Virtual PBX: SMEs sell more by controlling communications

Today’s world is a world of small businesses and this trend has been accentuated over the last two years. According to statistics for the year 2022, 90% of the world’s companies are SMEs and in countries such as the USA they account for 99% of the sector. However, low sales and low cash flow are often the main reasons for business failure, and this is due to communication. A good way to improve this aspect is the adoption of the virtual switchboard.

Let’s imagine the hypothetical situation of a family business or a microenterprise. It aims to offer goods or services, but does not know how to sell them. Some interested parties call to inquire, but find a manager who does not know how to sell, or simply does not answer the phone. Believe it or not, this is precisely how a company seals its fateful end. Of course, all this can be avoided by means of the virtual switchboard. If you don’t know what this is all about… Pay attention!

Virtual PBX What is it and why is it so necessary?

virtual pbx

The quality of communication is everything for a business. For example, it is now known that not everyone trusts social networks to do business, especially not in the case of new ventures. In addition, customers are often ready to make a sale after about five contacts with a certain product offer. All this indicates one thing: Communication processes must be controlled, and that is where the virtual PBX comes in.

A virtual PBX is an environment that allows to control all incoming and outgoing calls received by a company. Through this tool, a company can place a single number to channel all calls from the public, which can be answered on different devices. This has many advantages, but the most useful for a new venture that needs sales is to centralize everything in one number, but that can be attended by more than one person.

Using a virtual switchboard for companies centralizes communication in a single number. At the same time, several people or managers of the company will be able to answer, thus ensuring availability and quality service. This is precisely what increases the probability of closing more sales. Of course, this is only the most obvious benefit of using this type of program, which is often referred to as call center software, although it is much more than that.

Three advantages of the virtual switchboard for SMEs

To tell the truth, betting on a virtual switchboard service for companies has many benefits. Everything will depend on the capabilities of the program itself, understanding that there are a few on the market. However, below, you will learn about three basic advantages that any company obtains by using this tool:

  • IP Telephony: Companies nowadays usually hire virtual PBX services because they allow migrating communication to IP telephony. This means that all calls will be supported by a broadband Internet connection. This means savings in business telephone plans that are usually very expensive.
  • Telephone statistics: The virtual PBX allows us to know how the incoming calls of our business behave. If this data is reviewed with a strategic eye, entrepreneurs will be able to know many things about the behavior of their customers in particular. Undoubtedly, this is an incredible working tool.
  • Add-ons to sell: The best thing about the virtual PBX for businesses is that it has multiple applications that facilitate marketing. The most advanced programs such as Neotel’s have add-ons that go beyond telemarketing.

Neotel has a very complete virtual switchboard

It is important to understand that each virtual PBX is different and this is not a minor detail. The more advanced and updated the software is, the wider the possibilities will be. At Neotel we have one of the most advanced and stable programs on the market. In this, we guarantee you very useful tools to sell, whether for SMEs, for medium-sized companies or for large corporations.

The debate of virtual or physical PBX is over. Any company can operate with call center software hosted in the cloud, but this option is especially convenient for SMEs. No complex installations, no additional equipment, everything works automatically with a simple Internet connection. If you want to know more about this solution for business communication, contact us soon. At Neotel, we have the best virtual PBX.

Why should companies have a premium virtual call recorder?

Data storage is an important part of business today. Calls made by customers are undoubtedly information that needs to be backed up by companies. The same goes for outbound telemarketing calls. This is where a module that every entrepreneur should have at his disposal comes in: the premium virtual call recorder.


premium virtual call recorder

Technology has evolved for the benefit of entrepreneurs. In the past, recording calls and storing information in general was very costly for companies. Only those businesses that reached a certain size could afford to have detailed records of their interaction with customers. Today, you can have all the data with a minimal investment. Now, do you know what a call recorder is and how it works?

Business Call Recorder: What is it?

The call recorder is a call center software module that allows recording business conversations in companies. In previous decades, companies invested in servers, software and data centers in order to store this type of data. Thanks to new web storage techniques, these expenses are unnecessary and companies can have ample backup.

This technological resource is called a virtual call recorder. It is “virtual” because all recorded conversation data is stored in virtual spaces. To be more precise, what is currently used to perform these backups of useful information is cloud storage.

Through this module, companies can store a large amount of data on the Internet. For this, there is no need to spend storage space on equipment, or spend money on physical facilities of any kind. Basically, this is a service offered by companies such as Neotel when acquiring the virtual PBX.

Now, why is it important to have a business call recorder? What functions can this module fulfill? Do you know how this call recording system works?

The recorder allows you to maintain the quality of customer service.

When working with customer service or telemarketing it is very difficult to measure the agent’s work. Certainly, statistics reflect data such as conversation time or the number of calls handled. However, it is only from the recorder that the performance of each telemarketer in front of the clientele is really known: his treatment, his ability to resolve or to sell.

This is one of the reasons why even companies that do not have a call center department hire the virtual PBX. Even the smallest businesses come into telephone contact with their customers, and it is necessary to verify the treatment offered by the managers. The premium virtual call recorder facilitates internal control in any type of enterprise.

The recorded records make it possible to know if the telemarketers are performing according to the company’s values. But better yet, the study of the calls can push call centers and companies to improve their processes, responses and detect some problems that can only be verified in the middle of the interaction with the clientele.

Detecting customer service problems

Most companies find many of their faults through direct interaction with their customers. Of course, this can only be studied thanks to call recording. Simply put, recorded data can drive procedural changes and better responses to customer issues.

The premium virtual call recorder is a widely used resource for improving customer service manuals. By detecting problems and finding more efficient solutions, companies have a positive impact on customer perception. The call centers of the most prestigious companies work in this way.

Small retailers can also make excellent use of this module. In fact, by replaying calls, many retailers gather information about the preferences and needs of their clientele. In this way, they can study what merchandise to sell and adapt to the demands of their users. That is why the virtual PBX cannot be seen only as a program for call center operators.

The premium virtual call recorder allows staff education

An important part of the virtual recorder is customer service monitoring. However, this goes far beyond penalizing those telephone agents who do not handle calls well, or who simply do not comply with protocols. On the contrary, reviewing calls by operator allows you to educate your staff in order to improve the quality of their work.

This is very useful, especially for training new employees entering the company. Coordinators or managers rely on the recorded audios to make suggestions and corrections. On the other hand, telemarketers can listen to themselves and verify on their own the mistakes they make during conversations.

In call centers, continuous evaluations are carried out in which the call recorder plays a central role.  However, this system can also be useful in an online store to check the way in which managers deal with potential customers.

The recorder helps to clear up misunderstandings

Many companies develop a bad relationship with customers due to the failures of some telemarketers. For example, small or medium-sized companies that open a call center without having experience in customer service often suffer from this problem. A poorly done procedure, an ignored complaint or even a rude customer service, are things that can always happen.

It is important to emphasize that companies have a consumer protection role. In this sense, the premium virtual call recorder allows you to verify what happens when a customer makes a complaint. This is often crucial when a conflictive situation arises between a customer and a telemarketer. In fact, the ability to record conversations is as favorable for the user as it is for the telephone agent.

In banking companies, the call recorder serves as a means of resolving many conflicts. From the recordings, it is possible to understand what generated the conflict, whether it was a fault of the telephone operator and whether the customer has a bad attitude. In this way, the company can take a position and generate an appropriate response.

Premium Virtual Call Recorder: Legal Protection

Companies today must comply with a number of legal regulations related to customer protection. Two are very important to the fate of firms: data protection laws and consumer protection laws. Fortunately, recording calls allows almost any company to cover its back on both.

On data protection, it is obvious that companies must safeguard sensitive information about their users. Hiring a large and secure storage is part of the legal requirements that firms must comply with. The best thing about hiring a virtual PBX with its respective recorder is that the information security is the responsibility of the company that provides this service.

As for consumer protection, the recorder covers companies and telemarketers in the event of a conflict or misunderstanding. For example, if a company is accused by a consumer before the regulatory body, the recorded calls can always be used as evidence that the complainant has not been violated. For this reason, many companies try to keep extensive records of calls made by their clientele.

Some common questions about the call recorder

Those entrepreneurs who wonder how to record calls should know that this system works automatically. In fact, the virtual or physical PBX is configured to record all calls without special settings.

Another aspect that many entrepreneurs do not know is how to review recorded calls. To tell the truth, some virtual recorders tend to have a complicated interface. However, the module offered by Neotel is very simple to use, allowing you to download the audios, rewind them, forward them and review them completely.

For those who need to know how to get a virtual call recorder, these are basically part of the PBX software. So, in order to have this module you must purchase this service which is not so expensive and in fact at Neotel, we offer plans tailored to the budget and size of each company.

What is the premium virtual call recorder like?

The program for telemarketers usually comes with a call recording module. The fact is that most of the software of this type has a basic storage limit when the service is purchased. Most companies can work with these resources.

However, there are companies that need a storage capacity that goes beyond what the virtual PBX offers in its basic plan. For this type of customer, the premium virtual call recorder service is offered. Basically, this is a quite considerable expansion of the space for backups.

At Neotel, we offer a premium virtual call recorder of 1 terabyte for companies that request it. This is equivalent to recording two full years of telephone conversations. This is an additional service available to those who purchase our virtual PBX software. The cost is only 45€ per month.