties the fax revolutionized the communication of the most prestigious companies worldwide. Four decades have passed and it is still a functional tool for some businesses and individuals. Technology has evolved and today we have the opportunity to use the virtual fax.

It seems that nowadays there are too many ways to communicate to have to resort to this technology. However, fax can be much more useful than many imagine. That is why there are services that allow you to adapt this office device to today’s systems.

First of all: What is a fax machine?

It could be said that the fax machine is the starting point of all communication we have today. This device integrated the modem, the printer and a scanner, allowing images to be sent via a traditional telephone line connection. In fact, the transmissions are made to a special number.

virtual fax

Today, part of what the smartphone does is basically this, but in a much more advanced way and from digital systems. Of course, the development of the internet and various software has allowed greater possibilities in terms of communication and sending documents. However, it is understood that the fax was the beginning of this concept.

This does not mean that the fax has lost all its relevance. In fact, many people of interest to companies still use this type of technology. Undoubtedly, having the ability to at least be able to receive and send information with this device has its benefits, especially for companies.

Virtual fax: What is it all about?

Precisely, nowadays there are ways to communicate with fax machines without having to buy one and plug it into the office. This is what the virtual fax is all about, which is nothing more than a module that allows documentation to be sent to this type of device. Likewise, companies can receive notifications or documents sent via fax, thanks to this system.

The virtual fax is a system that can be used basically on any device. It only requires a computer, a tablet or a cell phone with an internet connection to use it. Nor is it required to buy any equipment, or perform any kind of installation.

It is a simple, expeditious system that is not very expensive either. In other words, its great usefulness and low cost means that it is better to have it than not, especially at a business level. Nowadays, it has become a service and many companies hire it for several reasons.

A fax to email

Few people know this, but some email applications are configured to allow sending and receiving faxes. In fact, Gmail which is one of the largest email companies has this option. This is because, in the early days of the Internet, many companies used both means of communication.

Over time, these systems were relegated to the background due to the new Internet tools. And although the custom of sending or receiving faxes by e-mail became somewhat obsolete, many companies kept their fax machines in their offices for unforeseen circumstances. In fact, many people still use it today more than you might think.

Basically, e-mail is the medium that allows you to send and receive faxes. Of course, it’s not as simple as just sending an email and having it appear on a fax sheet. This is where the virtual PBX comes in and companies like Neotel offer this service in a complementary way.

How is virtual fax used?

As in the past, in order to send faxes, it is essential to have a specialized telephone number for this type of device. In this way, the person sending the fax indicates where the information will go. Providing this number and the telephone line is an essential part of offering a virtual fax service.

Once the company has its line and phone number assigned, it can receive messages sent from a real fax machine. Having this capability is what is sought after at the enterprise level, because it opens the door to more business and allows for more complete and integrated communication.

Likewise, from this moment on, the company that pays for the virtual fax service can send faxes. To do so, it will simply use the business email, which is adapted to establish this type of communication. Basically, the process is similar to the one used to send e-mails, except that, instead of entering an e-mail address, the fax number to which the documentation is to be sent is added. The process is very simple.

Why use a virtual fax service?

The ability to be able to send and receive faxes is an important and inexpensive provision. A current maxim in the business world is to achieve the widest possible connectivity and communication capacity. Precisely, the virtual fax is another way to be able to negotiate with people who still use this device.

In fact, there are countries where having a virtual fax is much more than just a forecast. Two examples of this are Spain and the United States, where many companies are reluctant to dispense with this device altogether. According to some figures from companies producing fax machines, more than 380,000 such devices were sold in Spanish territory in 2019. By 2020, this number amounted to 430,000 copies sold.

In other words, in countries such as Spain, the production and marketing of the fax is still going on. Companies continue to buy these products and use them as a means of sending communications and documentation. Having the ability to negotiate and communicate with people using this type of technology is the objective pursued by companies when contracting this service.

How useful is the virtual fax?

Of course, not all companies should be obliged to buy a device of this type. To tell the truth, the virtual fax has the mission of being able to guarantee connectivity to those who do not want to invest in these devices that certainly are somewhat discontinued.

The fax is still used for sending and receiving sales and purchase documents, invoices and other sensitive data. In fact, many companies see this device as a secure and expeditious way to establish communication. For example, many supply chain firms still work this way and not with e-mail. This is still the case even worldwide.

Having the virtual fax allows you to integrate different technologies. This is certainly the usefulness of this module, and it allows the company’s commercial range to be expanded. It sounds simple, but every sale counts.

Why is virtual fax so necessary in Spain?

Many companies in Spain continue to send and receive documents by fax. Some businesses and jobs work exclusively this way. Suppliers are one type of company that still operates this way. However, there are many others that work with this device.

For example, in Spain many of the public institutions still work with burofax. It should be noted that the sending of this type of document with legal weight in Spanish territory began with the sending of faxes. Therefore, many law firms and public institutions still have faxes in their facilities.

Likewise, many clinics and hospitals are used to working with traditional faxes. This is because this device is often very effective as a means of sending examinations and diagnoses. The best thing is that it does not require the Internet for its operation, which makes it a fail-safe communication system.

Fax never fails

Beyond the three examples of companies that use fax, many companies of all types still have this device. This is because its sending system is practically infallible. In fact, in a scenario where the Internet fails across the board, fax machines would be the best alternative for sending and receiving notification. This is because these devices only rely on telephone lines for sending.

It is precisely for this reason that many companies still buy and even use fax machines. Then, it is important to note that there are still many businessmen and entrepreneurs who use their fax machines as a priority. For example, there are elderly private individuals who have not wanted to migrate to new technologies and remain with the reliable.

That is why any company that intends to have validity in the market should hire the virtual fax service. This will allow you to negotiate, send and receive documents with a wider range of people, without excluding them due to the technology they use. The next question is: How do I get the virtual fax? If you hire our virtual PBX for SMEs you will be able to count on this integrating tool.

At Neotel we have the virtual fax service at low prices.

Many communication companies sell the virtual fax service as their main service at very high prices. At Neotel, virtual fax is a complement to our call center software. For this reason, we offer the service for a monthly fee of 8 € per month.

The virtual fax is an add-on to our advanced virtual PBX for SMEs. This is a program that will be very useful to manage the commercial communication of your business. Your customers will never feel better served and your company will project responsibility and reliability.

Inbound call statistics: Luxury data for businesses

Hiring a virtual switchboard service allows you to understand how all the commercial communication of a company takes place in order to improve it. Aspects such as the flow of calls, the times they occur, their duration and the management of those who answer them, can be visualized thanks to this software. All this data is reflected in the inbound call statistics.

Of course, this data is very useful both for customer service and for understanding the commercial impact of companies. In fact, nowadays, entrepreneurs and merchants give much more value to this type of data than in the past.

What are inbound call statistics?

incoming call statistics

The virtual switchboard or contact center software is basically a program that allows to unify all the communication of the companies. It does not matter if a company has only one person in charge of answering calls, or a large call center room. This application allows to professionalize the telephone communication.

One of its particular advantages is that it allows us to visualize the flow of incoming calls to the company. To do this, the program organizes all the information in easy-to-analyze graphs and this is the incoming call statistics module.

As all communication is unified, it can be easily quantified. In addition, the mere fact of working with the mobile PBX and having IP telephony makes the data collection process easier. This is like having an x-ray of all the commercial calls that come into a company.

What is the inbound call statistics module like?

The inbound call statistics module is a dashboard that shows the entire communications development. The quantifiable data is displayed clearly, broken down and separated for analysis. This is equivalent to having an x-ray of how the flow of contacts made by customers and users occurs.

This dashboard is also interactive, allowing the entrepreneur to verify specific data, separated and organized in different ways. The idea of having all these statistics and being able to interact with them is to analyze how business communication is going at the telephone level, in order to improve it.

From the analysis and monitoring of statistics, companies can generate mechanisms to promote more fluid telephone communication. But going further, this module could even provide valuable commercial information for entrepreneurs.

What data do the IP PBX statistics show?

Basically, all those related to call flow. That is, the number of incoming calls received, their distribution during working hours, and the like. Perhaps the most relevant are those related to the productivity of a company in terms of the service offered to its customers.

From this module it is possible to know, for example, how many calls come into the company during each day, how many of these are answered and it also counts those that are hung up. In other words, you can even obtain data on contacts that are not answered.

Having the ability to count on this constant flow of data in real time generates all kinds of advantages. But in addition to knowing the general statistics of the business telephone line, it is possible to know much more specific data.

Call center: analyzing each operator

Inbound call statistics do not only record the general data of a call center department. In fact, this module also provides a basic idea of how each of a company’s telephone agents works. Let’s remember that the work of the virtual PBX for SMEs unifies the communication under a single software, allowing to have a control of it.

Thus, it is possible to know, for example, how many calls are handled by each operator in particular. Similarly, this module indicates the number of conversations hung up, or the time the telephone agent spends on each call. This is important to draw objective conclusions about the performance of each employee.

An operator who has a lot of hang-ups or who leaves conversations on hold may not be doing his job well. On the other hand, a telephone agent who has a high talk time per call perhaps serves customers well, but does not contribute to productivity.

Inbound call statistics: Establishing averages

Inbound call statistics are key to defining whether a call center’s work is being performed correctly. But to do so, the company must first study and track its own management. In the numbers of this module, there are the possibilities, correctives and objectives that a company can establish with respect to its customer service.

In short, the actual numbers reflected in the statistics also serve to make projections and set goals. If you want to improve customer service, managers will know where they are starting from and what productivity they want. Thus, more than just looking at the averages obtained, it is also feasible to project possible improvements in that average.

The statistics of incoming calls allow to establish strategies to improve the efficiency of the attention. The important thing is that the entrepreneur has the necessary information to change and improve. From this module, a change can be made in the organization of the call center to increase productivity.

Three key statistics to know if you offer good customer service

To tell the truth, all the data provided by the inbound call statistics module are important. But the following ones present a straightforward picture of the service offered by the company:

Missed calls: missed calls are those that have entered the virtual PBX for SMEs, but were not answered. This can happen due to delays in the tele-operator, in the system or similar issues. A call center that misses a lot of calls is not generating a smooth service or a good customer experience.
Queues on hold: Companies can know the number of customers who are calling and are on hold while all operators are busy. This is key, because companies that always have queues on hold do not enjoy the good perception of their users. Instead of solving a problem, they become a problem for their users.
Conversation times: this information is key to get an idea of the quality of service. Very short conversations are not necessarily synonymous with productivity. Likewise, although it is always good to provide good customer service, it is not good to have very long calls. The best thing is to have adequate attention times for each type of service or problem attended.

These are data that should be reviewed on a daily basis. The good news is that inbound call statistics allow you to check all these numbers per day, per week, per month or even per year.

Call center statistics contribute to the work of the business

Knowing how a call center operates through its metrics allows to improve the business activity in several ways. Once a review of call center statistics is done, it is possible to do the following:

Work organization: call center statistics allow the entrepreneur to organize the work in the call center to improve its efficiency. Thanks to this module, it is possible to know if it is necessary to hire more staff, change the schedules or try other strategies to improve the service.
Operator evaluation: Checking the statistics of each agent makes it easier to carry out individual correction and training work. It will also be feasible to evaluate the continuity of some teleoperators if they do not comply with the work required.
Knowing the flow of customers: Hiring a contact center software will allow us to have an idea of how many customers communicate with the company. This data is useful to know the impact that the company is generating in the market since its inception. That is why hiring a virtual switchboard is positive even for those companies that do not have a call center department.

Neotel offers its virtual PBX for SMEs

At Neotel we offer our contact center software, a multifunctional tool that adapts to companies of all types. In fact, our program is useful for companies with large call center rooms, as well as for small businesses or even individual entrepreneurs. In it you will find a very complete, fast and easy to use incoming call statistics module.

Neotel’s virtual PBX offers important modules such as call recorder and incoming call statistics for free. The best thing is that we have plans that adapt to the economic possibilities of each entrepreneur. Our customers can choose the plan they prefer and request additional modules that they need for their management.

The Neotel contact center software interface is easy to use, fast and intuitive. This distinguishes it from many programs of the same type that are complex, unintelligible and for which it is necessary to hire additional IT experts. Using our virtual PBX is as easy as logging into a social network, yet it has tools that will forever change the way your company communicates.